A heart’s outcry in the middle of the Parisian streets (from “Heart of a Savior)

As our Lord did it for my two preceding books, Yeshua is truly writing “Heart of a Savior”, as I keep typing for Him. I am holding the feather; Yeshua is the author who molds each episode of my life into a meaningful story. Our Lord knows the beginning and He is aware of the end. I love the author of my instants, my days and my whole existence. I praise you, my Aleph and Tav, my Savior-King.
Today I hadn’t planned my walk at all; I just decided to walk the streets for the pleasure of marching and enjoying the cloud-free, sunny sky.
On my way back home, I saw a couple of Jews passing by. I felt pushed to say a silent prayer, so I addressed to Yeshua and asked Him: “May your Spirit dwell upon these two people.”
Unwillingly I had raised my hands a little bit. In this very intense moment, my ears caught our Lord’s Name escaping from a window. It didn’t have that usual, ironic, blaspheming tone some people are using jokingly. No, it was serious, it was coming from the depth’s of somebody’s within. Although I could not see the person pronouncing it, it indicated some deep thirst.
In the middle of demon-ridden, atheistic Paris, while I was raising a prayer towards Yeshua, somebody had pronounced our Lord’s Name aloud, with faith.


The sound of this voice made my soul shiver and my eyes were filled with tears. I just couldn’t contain my tears…
Copyright© by Isabelle Esling

His Name written in the clouds (from “Heart of a Savior”)

“Come to me, all of you, who are burden and weary, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28

I am like all of you, my friends, my brothers and sisters. I have my moments of joy and my moments of discouragement (even if they are quite rare, they do occur).

Today I’ve been experiencing a little moment of sadness. The impression of carrying a big plight was physical and moral at the same time.

My Lord was talking to me and let me know that everything He could handle for me. But my discouragement went on and I kept walking through the streets.

On my way to return home, I looked up at the sky and I couldn’t believe the sight that my eyes were catching: on a white cloud, the Name of Yeshua was written in black letters. As I kept glancing at my amazing vision, the Hebrew letters turned into occidental alphabet and I could read: “Yeshua” once again, very clearly, as the black letters were very contrasting as opposed to the white clouds.

Yeshua was showing me His presence to comfort me. I thought again about my article about the Book of Daniel, chapter 5 and I realized how much I was lacking faith.

My Lord so magnificent was control and would help me, regardless of the current situation. How could I have doubted my beloved, once again?

“My precious child, you know me, but sometimes you are clueless about the very depths of my heart. When your heart is feeling heavy, it affects me. Your feelings, your thoughts are transparent in front of me. Although human problems look tiny in my eyes and are mostly time-related, your perception of things gets me involved in solving your problem.

I never write history without the participation of human beings. Therefore, my heart perceives the way you are hurting. Child, I feel deep empathy for all of you. But I don’t intervene when people keep blaming me for their problems.

My blessings I pour on grateful hearts, so their joy is perfect.”

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling