Like in the Days of Noah ( from “Heart of a Savior”)

Like in the days of Noah

But when the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?” Luke 18:8

Witnessing society’s daily decay, the lack of good manners and respect towards each other and the pride people are taking in evil deeds fills my heart with pain. However the pain I may feel is nothing compared to our Lord’s grief about His creation.

Yeshua loves each single soul; yet some of them will be sent to eternal damnation because of their high degree of depravity and disobedience.

After the earth was flooded and the greatest part of the Creation had been destructed, our Lord had sworn that He would not flood the planet once again:

For this to Me is like the water of Noach; as I swore that the waters of Noach would never flood the earth, so I swear that I will not be angry with you or rebuke you.” Isaiah 54:6

However mankind is showing that it is bound to evil and unable to learn from past lessons. Our Father’s heart is so big that He sacrificed for all of us His most precious part: Yeshua our Messiah. Yeshua’s blood was costly. Yet in our days, how many really care about the Sacrifice of our Redeemer?

The very depths of Hashem’s heart are grieving at the sight of a humanity that is losing itself and that is taking pride in sinning.

Hashem would like as many hearts as possible to return to Him. However, He will never interfere in His creatures free will. As a matter of fact, so many prefer the devil’s lies and perversions. So many people spit on our Messiah’s person out of pure arrogance. Some others proclaim themselves as “ God”.

While communication tools and technology means improve, the veil of blindness and ignorance about God thickens. Individuals are building their faith upon men’s authority and despise Hashem’s glory.

Distractions are so numerous. People are just caught into their routine, like in the days of Noah. End times are dangerous times and, unless they repent from the bottom of their hearts, people’s path will become glittery.

Some people also accuse Yeshua to be late in accomplishing His promises. You fools! Our Lord’s intention is to allow more people to repent before it is too late. Yeshua is very kind and very patient.

But at some point He will return in glory, whether people are ready or not, whether they are willing to accept Him or not, because the times will be accomplished.

Hear His warnings will it is still time, because what Yeshua announced, He will surely accomplish.

Restless and caught into the daily routine

And like in the days of Noach, so will the coming of the Son of Man also be. For just as before the days of the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying women and giving women to men, until the day when Noach entered the ark.” Matthew 24:37-38

My child, since the first humans rebelled against Hashem, corrupt generations have always existed. By nature, human beings are drawn to evil thoughts. It is the presence of my Spirit that makes a whole difference. The Spirit of Hashem will guide my children into the path of righteousness and help them to stay away from sinful ways.

These days resemble the days of Noah very much: a great majority of people are evil doers. They seem to even have lost the notion of good.

In addition to all, they despise my authority. They are restless and caught into a daily routine that mixes evil and rebellion against the Almighty. They are the devil’s slaves. Many of them will be mocking you for warning them about my Second Coming that will wash them away from the face of the earth.

Mayim”, the waters that are a symbol of rebirth and renewal will be an instrument of punishment directed at them. In the same way, they turned the rainbow into something perverse, I will turn the waters against them to eradicate them shameless sinners from the face of the earth.

Do you know why Noah made a difference in his corrupt generation?

Hebrew learners would understand that the name Noah also contains the root of the verb “nuach” which means “to rest” in Hebrew.

Noah accepted to rest in Me within a restless generation that was caught into a very superficial daily routine. This generation totally despised Heavenly things. You know, insights from the Spirit are granted to the ones who accept to pause all activities in order to listen to my voice.

You know that Noah found grace in my eyes, because he obeyed to all of my commands. Read backwards his name contains the Hebrew word “ chen”, grace.

My true children are the ones who obey my command. Obedience will always open you the gates to Heaven.”

Thank you, my rabbi, for your invaluable teachings. As I am typing your warnings, I do realize how close your second Coming is.

People need to understand that a lot of prophecies are now coming to pass. I would like to urge everybody to come back to you Yeshua before it is too late.

Dark times are ahead.”

