Lessons learnt from Na’aman’s healing (2 Kings 5)

Among many skin diseases, leprosy (tza’arat in Hebrew) was probably one of the worst that could happen to anyone. According to the Torah, you were declared IMPURE if affected by the disease. If you were part of the Community of Israel, a law of quarantine was applied to you.

Na’aman was affected by this disease. The full story is reported in the Second Book of the Kings, Chapter 5. Thanks to his young Israeli captive, his wife’s servant, Na’aman would be cured completely.
naaman healing

I recently re-read the full story and our Lord showed me some invaluable teachings about Na’aman’s healing.

Beware: pride is your worst enemy

Na’aman expected prophet Elisha to come in person and to act in a certain way regarding his healing. This was probably his personal conception of healing. The general also felt offended because Elisha did not come in person and sent a servant instead to give him some precise instructions about his healing.

I too confess unnecessary pride when expecting healing from our Lord. I do repent of this behavior upon which Yeshua opened my eyes. I am asking Him to forgive me. I am now open to any healing method He may choose for my healing, because, in His immense wisdom, He knows much better.

We must truly learn to let Hashem be Hashem. He is sovereign over ALL type of illnesses and He will choose the healing method that is adapted to your specific case.

Why the Yarden ( Jordan river)?


Genesis 46:4

yarden river
The choice of the Yarden is very symbolic, as well as number 7 ( seven immersions).

The word Yarden in Hebrew (יַרְדֵּן) contains the root “ירד“, to descend. Being immersed is a passing from death to life. Na’aman’s immersion is a type of baptism.

The number 7 represents Creation, good fortune and blessing.

Giving up idols

Na’aman’s complete healing has some direct consequences in his life:

  • Na’aman recognizes Adonai, the God of Israel as the ONLY God.
  • Na’aman is willing to give up idols
  • Na’aman learns that Hashem’s gift is FREE. Elisha refuses any present.

If you have been offered the gift of healing, DO NOT CHARGE PEOPLE, for it is A BIG SIN in Adonai’s eyes.

I am not making this up. You are not supposed to make this a business, unless you want to experience Geichazi’s punishment!

This is what Yeshua taught: “Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, cast out demons. You received WITHOUT PAYING. Give WITHOUT PAY” Matthew 10:8

Anybody who would charge a healed person would sin greatly and expose himself to divine punishment.

In short, here are important points to remember:

  • Adonai’s plan is being accomplished through Na’aman
  • Na’aman’s healing and conversion
  • The solution came via an Israeli captive- never underestimate the most humble person’s advice
  • let Hashem be Hashem: accept His plan to heal you
  • Do not charge people if you have been granted a healing gift from Above

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Yeshua’s rejection from the synagogue of Nazareth

The Gospels of Luke, Mark and Matthew report of Yeshua teaching at the synagogue of Nazareth.

This particular episode shows how the people who grew up with Yeshua became totally hostile to Him, to the point some of them wanted to kill Him (as stated in the Gospel of Luke).

Nothing hurts more than being rejected by our loved ones. When people who grew up with us don’t believe in us, their mistrust has the effect of a sword piercing our hearts.

The Gospel of Luke gives us plenty more details compared with the two other synoptic Gospels.

Interestingly, before introducing the story of Yeshua at the synagogue of Nazareth, Luke states:

“And Yeshua returned in the power of the Spirit to Galilee and a report about him went our through all the surrounding country. “(Luke 4:14)

This verse shows us that Yeshua was filled with the Spirit of Hashem, and thus, was doing many miracles around Him in the whole country of Israel. At this time, the rabbi of Nazareth was well known for His wonderful deeds.

Yeshua at the synagogue of Nazareth

So what happened exactly at the synagogue and how did people turn from friendly to hostile, to the point of wanting to kill their rabbi?

Yeshua is handed over the Book of the prophet Isaiah. He is reading the verses of Isaiah 61, verses 1 and 2:

“The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me,

to proclaim good news to the poor.

He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim fredom for the captives,

and release from darkness the prisoners, 

to proclaim a year of the Lord’s favor.”

Yeshua announces that He is fulfilling the prophecy of the Book of Isaiah.

People are impressed by His wisdom and His spiritual intelligence, but as always, when people know you too well, gossips and jealously are involved.

“Isnt this Yosef”s son?”, people started to ask.

Yosef (Joseph), Yeshua’s adoptive father, the carpenter, was a simple man. Because of Yosef’s simplicity, they assumed that he couldn’t have transmitted all this godly knowledge and wisdom to his son. One can imagine that gossips probably circulated about Miriam, Yeshua’s mom being pregnant before her marriage with Yosef.

Yeshua probably suffered from being considered as an “illegitimate” son by many people from his village, and mean persons probably joked behind His back.

Four of His brothers are mentioned in Matthew 13: Yaakov (Jacob, sometimes translated by “James” in English versions, Yosef (Joseph), Shimon (Simon) and Yehuda (also known as Jude).

Yeshua’s sisters names are not mentioned, though.

So, they knew all of His brothers and sisters and came to the conclusion that Yeshua couldn’t be knowlegeable with such a familial environment.

They are caught into thoughts of jealousy, they are all fuming, already.

Then Yeshua points at their lack of faith mentioning the episodes of 1 Kings 5, where Namaan the Syrian gets healed from leprosy by being immersed into the Jordan river and the story of the widow of Sarepta in the second book of Kings.

There are two miraculous stories linked with the widow of Sarepta (Lebanon). The miracle of the oil that is enlightening the continuuous providing of the Eternal and the resurrection of her unique son by prophet Elijah.

Yeshua’s statements are provoking for the people of Nazareth in their Israeli pride. Foreigners are being shown grace before nationals. 

Their own wickedness is mirrored in Yeshua’s words.

He is becoming the object of their hatred to the point they want to push Him from a hill.

Yet their plans of murder will fail miserably.

Yeshua walks through the crowd and goes His way.

Again we are learning an invaluable lesson. We will always be hated for telling the truth and showing things as they truly are. Yet a true follower of Yeshua cannot afford to compromise with lies.

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