The last Days’ warnings ( from ” Heart of a Savior”)

The last days. A few recommendations from our Lord

A voice is calling in the wilderness, “Clear the way of Hashem; make His highways straight.” Matthew 3:3

It is said that in the days of Noach, God repented to have created man, because man had become evil. Hashem was grieved in His heart because of man’s constant evil thoughts. Today mankind has surpassed the degree of malign thoughts that existed back in these days. However Noach found grace in our Lord’s eyes and he and his family were saved from His wrath.

God swore that He would never destroy man in that way again. However, all of you who believe in Yeshua our Messiah must pay attention to the fact that you must now straighten your path. Many of you are in great danger to lose your faith if you are not deeply rooted in our Messiah.

Many of you should examine your actions carefully and make sure that you are always acting in loving kindness, for you will be judged in the same way you are judging others. Treat everybody in love.

Many of you should make sure that they are not distracted by external, worldly details, for the “floods” will surely take them far away from our Messiah’s heart.

Have I not spoken through parables?

Have my words not been clear enough about loving kindness towards your neighbor?

I can see many people’s sinful pride rise to tremendous proportions.

I have sent warnings to the unbelievers and to the doubters of my words. It is high time to address to the “ pretenders of righteousness” one more time.

I am calling you snakes to repentance before it is too late. The times of my return are approaching.

Some of you should really worry now about getting their path straight, for many people who claim to be “ saints” will be discarded on the very Day of my return.

Didn’t I teach that one recognizes the tree after its fruit? Didn’t I state that one would recognize my disciples by the love they have for each other?

Yet you are bearing rotten fruit and you are full of judgment and iniquities.

Beware the following points, all of you who claim to be mine and are hurting your brothers and sisters:

-What you believe doesn’t matter. The hardness of your heart will discard you automatically.

-The verses you are learning by heart in order to hurt others with your venom will backfire against you. If you don’t apply verses with your heart, you are preparing your own damnation.

-Pretending to be “righteous” is just another way of fooling yourself if you don’t practice righteousness and kindness of heart. You will have no part with me.

All of you artisans of evil who are boasting arrogantly need to repent. Do it while it is time. Pretending to be my disciples will not prevent you from my wrath.

Many of you will end up weeping bitterly.

A lot of you are living in depravity like in the days of Noach. Many of you do not fear me. You are caught into your daily evil-doing.

See, you are vapor before me. You seem to forget that I will decide over the destiny of your soul. Yet you are placing politicians, judges and the police before my very authority. You are blaspheming against my throne openly and you are not even ashamed of it!

You keep accusing others as if you were flawless. You omit the fact that I am Lord.

Didn’t I ask you to walk humbly before my Face?”

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling


A prophetic vision for France ( from “Heart of a Savior”)

The atmosphere was heavy in the air as I crossed the Bir Hakeim bridge. The sky was cloudy. All of a sudden, a cold wind started blowing. I raised my eyes up to the sky that started darkening.

I then heard Yeshua’s voice telling me: “The wind of my anger is blowing over France.”

I instantly prayed for many souls to access Salvation.

The dark sky then opened up on a terrific vision. I saw the form of a person, from afar. I was unable to distinguish his traits, but the man looked like a judge and was wearing a black robe. He was standing before a throne. Above the throne, on the right, a huge scroll was visible.

I glanced at the sky again. The gray clouds had transformed into mice: a multitude of mice was visible and advancing at a fast pace.

I asked Yeshua: “What does that mean, Lord?”

The Lord replied to me: “Pestilence and terror.”

I was instantly prompted to ask our Lord for mercy.

Yeshua said to me, in a reassuring tone: “But fear not, I will spare you because you’ve always had a quest for me. You always wanted to know me.”

At the end of the day, Yeshua spoke to me again: “ Fear not”, He reiterated twice in a warm and loving voice.

In Spring and in Summer, Paris has been plagued with floods and cold weather.

The world needs to acknowledge that each nation is now coming into judgment and our Lord will reward them according to their behavior. Our Lord has kept calling France to repentance, but most people are keeping their sinful ways.

A storm is preparing. Europe and the USA, in particular, are going to be braced.

While Israel will be left alone with a multitude of opponents from all sides and the nuclear threat will grow into a scary reality.

Many people are not prepared for the times preceding Yeshua’s return.

May my feather help people recognize the emergency of these times.

Believing will not be enough. Commit to our Lord before it is too late!

Yeshua’s heart deepest desire is that you share eternity with Him.

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling