Daniel’s Babylonian exile

Daniel is one of the most important prophets of the Tanakh. 

While some of his dreams, visions and prophecies were aimed at his contemporary world, some others are still in the process of being of being accomplished as they are regarding the last days and the Return of our Messiah.

Captives from the besieged Jerusalem

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Hashem allowed the king of Judah, Jehoiakim, to be defeated. As a consequence, Jerusalem was besieged and the vessels of the Temple stolen. 

What a humiliation for Israel whose corruption and idol worship had taken big proportions!

In addition, Nebuchadnezzar orders his eunuch to bring people of Israel, of the royal family and of nobility. These young people have to be of perfect appearance. (Daniel 1:3-4)

Daniel’s deportation

One must understand that Hashem often uses times of exile to fulfill big plans for the nation of Israel, as He did it in the times of Joseph in Egypt.

Exile can be a sanction against His people who became disobedient to His commandments.

Daniel and his friends’ exile in Babylon is humiliating in many ways, even if being taught at the king’s court looks like a favor. 

Daniel and his friends experience a change in name. They are baptized after pagan divinities. Daniel and his friends probably felt robbed in their identity.

Daniel’s respect of the cashrout and his refusal of compromise in purity

Daniel was a righteous man. He was highly favored by Hashem because of his obedience.

In the same way, our Lord is pleased in us when we have heart to obey His Commands. By doing it, we are showing Him our singleheartedness.

In this particular context, keeping kosher is much more important than it appears at first sight.

Not only is it an avoidance of the unclean meats, it is also because meat and vine were often sacrificed to idols within pagan nations.

Daniel and his friends refuse to take part in any kind of idolatry.

Hashem will reward Daniel for his faithfulness. He will receive the gift of understanding dreams and visions.

The story of Daniel shows us how much laying our lives in our Lord’s hands really matters. When we are proven to be faithful, regardless of the circumstances, we will be rewarded in many ways.

Receiving Hashem’s various gifts, is never a matter of luck, but of obedience.

Obey His commands, trust His love and let Him direct your ship. He’ll bless you greatly in return.

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The true Messiah of Israel

I know that the following article is going to raise controversy on both, the Jewish and the Gentile side. I hesitated a long time before writing it. Nevertheless, all in all, I think that it is worth publishing it, for the truth has to be told, regardless of various opinions on the subject.

Opinions are just opinions, and they don’t really matter in front of the truth.

Two thousand years ago Hashem fulfilled the promise of sending a Messiah to Israel. Yeshua accomplished many signs and miracles and brought, through His presence, the kingdom of Heaven to earth. But Yeshua’s mission was ultimately to die on the Cross, so all mankind could access Salvation.

When He walked the earth as Yeshua ben Yosef, it was really hard to recognize Him as the Messiah, unless through a revelation from the Holy Spirit, as given to Peter.

For the Gentiles to access Salvation, Yeshua had to be rejected by the Jewish religious establishment. Yet, it is often interpreted as His rejection by all the people of Israel, which is a truly misrepresented fact. Not only were all of Yeshua’s first disciples Jewish, but a lot of people in Israel revered Him and loved Him. Some of them, like Nicodemus, followed Him secretely out of fear from the religious establishment. Some contemporary rabbis in Israel do act in the same way.

When Yeshua our Messiah was crucified, young women in Jerusalem are reported to have been crying, a fact that has been occulted in Christianity although it is clearly reported in the Gospels.

Both communities separated from the real Yeshua ?

Today’s drama is that many orthodox Jews are cut from the Messiah of Israel. Many Gentiles are cut from the true Messiah of Israel too, because the one they think they are following is a distorted Messiah with pagan adjunctions.

Many people wonder why orthodox Jews don’t turn to Yeshua as the Messiah of Israel.

I realized that many orthodox Jews do not reject Yeshua, they do reject «Jesus».

«What? Isn’t this a reference to the same person? What do you mean?», I will probably be asked by many people. Well, let me develop my point. Yes, many orthodox Jews do reject the name Jesus, because it refers to Christianity. Because in the «Jesus» that is depicted by Christianity they don’t even recognize a Jew. Therefore many Jews think that Yeshua is a Gentile, because they didn’t get a chance to read the New Testament.

I think that emperor Constantine is one of the most wicked persons in history, because he replaced a cult based on IHVH with pagan customs. Christianity never even questioned this and even added to this. A lot of customs that are rebuked in the Bible, such as decorating a Christmas tree or taking Sun-day as a resting and cult day, are just commonly accepted as part of Christianity. These are just a few examples, there are so many more…

The « Gentile Messiah » is a common lie people accept

Yes, the One you are calling « Jesus » is Jewish. His real Name is Yeshua. His real Name actually points to Salvation, which is our Messiah’s very purpose. Some people slated me just for stating this truth. I’ll reiterate it once again, because it needs to be said : the name Jesus is totally made up. It has no meaning. It is the Greek transliteration of Yeshua. It didn’t exist until the 6th Century. In the 1st Century, everybody who knew Him called Him Yeshua. So sorry if I offended some of you for calling our Lord by His true Name.

Then I’ll repeat another schocker to many Gentiles : Yeshua is Jewish and Torah observant. All the points He makes are linked with the Torah. One can only have a proper understanding of His points by putting them into a Hebrew context.

Since Yeshua approached me, our Lord revealed Himself to me as the Jewish Messiah. He asked me to call Him Yeshua, not «Jesus». He clearly showed me that He is a teacher of Torah and that He has nothing but love for Israel.

The true Messiah of Israel is not a character of Greek mythology. He is real. He opposes to paganism practices such as cult of saints, cult of Virgin Mary, and any kind of idolatry. He has a rabbinic approach of Scriptures.

He is not a priest or a pastor in the modern sense of the term. A friend gently reminded me that Yeshua bears the title of High Priest after the order of Melkizedek and that He can also be considered as the Good Shepherd and Pastor of Israel.

My reference to the word “priest” and “pastor’ referred to modern religious congregations’ leaders in the Christian world.

The true Messiah of Israel is present throughout the whole Tanakh (Ancient Testament).

If you do not believe that Yeshua is present in the Tanakh, then check out this impressive list of prophecies fulfilled by our Messiah.

In both communities, either Jewish or Christians, I’ve seen people who’d prefer to deny the truth than giving up traditions of men and added customs. I’ve seen so many people who prefer the comfort of a religious community than living in truth and taking the path of our Messiah Yeshua.

Having met Yeshua personally, today I cannot and will not adhere Christianity, because of the many added pagan customs it contains. Although I feel much closer to Messanic Judaism, I am not keen on joining any movement at all.

I am not seeking to advertise any church, congregation or synagogue.

I want to advertise Yeshua the true Messiah of Israel. He is the only One I have given my heart.

I am not Jewish. I am not Christian. I am a follower of Yeshua, the true Messiah of Israel.

Come to Him, because there is no Salvation out of Him.

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