Subtle shades of meaning ( from “Heart of a Savior”)

yeshua before pilate

“ My daughter, I am urging people to get serious now about having a relationship with me, for I am telling you that so many will not recognize me when our Father will send me back.

Tell people to stop thinking of me as an abstraction. I am a real person.

Tell them to turn to me with all their hearts instead of relying on dead Scriptures.

I can see the masses fall for their false messiah in the same way they did on the very day I was sentenced to death.

Only true disciples would understand the fine distinction between Yeshua bar Abba (the true Maschiach) and Yeshua bar Abba (better known as “Barrabas”)…child, I am telling you that many individuals will be fooled by a diluted version of me in the last days. A veil of blindness will cover many eyes.

During the days that precede my return, the enemy will send somebody capable of doing miracles, among other great deeds and claiming to be God. The ones who only know me theoretically will be very vulnerable. My sheep, the ones who know my voice cannot be deceived for they actually know who I am.

As for the other ones, I am urging you, call upon my Name and get to know your Savior, because if you fall into the man of sin’s claws, it will be too late.”

“Lord, my love, I can sense the emergency of your words as a spirit of evil is gaining more and more souls. Please save the ones that can still be saved. Have mercy, dear Lord for the yet unsaved souls.”

“Many individuals wrongly think that reading Scriptures regularly automatically confers Salvation. I’ll reiterate it: Scriptures do not save nor does regular attendance to an assembly. Although some so called “ spiritual leaders” will keep them captive by fear, these people ( with a few exceptions) are very far from me. They have no idea about who I am. They have prejudiced opinions about who I should be as well. These people are in great danger, because they proclaim that they are saved because of the Scriptures. However, I am not their personal Savior. So how can they even dare to say that they accessed Salvation? If I came in front of these individuals, asking them: “Who saved you?”, they would reply: “ I am saved because of the Bible…”

If I replied to them: “Your Bible doesn’t have any power to save you, only Yeshua can bring you Salvation”, some of them would call me a “demon”.

The Holy Spirit is absent from their souls. I would like to urge them all to get to know me for real, as a person. Once the man of sin will appear with his fake prodigies, it will be far too late.

People have to remember that Scriptural knowledge is nothing. Proficiency creates a vacuum when people accumulate it and don’t apply it with their hearts.

I desire humble and thirsty souls, not Scripture parrots.”


As I kept speaking with my Lord, I was transported into a tiny street of Jerusalem. The sun was shining and my feet were making noise while hitting little white stones that were on my way.

I stopped and stood before a pink door. I could see red flowers at the right side of the door. The pink door was beautifully decorated with wrought iron.

My ear then caught the Hebrew word Shaar, which means“door” or “gate”.

Why our Lord had taken me here I was really clueless.

I spoke again to Yeshua in the morning:

“Lord what is the meaning of that pink door I was standing before in Jerusalem?”

Yeshua then replied to me:

“Shin is the letter of the Shema. You need an ear to hear. Ayin is the letter for the eye. You need an eye to see. Finally, Resh is the letter of “rosh”. It is the head, the beginning.

Child, you have been praying for me to open you new horizons. Here I am bringing you in front of a door. A new door will open for you.”

“Thank you my beloved. Why is the door pink?”

“My daughter, pink is not one of your favorite colors, is it?”

“No, you are right, Yeshua. Pink is definitely not among my favorite colors.”

“The pink color is showing you that the door I am opening will not be opened in a casual way. It will surprise you in many ways.”

“Thank you my Yeshua. May my ears be willing to listen and my eyes wide open to see what you prepared for this new beginning.

You are the door, my Yeshua, and I will enter thanks to you. I praise you, my sweet Lord.”


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Our Lord’s Face profile (from Heart of a Savior)

This picture is the closest I could find to the vision Yeshua granted me yesterday.

I was lying down, eyes closed, speaking to Yeshua in a fervent prayer. I expressed Him my wish to see His Face, when He suddenly appeared to me in a vision. Actually, He was showing me His Face profile.

