The secret of the closed mem and the hidden Messiah

If you are reading translated versions of the Bible, you will miss some very important and often capital points. Reading  the Torah and Tanach in Hebrew language will facilitate your understanding of the text in the specific context it was born into. Moreover, studying Jewish thought, especially of ancient times, is mandatory if you want to access the secrets the Word contains.

Closed mem=closed womb

Each Hebrew letter is called oth, which means sign and/or miracle. Each letter has been placed into the texts you are reading for a reason that goes beyond the word itself. In each letter there is a meaningful symbolism that needs to be decrypted.

But, especially when you come across abnomalies inside of a text such as an oversized lamed, a broken vav or a closed mem, you should grant it much attention. It surely contains a secret from Heavens.

Isaiah, Chapter 9, verse 7 shows us a very weird closed mem inside of a word, which is something that should not happen…the usual rule would be to place an open mem inside of a word, so why is there a closed mem inside of Isaiah’s scroll? Did the scribe make a mistake? Knowing the strict rules that scribes had to abide regarding writing and copying a text,  this is very unlikely.

So if this is not due to a mistake, we can conclude that the presence of the closed mem was intentional.

We know from ancient sources that the closed mem points at a closed womb and also represents a masculine element. The Targum, the Aramaic translation of Scriptures points at the closed mem in Isaiah as the hidden Messiah.

Hidden and twisted by Rome

If Yeshua ben Yosef was the promised Maschiach, why didn’t He reveal His true ID immediately?

There are several reasons to that:

  • in the 1st century, the time was not ready for Israel to welcome the Messiah. Like in Yosef’s story, Yeshua was ” sold out” by his brothers and rejected, so the gentile nations could embrace Him.
  • however, due to the estrangement from Jewish communities, the image of the Hebrew Messiah has been completely distorted and perverted by Rome. His real Name, his date of birth and many details have been changed to match pagan customs and pagan divinities such as Ishtar or Tammuz.
  • this totally explains why many Jewish people mistake Yeshua for a “goy” because they are confused with Rome’s  made-up pagan character.
  • after 2000 years of lies and distortions from the pagan world, Yeshua will be given back to Israel. A lot of contemporary events tend to prove that we have reached these times. A lot of rabbis and Jewish people are coming to faith in Yeshua, simply by investigating Torah and Tanach. I firmly believe that we are in Messianic times now.
  • The encounter-time of truth when Yeshua will encounter His brothers( when they will realize that Maschiach ben David is the same person that the One who has been hanged on the tree and crucified), they will fear Him and weep bitterly, as the prophecy of Zechariah announces it clearly in Chapter 12, verse 10. They will expect Yeshua’s anger, but He will hug them and console them.

Other reasons for Maschiach ben Yosef being hidden:

– Moschiach Melech will not boast about His deeds. He will walk humbly.

This explains why Yeshua would tell evil spirits to shut up about His ID ( Mark 6).

Yeshua is revealed in Shomron ( Samaria) and rejected by His own peers in Nazareth.

-The Gospel of Mark, Chapter 8, verses 28 and 29 teach us that insights about the Messiah come from the Ruach, the Spirit of HaShem. Therefore, Shim’on Kepha would utter the truth about Yeshua.

Yeshua’s virgin birth

לָכֵן יִתֵּן אֲדֹנָי הוּא, לָכֶם–אוֹת:  הִנֵּה הָעַלְמָה, הָרָה וְיֹלֶדֶת בֵּן, וְקָרָאת שְׁמוֹ, עִמָּנוּ אֵל.

The verse of Isaiah 7:14 in Hebrew has been the subject of many controversies and disputes.

The Hebrew part that is underlined in red says ” hine haalma, hara beyoledet ben.”, which means ” the young woman shall conceive and bear a son”.

  1. The first objection that is often used lies in the use of ” alma”, young woman instead of “betulah”, virgin.  One may be tempted to ask: ” Why didn’t prophet Isaiah use “virgin” straight away?”. Well, the word ” alma” in Isaiah’s precise context, depicts a young, unmarried lady, who happens to be a virgin. All young Israeli women who were unmarried at this time were virgins, due to their strict education in conformity with Torah.
  2.  The second objection is that the prophecy was aimed solely at King Hezekiah. I don’t think that this objection is valid, because the same prophecy can sometimes be applied to different situations and in different centuries. Some Talmudic sources ( Sanhedrin 94a) seem to indicate that the Messiah is HaShem’s secret ( for more info, check the interesting resource provided by Walter Christopher Frederickson in the “Rabbinic Gospel of Mark, footnote p.108)
  3. Yeshua’s mom’s name is Miryam “מרים “. Her name contains both letters, the open and the closed mem. It begins with the open mem and ends with the closed mem.

Let us pray that Yeshua the Hebrew Messiah will be revealed to His Jewish brothers as the fulfillment to all promises to Israel.

Come soon, Yeshua. Amen.

