A prophetic vision for France ( from “Heart of a Savior”)

The atmosphere was heavy in the air as I crossed the Bir Hakeim bridge. The sky was cloudy. All of a sudden, a cold wind started blowing. I raised my eyes up to the sky that started darkening.

I then heard Yeshua’s voice telling me: “The wind of my anger is blowing over France.”

I instantly prayed for many souls to access Salvation.

The dark sky then opened up on a terrific vision. I saw the form of a person, from afar. I was unable to distinguish his traits, but the man looked like a judge and was wearing a black robe. He was standing before a throne. Above the throne, on the right, a huge scroll was visible.

I glanced at the sky again. The gray clouds had transformed into mice: a multitude of mice was visible and advancing at a fast pace.

I asked Yeshua: “What does that mean, Lord?”

The Lord replied to me: “Pestilence and terror.”

I was instantly prompted to ask our Lord for mercy.

Yeshua said to me, in a reassuring tone: “But fear not, I will spare you because you’ve always had a quest for me. You always wanted to know me.”

At the end of the day, Yeshua spoke to me again: “ Fear not”, He reiterated twice in a warm and loving voice.

In Spring and in Summer, Paris has been plagued with floods and cold weather.

The world needs to acknowledge that each nation is now coming into judgment and our Lord will reward them according to their behavior. Our Lord has kept calling France to repentance, but most people are keeping their sinful ways.

A storm is preparing. Europe and the USA, in particular, are going to be braced.

While Israel will be left alone with a multitude of opponents from all sides and the nuclear threat will grow into a scary reality.

Many people are not prepared for the times preceding Yeshua’s return.

May my feather help people recognize the emergency of these times.

Believing will not be enough. Commit to our Lord before it is too late!

Yeshua’s heart deepest desire is that you share eternity with Him.

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling


Two plagues are coming to the Westerners (exerpt from Heart of a Savior)

last days islam terror


On Friday night I had a prophetic dream. What I saw is not pleasant to share, but here is what our Lord showed me : I saw a huge massacre, much bigger than the terror attempts of November the 13th in Paris. I saw many people lying in a pool of blood.

I haven’t received any frametime indication. Retrospectively I can only state that I have been warned in October 2014 about « three days of darkness ». Later on, I realized that all these days of darkness referred to the events linked with Charlie Hebdo.

In April 2015, I glanced at an ad while walking in Montparnasse. At the same time a vision of murdered people imposed itself before my eyes. When these horrible attempts happened in November, on the 13th, I knew my vision had been fulfilled.

I have been discussing with Yeshua lately and He revealed me about two major punishments coming to the Western world. I’ll share our dialogue with you all.


« My child, the Western world will taste my wrath in unprecedented levels : two major punishments are coming to the West in a very insidious way.


Because the masses refused my grace and compassion, they will fall for the Illuminati deception. They will believe luciferian doctrines and become slaves to the Illuminati puppet masters. They will boast with arrogance, thinking that they are as powerful as God Himself. In fact, they will become soulless robots used as evil tools. »


« Oh Lord I already saw two persons dressed in Illuminati clothes and bags. They were acting strangely I didn’t feel comfortable in their presence. »

« Of course, child, you will never feel comfortable in the presence of evil, whether it is apparent or disguised. The Holy Spirit is warning you. »

« I am really grateful that you saved me. »

« Child, you are under my protection. All my loved ones, the ones who know my Name will be sheltered.


Another threat is already here and will be amplifying. Evil will take the face of Islamic terror. Governments will blind people. Beware, all these politicians are the very instigators of what they pretend to fight against. They are acting in a wicked way, because they want citizens to be terrorized. This is a way to restrict their freedom and to get chipped like animals.

Now tell them sinners my word : because you are taking pride in lustful ways, because you enjoy kissing the devil, Satan will kiss you back in murder and destruction.

Your families will be devastated and you’ll be left without posterity. You will be punished until you come back to me with a repentant heart. »

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Copyright© by Isabelle Esling