Yeshua’s Face was so full of light that “holiness” was the first thought that came to my mind. The King of the Jews had some portions of His long, dark hair falling upon His nose. His traits were the traits of a Sefaradi Jew; He looked like an authentic child of Israel. His eyes are so full of love.Yeshua was wearing a white robe. There was so much majesty reflected in His person.

Oh my King, you rejoiced your child’s heart by letting me see you. So much holiness, so much peace, and so much tenderness emanate from your sweet person! I love you, my Yeshua”.

A few hours before, Yeshua had said to me: “I’ll make you flourish in the desert”.

I will grow, dear Savior, because you are my sunshine. I will bathe in your light and you’ll refresh my soul. Our friendship, our love are forever.”

Yeshua let me sink into a deep sleep, but it was a night that was different from all other nights. My best friend let me feel His embrace all night long. I was sleeping, but my conscience of Him watching me was awaken.

As Yeshua is teaching me total reliance on Him, our friendship grows. I understand now how much He is providing for me.

Open your hearts to His love, Yeshua is willing to give you so much more than you actually expect from Him. Yeshua is expanding my vision and increasing my love for Him.

Yeshua talked to me about His return.

My child, some people are frustrated because they think I am being delayed.

Some others are actually losing faith on their Second Return speculations.

You know, if our Father hasn’t allowed me to return yet, it is because of His immense love for you all. It is for more people to access Salvation. It is to allow Israelis and Jews to understand who I am and for all the others who can still repent while it is time.

Hashem has a perfect timing. Do not doubt, people. Understand God’s heart before you start mumbling. What if I had come before you had accessed Salvation? Have compassion for the unsaved in the same way I had compassion for all of you who are now saved.”

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The sight of His wound (exerpt of my upcoming book: An Encounter with Yeshua, the sequel)

stigmata yeshua

The sight of His wound
Dear Lord, thank you for allowing more closeness between us.”
My wonderful child, I am granting you the requests of your heart. Before your request is on your lips, I already read it from your heart. Child, beloved child, our story is a never-ending love story. Don’t you know it?”
Yes, I know my precious Savior.”
In the darkness of my room, at night, Yeshua’s light was spreading while I was speaking to our precious Lord. Yeshua took my right hand. His hand was in mine, but it started swallowing the sight of my own hand. My eyes saw His wounded palm and wrist. The depth of His wound was visible in clear sight to me. What He showed me increased my love for Him. I was feeling on fire for my beautiful Maker. I spent the next minutes in total awe.
I then remembered I had asked Him, a few months ago, to show me His stigmata.
It is impressing to see His wound of love (It is much wider than what many pictures or paintings show.)
Oh my precious Yeshua, wounded for me, for us, for all and even for the ones who are still spitting at Him!
The power and the beauty of His wonderful love are indescribable.
We are all unworthy such pure love, but He wants us, He cherishes our souls with such intensity, with such depth.
There is no greater expression of love than the fire that emanates from Yeshua’s heart.
Child, you will see more. It is the very beginning of your great adventure. Trust me. Call me. I am here. I love you.”
You know my feather is not even strong enough to describe you my mighty King.”
Yes, my beloved child, but many people will understand who I am thanks to your feather. Remember I am guiding your writings.”
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The crowd of unbelievers

At night while I was sleeping, the Lord placed me in front of a huge crowd of unbelievers. Among them, I also recognized some family members.

I was standing in front of them.  I was dressed in a white robe.

The crowd was making fun of my faith in Yeshua. Nobody seemed to believe that Yeshua was real.

All of a sudden, somebody said: “You have Yeshua, so He can make you fly, right now!”

The person started laughing out loud. Some other persons joined him in mockeries.


Crowd covering ears
Crowd covering ears

I remained silent, but I asked Yeshua for help.

All of a sudden, to the crowds’ amazement, two huge, white wings appeared on both sides of my body. I felt that Yeshua was taking both of my hands and my feet left the ground. I ascended a few meters in front of the flabbergasted crowd.


angels 77

As I woke up, Yeshua was waiting for me. Our precious Lord told me: “You still have no idea which power you are walking with, my dear child. Realize WHO is with you. I will never let you down, my dear child.”

The Lords presence was very strong and I started praising His Name, in total awe for the beautiful vision He had given me.


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