© copyright 2017 by Isabelle Esling


Moschiach King’s love will conquer the world ( from the draft “Figments of Light”)

Numerous will they be, assaillants of the face if the earth. Myriads of prideful leaders will want to impose force and terror.

They will blindfold the masses and conduct them to the path of error.

The blind masses will elevate wickedness and hail it ; they will persecute the righteous.

They will be keen on imposing their standards and make them the official norm. When the levels of evilness will be at their apogee, you will notice the satisfactory glance into their soulless eyes.

When the earth will have sunk into total darkness, the artisans of wickedness will shout out in arrogance, praising the dark forces in a sarcastic laughter.

Then silence will be imposed to all from the authority of Heaven.

A huge flash of light will appear in the sky ; the wicked and the humble will both contemplate the Son of Man’s Coming in glory.

« Shofars were warning us ; we would not listen », rotten souls will glance at Him in terror, crying for mercy with no intent of Teshuva ( repentance).

Yeshua, the King of glory will discard them.

The glory of the Shekinah will float in the air ; the righteous will acclaim the Master.

Moschiach King’s Coming will generate an explosion of light like never before.

It is Shabbat ; I am walking in the street. I have the word « Bereshit » in front of my very eyes. I am playing with the combination of words I already know such as « Berith esh », «  Alliance of fire ». I am asking myself about other possibilities to arrange letters together.

All of a sudden, the expression « Bar Ish » imposes itself to me.

« Bar Ish », is that the equivalent of « Ben Adam » ?

After Shabbat, I am interrogating my computer and the astonishing answer is YES.

Yeshua just showed me that He was hidden in the first word of the Torah.

This revelation is so powerful. In the beginning was the Word. Yeshua, the author of my Salvation, the Living Torah, the Word made flesh unveiled my sight !

Where Yeshua remains, darkness will flee. My soul finds its peace in Him.

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling

The watchful servant and the light from the candles

“Have your belt on your waist and let your “lamps” be lit.

(מָתֽנֵכֶם יהיוּ וֽהַגוּרים וֽהַנרוֹת דֹלקים)

“As for yourselves, be like men who are waiting for the time that their master returns from the wedding. When he comes and knocks, they open him instantly.
O gladness of those servants whom the Master finds watching when he enters!
Amen, I say to you that he will gird himself and seat them and go serve them.
And if he comes at the second watch and at the third watch and finds it to be so, o gladness of those servants!
And know this: if the owner of the house knew what hour the thief would have come, at that time he would watch and not let him break into the house.
Therefore you also be ready, because the Son of Man will come at a hour you don’t expect.”

Luke, Chapter 12, verses 35-40, Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels.

About His Second return, Yeshua always advises us to be watchful and in a state of permanent readiness. Most of us are probably familiar with the translation of verse 35 from Luke, Chapter 12: “Have your belts on your waists and let your “lamps” be lit.”


מָתֽנֵכֶם יהיוּ וֽהַגוּרים וֽהַנרוֹת דֹלקים
I put “lamps” intentionally into brackets, because the Hebrew version renders “lamp” with a word that is much closer to the Jewish concept of light. The Delitzsch version translates with ” vehanerot dolkim” ( and the candles lit)

This seemingly tiny detail is of major importance. “Nerot”, the candles are an essentiel component in Jewish symbolism and mystics. Actually there is a Hannukah song entitled “Nerot dolkim” and as you would probably know, Hannukah is intimately linked with our Messiah Yeshua, Light of the world.
Whoever has lit Shabbat candles perfectly knows that lighting candles when darkness arises at Erev Shabbat is welcoming light and peace into our home. The disciple wants to welcome Yeshua, the Master of Shabbat.

Shabbat is the victory of divine light over a world of darkness and madness.

To the disciple, welcoming the Master is not just an option. We must await Him, even if the external circumstances tell us that His arrival has been delayed. This is what the Jewish confession of faith “ani maamin’ is all about.

No matter what happens, we ought to stay firm in our faith.

Not only does this imply that we may be watchful at ALL TIMES, in a continuous relationship with our Moschiach King ( if Yeshua truly LIVES within you, you will maintain a state of permanent prayer).

Sometimes, it will involve that we walk on water, but we must be very FIRM in our expectation of the Messiah.

Yeshua has been warning us for centuries now that He would be coming “like a thief in the night”.

Hashem’s timing has been a stumbling stone for many.

Some corporate assemblies even dared to claim that “if Yeshua hasn’t come over 2000 years, He will not be coming at all.”

Above anything else, the watchful disciple should heed false teachings and false “messiahs”. In these times we will truly witness an uprise in delusion through erroneous teachings and wolves posing in sheep’s clothes.

Therefore, only the ones who are truly rooted in Yeshua will be able to recognize Him when He returns.
May our hearts be clothed with kindness, forgiveness and righteousness.

Our reward is the Messiah and it is worth the sacrifice.