If people really knew what is coming to them, they would be keen on doing their Teshuva ( repenting). However, the devil keeps fooling them with unimportant things. Too many individuals ignore my warnings. Some souls will be saved in last minute, though.

Keep warning the world. Whoever has ears will listen to the message from Heaven.”

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling


Subtle shades of meaning ( from “Heart of a Savior”)

yeshua before pilate

“ My daughter, I am urging people to get serious now about having a relationship with me, for I am telling you that so many will not recognize me when our Father will send me back.

Tell people to stop thinking of me as an abstraction. I am a real person.

Tell them to turn to me with all their hearts instead of relying on dead Scriptures.

I can see the masses fall for their false messiah in the same way they did on the very day I was sentenced to death.

Only true disciples would understand the fine distinction between Yeshua bar Abba (the true Maschiach) and Yeshua bar Abba (better known as “Barrabas”)…child, I am telling you that many individuals will be fooled by a diluted version of me in the last days. A veil of blindness will cover many eyes.

During the days that precede my return, the enemy will send somebody capable of doing miracles, among other great deeds and claiming to be God. The ones who only know me theoretically will be very vulnerable. My sheep, the ones who know my voice cannot be deceived for they actually know who I am.

As for the other ones, I am urging you, call upon my Name and get to know your Savior, because if you fall into the man of sin’s claws, it will be too late.”

“Lord, my love, I can sense the emergency of your words as a spirit of evil is gaining more and more souls. Please save the ones that can still be saved. Have mercy, dear Lord for the yet unsaved souls.”

“Many individuals wrongly think that reading Scriptures regularly automatically confers Salvation. I’ll reiterate it: Scriptures do not save nor does regular attendance to an assembly. Although some so called “ spiritual leaders” will keep them captive by fear, these people ( with a few exceptions) are very far from me. They have no idea about who I am. They have prejudiced opinions about who I should be as well. These people are in great danger, because they proclaim that they are saved because of the Scriptures. However, I am not their personal Savior. So how can they even dare to say that they accessed Salvation? If I came in front of these individuals, asking them: “Who saved you?”, they would reply: “ I am saved because of the Bible…”

If I replied to them: “Your Bible doesn’t have any power to save you, only Yeshua can bring you Salvation”, some of them would call me a “demon”.

The Holy Spirit is absent from their souls. I would like to urge them all to get to know me for real, as a person. Once the man of sin will appear with his fake prodigies, it will be far too late.

People have to remember that Scriptural knowledge is nothing. Proficiency creates a vacuum when people accumulate it and don’t apply it with their hearts.

I desire humble and thirsty souls, not Scripture parrots.”


As I kept speaking with my Lord, I was transported into a tiny street of Jerusalem. The sun was shining and my feet were making noise while hitting little white stones that were on my way.

I stopped and stood before a pink door. I could see red flowers at the right side of the door. The pink door was beautifully decorated with wrought iron.

My ear then caught the Hebrew word Shaar, which means“door” or “gate”.

Why our Lord had taken me here I was really clueless.

I spoke again to Yeshua in the morning:

“Lord what is the meaning of that pink door I was standing before in Jerusalem?”

Yeshua then replied to me:

“Shin is the letter of the Shema. You need an ear to hear. Ayin is the letter for the eye. You need an eye to see. Finally, Resh is the letter of “rosh”. It is the head, the beginning.

Child, you have been praying for me to open you new horizons. Here I am bringing you in front of a door. A new door will open for you.”

“Thank you my beloved. Why is the door pink?”

“My daughter, pink is not one of your favorite colors, is it?”

“No, you are right, Yeshua. Pink is definitely not among my favorite colors.”

“The pink color is showing you that the door I am opening will not be opened in a casual way. It will surprise you in many ways.”

“Thank you my Yeshua. May my ears be willing to listen and my eyes wide open to see what you prepared for this new beginning.

You are the door, my Yeshua, and I will enter thanks to you. I praise you, my sweet Lord.”


Copyright© by Isabelle Esling