The secret of the closed mem and the hidden Messiah

If you are reading translated versions of the Bible, you will miss some very important and often capital points. Reading  the Torah and Tanach in Hebrew language will facilitate your understanding of the text in the specific context it was born into. Moreover, studying Jewish thought, especially of ancient times, is mandatory if you want to access the secrets the Word contains.

Closed mem=closed womb

Each Hebrew letter is called oth, which means sign and/or miracle. Each letter has been placed into the texts you are reading for a reason that goes beyond the word itself. In each letter there is a meaningful symbolism that needs to be decrypted.

But, especially when you come across abnomalies inside of a text such as an oversized lamed, a broken vav or a closed mem, you should grant it much attention. It surely contains a secret from Heavens.

Isaiah, Chapter 9, verse 7 shows us a very weird closed mem inside of a word, which is something that should not happen…the usual rule would be to place an open mem inside of a word, so why is there a closed mem inside of Isaiah’s scroll? Did the scribe make a mistake? Knowing the strict rules that scribes had to abide regarding writing and copying a text,  this is very unlikely.

So if this is not due to a mistake, we can conclude that the presence of the closed mem was intentional.

We know from ancient sources that the closed mem points at a closed womb and also represents a masculine element. The Targum, the Aramaic translation of Scriptures points at the closed mem in Isaiah as the hidden Messiah.

Hidden and twisted by Rome

If Yeshua ben Yosef was the promised Maschiach, why didn’t He reveal His true ID immediately?

There are several reasons to that:

  • in the 1st century, the time was not ready for Israel to welcome the Messiah. Like in Yosef’s story, Yeshua was ” sold out” by his brothers and rejected, so the gentile nations could embrace Him.
  • however, due to the estrangement from Jewish communities, the image of the Hebrew Messiah has been completely distorted and perverted by Rome. His real Name, his date of birth and many details have been changed to match pagan customs and pagan divinities such as Ishtar or Tammuz.
  • this totally explains why many Jewish people mistake Yeshua for a “goy” because they are confused with Rome’s  made-up pagan character.
  • after 2000 years of lies and distortions from the pagan world, Yeshua will be given back to Israel. A lot of contemporary events tend to prove that we have reached these times. A lot of rabbis and Jewish people are coming to faith in Yeshua, simply by investigating Torah and Tanach. I firmly believe that we are in Messianic times now.
  • The encounter-time of truth when Yeshua will encounter His brothers( when they will realize that Maschiach ben David is the same person that the One who has been hanged on the tree and crucified), they will fear Him and weep bitterly, as the prophecy of Zechariah announces it clearly in Chapter 12, verse 10. They will expect Yeshua’s anger, but He will hug them and console them.

Other reasons for Maschiach ben Yosef being hidden:

– Moschiach Melech will not boast about His deeds. He will walk humbly.

This explains why Yeshua would tell evil spirits to shut up about His ID ( Mark 6).

Yeshua is revealed in Shomron ( Samaria) and rejected by His own peers in Nazareth.

-The Gospel of Mark, Chapter 8, verses 28 and 29 teach us that insights about the Messiah come from the Ruach, the Spirit of HaShem. Therefore, Shim’on Kepha would utter the truth about Yeshua.

Yeshua’s virgin birth

לָכֵן יִתֵּן אֲדֹנָי הוּא, לָכֶם–אוֹת:  הִנֵּה הָעַלְמָה, הָרָה וְיֹלֶדֶת בֵּן, וְקָרָאת שְׁמוֹ, עִמָּנוּ אֵל.

The verse of Isaiah 7:14 in Hebrew has been the subject of many controversies and disputes.

The Hebrew part that is underlined in red says ” hine haalma, hara beyoledet ben.”, which means ” the young woman shall conceive and bear a son”.

  1. The first objection that is often used lies in the use of ” alma”, young woman instead of “betulah”, virgin.  One may be tempted to ask: ” Why didn’t prophet Isaiah use “virgin” straight away?”. Well, the word ” alma” in Isaiah’s precise context, depicts a young, unmarried lady, who happens to be a virgin. All young Israeli women who were unmarried at this time were virgins, due to their strict education in conformity with Torah.
  2.  The second objection is that the prophecy was aimed solely at King Hezekiah. I don’t think that this objection is valid, because the same prophecy can sometimes be applied to different situations and in different centuries. Some Talmudic sources ( Sanhedrin 94a) seem to indicate that the Messiah is HaShem’s secret ( for more info, check the interesting resource provided by Walter Christopher Frederickson in the “Rabbinic Gospel of Mark, footnote p.108)
  3. Yeshua’s mom’s name is Miryam “מרים “. Her name contains both letters, the open and the closed mem. It begins with the open mem and ends with the closed mem.