Light your candles and get rid of the inner darkness. Let Yeshua enter when He is knocking at the door. For He is the Light that erases darkness from the world.
Come soon, Lord Yeshua. Amen.

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling

Do you know Yeshua and does Yeshua know you? A commentary on Luke 13:22-30 from a Hebrew perspective

“He passed through towns and villages and taught and went on his way to Yerushalayim.
A man asked him, saying: “Our Master, will only a few be saved?”. He said to them :” strive to come through the narrow entrance. For I say to you, many will seek to enter, but will not be able. From the day the owner of the house arises and closes the door, you will begin to stand outside and knock on the door, saying: “Our Master, open us!”
But he will answer and say to you: “I don’t know you, where you are from?”Then you will begin to say: “Did we not eat and drink in your presence, did you not teach in our streets?”
But he will say:” I do not know you. Where are you from? Depart from me, workers of evil!”And there will be wailing and grinding of teeth when you see Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaak’ov and all the prophets in the Kingdom of Heaven, but you will be driven outside.People will come from the East, from the West, from the North and from the South, and they will recline in the Kingdom of God.
Take note: there are some of the last who will be first, and the first who will be last.”
Luke 13:22-30

The title of this article will allow you to make some honest introspection about your relationship ( or absence of relationship) with Yeshua.

So let me ask you two very important questions:

do you know Yeshua? I am not speaking about Scriptural knowledge here. I could never insist enough that meeting Yeshua ” figuratively”, ” through a verse” is NOT knowing Him!

I have been searching Yeshua for 49 years, but until He encountered my path, back in 2014, I had no idea about WHO Yeshua actually was. Most of my beliefs were conditioned by some assumptions about who Yeshua might be, but they had no real foundation. I knew that Yeshua was kind, but at the time, I was avoiding coming too close to Him, because I feared His judgment. I knew that I hadn’t always done good in my life and didn’t want His Command upon me. In short, I didn’t want Yeshua to have total control of my life…

To be sure that you actually know Yeshua our Lord, you MUST have experienced Him. I am not saying that everybody will be given the same manifestations our Messiah granted me. Each relationship with Yeshua is different and He will manifest Himself to you in a way you can bear-given the condition that you truly do have a relationship with Him.

To be able to encounter Yeshua, you MUST repent of your sins.

The same rule prevails for Jew and Gentile, king or tramp. Make sure that you made a sincere Teshuva before Him!

The second very important point is that, having done your Teshuva ( repentance), you will be willing to correct your ways and give up sinning ( no matter how gradually you are doing it, as long as you show good will before our Messiah).

– so now my second question is: does Yeshua know you? 

Yeshua states:

“My Tzon ( flock) hear my voice and I have daas ( daath=knowledge in Hebrew) of them and they follow me. And I give them Chayyei Olam (Eternal Life) and they will never perish- and no one will snatch them out of my hand.” John 10-27-30

Some people may burst out in laughing and tell me: “Of course Yeshua knows me. He knows everybody intimately.”

Yes, this is actually true.

But does Yeshua know you in the sense that He actually recognizes you as a TRUE and COMMITTED disciple?

This is where you have to be checking seriously the very core of your motivations! Be honest with yourself. It is never too late to adjust your ways.

The ones Yeshua has a true knowledge of are the ones who LISTEN to His voice!

Listening to Yeshua’s voice is obeying His Command.

Whose voice are you listening too? Whose teachings is your ear attentive to?

Is your heart filled with kindness?

Note that in Luke Chapter 13, Yeshua makes a clear mention of the Patriarchs and of the Prophets. This is no coincidence.

The path we are supposed to walk can be found in Torah and all over the Tanach. The Patriachs and the Prophets are our models of a walk in humbleness before Hashem.

Which kind of teachings are you attentive to? Yeshua’s teachings are all from the Torah and you are meant to rely on HIM, not on doctrines of men!

Yeshua’s grace is immense and He will forgive you when you are acting out of ignorance.

However, once you start having conscience of the truth and of the path you are supposed to walk on, you will be judged more severely if you depart from it.

On a final note, I would like to warn each and everyone to heed a very comforting and diluted version of Yeshua. Yeshua is forgiving, but He is not complacent with sin. Anybody telling you the contrary is LYING to you.

I am about to release “Heart of a Savior” very soon. This book has been written in a prophetic way under Yeshua’s supervision. In my latest book Yeshua is warning everybody of tools of mass deception. Many false teachers will attempt to mislead the masses. Have your eyes on Yeshua ONLY. Follow him ONLY!

The most important prerequisites to be a TRUE disciple is to be loving and kind AND to OBEY Yeshua’s Command. Yeshua’s Command resides within the Torah.

If Yeshua’s Spirit resides within you, you will be guided in truth.

May Yeshua, Moschiach King, have mercy upon the lost and guide His flock always!

May He bring as many as possible to Teshuva and to Salvation.


Copyright© by Isabelle Esling