Chaos is coming to the world (sixth exerpt of An Encounter with Yeshua, the sequel)

Our Lord gave me a message today that He wants me to share with the world: a clear call to repentance.

Chaos is coming to the world

« It is important that you warn a lot of people about the upcoming chaos. The devil started messing up with all structures of society, introducing a huge moral decay among people- and it is a worldwide phenomenon.

The enemy is currently perverting education, Bibles are being corrupted by modified contents, morality is decreasing very fast.

Everybody is speaking about « tolerance ».

Soon you will see that people will advertise paedophilia and zoophilia as normal ways of life. They don’t fear God any more.

Their degree of arrogance has reached unprecedented levels. Truly I am telling you my daughter, people are living like in the days of Noakh. My Name has been put in dirt like never before. I am holy and i won’t tolerate this indefinitely. I am fuming. My anger will break out like a vulcano that awakens from a long sleep. I will destroy many nations.

I am asking for REPENTANCE.

Repent of your sinful ways, because the days of mercy are now counted. Some say : « oh the Gospel hasn’t been preached to all nations, surely He is not coming back any time soon… »

Are you trying to reassure you ? I am telling you, stop compromising with the world, stop being friends with Satan.

Know consciously WHO you are choosing. You cannot have both. Abandon your wicked ways.

Stop being so lukewarm ; have faith.

My child you sometimes feel that your faith is weak. But it is better to have Thomas’ faith than none at all.

The world has lost it completely. Even people who pretend to believe are dropping their masks when asked to act with faith.

Look at my children that are being killed in Eastern countries, and the West remains silent. Wait until persecution comes to you. One of the devil’s plan is to infiltrate Islam everywhere. Stay firm in your faith, because there comes a time when you will have to choose between your life and denying me.

I told you : « If anyone comes to me and does not hate his own father and mother, wife and children, and brothers and sisters- yes, even his own life, he cannot be my disciple. »

Times of tribulation are near. Lukewarm and unprepared people will fall even harder than the unbelievers. There will be so much despair on the very day of my return. I am coming very soon.

Those who have ears, do hear my warnings. The clock is ticking. »

« I know, my sweet Lord. I have been really shocked to discover that the media advertised a story of three women getting « married » together in Brazil. Depravity is growing like never before. »

« Punishment is coming, my child and it will be HUGE, unless people truly repent from the bottom of their hearts.

It is still time to repent.

The lack of morality will never be endorsed by me. Either people obey my laws or they will taste my wrath. Nobody has been given licence to sin. 

Your Lord has spoken. Let the wise hear and the fool continue to be foolish-until the world as you know it completely collapses. »

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I am the most Jewish person of them all

A vision imposed itself before my eyes. I saw a bunch of people who claimed to be Christians. The so-called “Christians” spoke to my Lord:” We really like you. You are not a Jew like all other Jews; you are very different, indeed.”


Yeshua transported these people in the middle of an orthodox Jewish community. He looked like an orthodox Jew and was dressed in a very traditional manner. He then glanced at the “Christians” pretenders and told them: “I am the most Jewish person of them all. Whoever denies them, denies me as well.” The bunch of pretenders looked at Him with contempt and disbelief. They departed from Him instantly.

rabbi Yeshua222

“My dear child, remember I have chosen you because of your love for my people. A true follower MUST have a heart for Israel.” “Yes, I know my beloved.”   © copyright 2015