Let us pray that Yeshua the Hebrew Messiah will be revealed to His Jewish brothers as the fulfillment to all promises to Israel.

Come soon, Yeshua. Amen.

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A Revelation from the Gospel of Mark

A revelation from the Gospel of Mark

Yeshua ben Yosef has been veiled to many eyes.

Yeshua ben David will be contemplated by every eye.

« He is coming in the clouds, and every eye will see Him, and so will those who pierced Him… » Revelation 1:7

« After they went out from the synagogue, they came to the house of Shim’on and Andrei with Yaakov and Yochanan. The mother in law of Shim’on was lying down, gripped by a fever and they quickly spoke to Him about her.He approached (« Vayigash » in the Hebrew text) and grasped her hand and raised her up. The fever suddenly subsided, and she served them.In the evening, about sunset, they brought Him all those who were sick and gripped with demons. The whole town was gathered together at the entrance of the house. He healed many who were sick with various illnesses and drove out many demons, but did not permit the demons to speak, for they knew Him. » Mark 1:29-34, Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels

Studying the Gospels into context will truly reveal the reader some unexpected details. The holy language will unveil parallels with Torah one would not have thought about before. A throughout reading of Mark, Chapter 1, verses 29 to 34, from a very Hebrew perspective, will teach you about several singular details :

  • the Hebrew text in the Delitzsch Gospels contains « Vayigash » ( and He approached…). You may not be aware of it, but « Vayigash » is also the name of the parasha that depicts Yosef’s reunion with his brothers in Egypt. It also starts with « Vayigash eilav Yehudah… », «  and Yehudah approached him ( Yosef) ». In this portion of Torah, Yosef reveals his true ID to his brothers. This detail foreshadows Yeshua our Messiah’s Second Coming as Yeshua ben David, and should not be overlooked.

  • Then the attentive eye will probably also notice that Yeshua performed some healings and drove out demons, but forbid demons to speak. Yeshua’s true ID was temporarily locked before the fulfillment of His mission before Hashem.

When Yeshua ben David will return in glory, every eye will see Him.

It doesn’t mean, though, that every eye will be pleased at His sight. But everyone will look at Him.

Not everybody is going to accept His true ID as « King of the Jews », « Messiah of Israel » and « King of the Nations ».

Very few expect a tallit-wearing, shofar-blowing rabbi. But Yeshua departed as a Jew and He will return as a Jew, regardless if you like the idea or not.

The wicked and the antisemites will be dismissed. Only the righteous will be fearless at the glorious sight of our Messiah.

As for the ones complaining about Yeshua’s return being delayed should be grateful about our Father in Heaven’s patience. If Moschiach King hasn’t been sent yet, it is because He still grants people time for repentance and for all of us who have been saved to adjust our ways in righteousness.

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Isaiah 53, beyond missionary and counter-missionary disputes, is ALL about Yeshua

My Jewish friends, whether they are orthodox or messianic do agree on one point: we are very close to Messianic times. Whether they consider that Moschiach King will come or return, they are expecting Him.

My Gentile friends who follow Yeshua also agree that our Messiah is closer than ever.

Note that many people, regardless of their spiritual sensivity, think that the Coming of our Messiah is very narrow.

Therefore, I’d like to exhort each and everyone to read the text of Isaiah 53, that is also known as the Servant’s fourth song in the Book of Isaiah, with very much honesty, putting aside any dispute about evangelism.

I am a follower of Yeshua. Having experienced our Lord in a powerful manner, having seen our Messiah before my very eyes, I strongly believe in Him. However, I’d like to point out that my main goal is to give testimony. It is all up to you to accept or reject my testimony. I am not here to convert you or to force you into any belief, simply because I believe that this is contrary to the Spirit of Hashem.

I am just asking you, who maybe stumbled upon my blog, to examine the Book of Isaiah, Chapter 53, to read my analysis and reflect upon it, then decide for yourself what you want to believe-or not.

Just be honest with yourself.

Is it true that Isaiah, Chapter 53, is not linked with Torah in any way?

This is the point of view of some orthodox rabbis. I beg to differ. Here is WHY.

When speaking of Isaiah 53, it is actually hard for a person who grew up into orthodox Judaism to see how this chapter links Torah and Moschiach King.

When people think of Yeshua’s  punishment, they are likely to picture a cross. Actually, there are great chances Yeshua was hanged on a tree.

Deuteronomy, Chapter 21, verses 22 and 23 clearly expose the treatment of a man who deserved capital punishment (Yeshua didn’t deserve it as He was completely innocent; yet He was condemned to endure Capital punishment by the Sanhedrin).

“And if a man has committed a crime punishable by death, and you hang him on a tree, his body shall not remain all night on a tree, but you shall bury him the same day, for a hanged man is cursed by God.” Deuteronomy 21:22-23

The following pdf resource seems to confirm Yeshua’s hanging on a tree.

In correlation with Deuteronomy chapter 21, Isaiah 53:5 affirms:

“But he was pierced for OUR transgressions;

he was crushed for OUR iniquities: 

UPON HIM was the chastisement that brought US peace,

and by HIS wounds WE are HEALED.”

Isaiah 53, verse 5

source for the image of Isaiah 53 scroll:

Who could this verse possibly speak of, but Yeshua ben Yosef, the Suffering Messiah?

Please note that the Hebrew text uses the personal pronoun “hu” (הוּא) in the third person, repeatedly throughout the whole Chapter. In no way the” Suffering Servant” here is meant to be Israel and for several reasons that will be developed in this article.

The Suffering servant cannot be Israel for the following reasons:

  1. as mentioned above, the use of the personal pronoun (הוּא), hu, in the third person in the Hebrew text clearly points a person, not at a nation. Otherwise, the prophet would use “they”in his sentences, which is not the case. 
  2. How could Israel die for Israel’s sins, when we perfectly know Israel is not sinless?
  3. Like the Passover lamb mentioned in Exodus 12:4-6 ( here is another very clear, unmistakable link with Torah), the Suffering Servant, the One carrying mankind’s sins has to be without blemish. Our Messiah’s Sacrifice only makes sense in correlation with the Jewish feast of Pessach  (Easter is the pagan celebration of goddess Ishtar in disguise. I will not expand on the subject, though, as this is not the main focus of the present article)
  4. Israel, Suffering Servant, defined as “man of pains?” (אִישׁ מַכְאֹבוֹת). Be honest, this just doesn’t make sense! A man of pains is an individual, not a collective allegory.

Regarding point 3 and knowing that the only person that is without blemish is the Messiah, for He is sinless.

Of course, it is allowed to set some parallels between our Messiah’s Suffering and Israel’s Suffering, especially when we think of the way prisoners of concentration camps were humiliated and tortured before being annihilated in the gas chambers. The nazis deprived them of their humanity before killing them, and this is exactly how Yeshua was treated prior Crucifixion. A Treblinka survivor, whose testimony I watched a few months ago, speaks of the terrible treatment people underwent before being sent to death.

On a site note, I’d also like to do away with some misconceptions in many people’s minds. Because the Book of Isaiah doesn’t describe the the Suffering Messiah in a flattering light, a lot of people come to the conclusion that ” Yeshua, while walking the earth in the 1st Century, was a very ugly person.” This is not what the text actually states!

It describes, the abused, mistreated, oppressed Messiah. Have you ever seen a person suffering to such a great extent have a handsome face? Suffering and harmful treatment such as punching in the eyes, slapping, flogging and scourging, wearing the helmet of thorns and all the moral suffering literally disfigured our Messiah, to the point that “he did not look human anymore” as Isaiah 52 and Psalm 22, verse 6 confirm it.

Both Messianic dimensions of Moschiach ben Yosef and Moshiach ben David are present in Talmud and other Jewish sources

I stumbled across a very interesting study entitled ” The Suffering Messiah ben Yosef”.

From this rich resource, you will understand that the oral rabbinic sources always taught about a Suffering Messiah in correlation with the Book of Zechariah in particular. The Coming of a Messiah ben David in glory is also something rabbinic sources make mention of.

A major difficulty often arises because many Jews fail to understand that Moschiach ben Yosef and Moschiach ben David are the same person.

Another point to consider is that orthodox Judaism often refuses to recognize the divine nature of the Messiah.

It is precisely the bold affirmation of His divinity by quoting the Book of Daniel, Chapter 7:13-14 that got Yeshua sentenced to death by the Sanhedrin.

The Orthodox Jewish Bible version of the verses mentioned above leaves zero doubt about the deity of Moschiach King, though.

“I was beholding in the visions of the night, and , hinei, one like bar Enosh ( Ben Adam i.e Moschiach) came with the clouds of Shomayim ( Heaven) and came to the Atik Yomin (Ancient of the Days, i.e Hashem) and before Him He was brought.And there was given Him (Moschiach) dominion and honor and sovereignty to all people, goyim tongues shouls they serve reverence as deity Him (Moschiach)/His dominion is an everlasting Kingdom which shall not pass and His (Messianic Kingdom) which shall not be destroyed.” Daniel 7: 13-14

Interestingly, the Book of Zechariah points at Messiah ben Yosef ( Zechariah 9:9) and at Messiah ben David ( Zechariah 12;10).

Zechariah 12:10 clearly explains what will happen when Messiah ben David returns in Glory. This verse is a confirmation of the story told in Isaiah 53!

“And I will pour upon your Bais ( House) of David and upon the inhabitants of Yerushalayim, the Ruach (Spirit) of Chen (grace) and Tachanunim ( supplications for grace) and they shall look upon Me whom they have pierced ( dakar in Hebrew= pierce through)-ref: Yeshayah Isaiah 53:5 (Targum Hashivim); Tehilim ( Psalms) 22:17) and they shall mourn for Him ( Moschiach) as one mourns for his yachid ( only son) and they shall grieve in bitterness for his bechor (first born).” Zechariah 12:10 Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)

Now set aside all doctrinal debate. Examine what the Scriptures are telling you. Ask Hashem to enlighten you…and when the very truth will become obvious to your eyes: it is never too late to accept Yeshua the Messiah of Israel as your Lord and Savior. You are FREE now to decide.


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Sentenced to death for uttering the truth: how the prophetic words of Daniel 7:13 got Yeshua condemned to death

Computer generated picture of the Shroud of Turin by Ray Downing

yeshua 78

“Yeshua kept silent and the high priest said to Him:
I am making you swear by the Living God to tell us if you are the Maschiach, the Son of God?”

Yeshua said to him: ” you have said it.  And I say to you, you will see the Son of Man sitting to the right of the Power and coming with clouds of Heaven.”
The priest tore his clothes and said: “He is a blasphemer! Why should we continue seeking witnesses. Have you not heard his blasphemy? What is your opinion?”

“And they said: ” He is a man of death! ( translated in Hebrew by “isch mavet”)

They spat in His face and struck Him with a fist on the cheek. They said: “prophesy to us, Maschiach! Who stuck you?””
Matthew 26:63-68 Franz Delitzsch version
At the very moment Yeshua our Messiah would quote the prophetic verse of Daniel 7: 13, He would sign His death arrest.

חָזֵ֤ה הֲוֵית֙ בְּחֶזְוֵ֣י לֵֽילְיָ֔א וַאֲרוּ֙ עִם־עֲנָנֵ֣י שְׁמַיָּ֔א כְּבַ֥ר אֱנָ֖שׁ אָתֵ֣ה הֲוָ֑ה וְעַד־עַתִּ֤יק יֹֽומַיָּא֙ מְטָ֔ה וּקְדָמֹ֖והִי הַקְרְבֽוּהִי

Daniel 7:13
Prior statement to this article
I noticed that a lot of Gentile followers of our Messiah tend to slate orthodox Jews for not acknowledging that Yeshua as the Messiah of Israel. I read a statement on social media that was quite arrogant. Somebody had stated: ” The smartest Jews all know that Yeshua is the Messiah.”

Beware, some orthodox Jews who crossed my path may not have accepted Yeshua, but they could outsmart you within a few minutes.

This is not a matter of intelligence, but rather of spiritual blindness. Instead of slating a whole community, rather pray for the veil of incomprehension be lifted. Also remember that there are Torah truths hidden to your eyes that orthodox Jews envision very easily. Be humble. You may know that Yeshua is Messiah, but you don’t know everything!
I’d advise everybody to stop judging so fast. First of all, most of you are not even aware of the requirements for being an orthodox Jew, nor have you been raised as a Jew. You are probably blind to see that secular oral traditions have prevented people from approaching the Scriptural truth that Yeshua is indeed our Messiah.

Revealing His identity as Maschiach publicly


During His ministry in Galilee Yeshua chose not to reveal His true identity.

However when our rabbi performed some exorcisms, the demons already knew Him.

In Luke Chapter 4 verse 35, Yeshua rebukes a demon, asking him to shut up before he left the possessed man.
“And Yeshua rebuked it and He said, “Shut your mouth and come out of him!” And the demon threw him in the midst, and it came out from him, while it did him no harm.”
The creatures of darkness knew and were afraid of Him, and Yeshua had authority over all of them.

However, even His close disciples ( besides a few such as John, Philip, Nathanael and Peter) had a hard time to comprehend who Yeshua actually is. As I underlined it in former articles, seeing clearly that Yeshua is the Messiah was difficult in the 1st Century for the Spirit had not been given yet.
The disciples didn’t realize that the Messiah had to be mistreated and to die a very painful death before being resurrected. The words of Isaiah , chapter 53, were veiled to them. They are still sealed for many persons nowadays. Let us pray that the sight of many be opened so that they understand Hashem’s plan of Salvation.
One MUST also realize that in Jewish tradition, the character of the Maschiah is dual. The suffering Messiah, ben Yosef has so often been occulted in favor of Messiah ben David.
Yeshua incarnates both figures of the Messiah.
He is:


  • Maschiach ben Yosef, son of Yosef, during His first coming in the 1st Century. His Suffering has been predicted in the Tanakh in Isaiah 53 and Psalm 22.
  • Maschiach ben David, as depicted in the verses of prophet Daniel Chapter 7, verses 13 and 14)

(Whoever wants to refute that our Messiah is spoken about in Isaiah Chapter 53 and who thinks that Isaiah refers to Israel has to explain me in detail how Israel can die for Israel’s sins.)

Daniel 7:13-14 in the orthodox Jewish Bible ( English translation)

“I was beholding in visions of the night, and, hinei, one like bar enosh ( Ben Adam i.e Moschiach came with the clouds of Shomayim ( Heaven) and came to the Atik Yomin ( Ancient of Days i.e Hashem) and before Him He was brought.” Daniel 7:13, Orthodox Jewish Bible

” And there was given Him (Moschiach) dominion, and honor, and sovereignty that all people, goyim, tongues should they serve reverence as deity Him (Moschiach).

His dominion is an everlasting Kingdom, which shall not pass away and His (Messianic) Kingdom that which shall not be destroyed.” Daniel 7:14 Orthodox Jewish Bible

The verse of Daniel 7:13 being so clearly of messianic significance, I was very curious to know how orthodox Jews would interpret it. I found out that many orthodox Jews choose the messianic perspective on Daniel 7:13. Some of them claim that ” bar enosh” ( Son of Man in Aramaic) has been mistranslated and that its very meaning is just of ben Adam, “human being”.

In my opinion, ben Adam being translated as ” human being” doesn’t really make sense if you consider that this person, the Son of Man, will be given dominion, sovereignty and  honor and that all nations will serve him, as verse 14 confirms it.
I remember discussing with an orthodox Jew years ago who told me that ” anybody could be Moschiach when I mentioned Yeshua as the Messiah of Israel.

The way Daniel 7:14 is worded would dismiss this argument of  any human being a possible candidate to the person of the Messiah anyway.

Yeshua, the true Messiah of Israel, is still a threat to the religious establishment

After reflecting on the Messianic verses of Daniel 7:13-14 and the person of Yeshua as I know Him, my Lord and Savior as He revealed Himself to me, I realized that the real Yeshua ( and not His diluted version) is still a threat to the religious establishment.
The truth I am going to state will probably displease Jews and Christians, but I have to tell it anyway, for it is the truth.

  1. Yeshua’s Name is a big threat to corporate rabbinates that will keep combatting Yeshua being revealed as the Messiah to the nation of Israel, because it is not in their interest that the truth be told to the simple Jew or Israeli. Why? Well, these persons have a lot to lose: their influence, their power, their financial situation would decrease dramatically as well.
  2. Yeshua’s Name is a threat to Christianity’s corporate assemblies. The pope even teaches that it is “dangerous” to have a personal relationship with Yeshua our Messiah out of Catholic Church. Just to begin with Catholic Church, the clerics keep the crowds away from reading the Bible and also teach them that accepting Yeshua is not enough to be saved. Other corporate Christianity such as protestant and evangelical churches seem to preach the Bible, but many greedy pastors wish to influence people and take their money instead of showing them the way to Yeshua. Many people are being taught to have “figurative encounters with Yeshua” through Scriptures. Most of the leaders mentioned above ( of course there are exceptions, I didn’t say everybody) themselves do not have a single clue about who Yeshua really is.
  3.  Corporate religion, whether it is Jewish or Christian will keep you in bondage. The Son of Man has come to SET YOU FREE.

In conclusion: you MUST meet Yeshua and experience Him as a REAL person, because our Messiah is ALIVE and He WANTS a relationship with you!

No matter if you are a Jew or a Gentile, there is only ONE PATH to Salvation!

If you haven’t done it yet, it is not too late. Call upon Yeshua’s Name. Repent of your sins and accept Him as your Lord and Savior.

May He bless all of you who are reading this article. 



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Yeshua’s rejection from the synagogue of Nazareth

The Gospels of Luke, Mark and Matthew report of Yeshua teaching at the synagogue of Nazareth.

This particular episode shows how the people who grew up with Yeshua became totally hostile to Him, to the point some of them wanted to kill Him (as stated in the Gospel of Luke).

Nothing hurts more than being rejected by our loved ones. When people who grew up with us don’t believe in us, their mistrust has the effect of a sword piercing our hearts.

The Gospel of Luke gives us plenty more details compared with the two other synoptic Gospels.

Interestingly, before introducing the story of Yeshua at the synagogue of Nazareth, Luke states:

“And Yeshua returned in the power of the Spirit to Galilee and a report about him went our through all the surrounding country. “(Luke 4:14)

This verse shows us that Yeshua was filled with the Spirit of Hashem, and thus, was doing many miracles around Him in the whole country of Israel. At this time, the rabbi of Nazareth was well known for His wonderful deeds.

Yeshua at the synagogue of Nazareth

So what happened exactly at the synagogue and how did people turn from friendly to hostile, to the point of wanting to kill their rabbi?

Yeshua is handed over the Book of the prophet Isaiah. He is reading the verses of Isaiah 61, verses 1 and 2:

“The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me,

to proclaim good news to the poor.

He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim fredom for the captives,

and release from darkness the prisoners, 

to proclaim a year of the Lord’s favor.”

Yeshua announces that He is fulfilling the prophecy of the Book of Isaiah.

People are impressed by His wisdom and His spiritual intelligence, but as always, when people know you too well, gossips and jealously are involved.

“Isnt this Yosef”s son?”, people started to ask.

Yosef (Joseph), Yeshua’s adoptive father, the carpenter, was a simple man. Because of Yosef’s simplicity, they assumed that he couldn’t have transmitted all this godly knowledge and wisdom to his son. One can imagine that gossips probably circulated about Miriam, Yeshua’s mom being pregnant before her marriage with Yosef.

Yeshua probably suffered from being considered as an “illegitimate” son by many people from his village, and mean persons probably joked behind His back.

Four of His brothers are mentioned in Matthew 13: Yaakov (Jacob, sometimes translated by “James” in English versions, Yosef (Joseph), Shimon (Simon) and Yehuda (also known as Jude).

Yeshua’s sisters names are not mentioned, though.

So, they knew all of His brothers and sisters and came to the conclusion that Yeshua couldn’t be knowlegeable with such a familial environment.

They are caught into thoughts of jealousy, they are all fuming, already.

Then Yeshua points at their lack of faith mentioning the episodes of 1 Kings 5, where Namaan the Syrian gets healed from leprosy by being immersed into the Jordan river and the story of the widow of Sarepta in the second book of Kings.

There are two miraculous stories linked with the widow of Sarepta (Lebanon). The miracle of the oil that is enlightening the continuuous providing of the Eternal and the resurrection of her unique son by prophet Elijah.

Yeshua’s statements are provoking for the people of Nazareth in their Israeli pride. Foreigners are being shown grace before nationals. 

Their own wickedness is mirrored in Yeshua’s words.

He is becoming the object of their hatred to the point they want to push Him from a hill.

Yet their plans of murder will fail miserably.

Yeshua walks through the crowd and goes His way.

Again we are learning an invaluable lesson. We will always be hated for telling the truth and showing things as they truly are. Yet a true follower of Yeshua cannot afford to compromise with lies.

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