Walk ín the light of the Resurrection

resurrection light from shroud

A lot of people who claim to be followers of Yeshua are truly unconscious of the power that has been given to them. This is the main reason why the enemy infiltrates them and causes damage to them. Yet, instead of taking power and walking in the Light of the Resurrection, they keep whining about what “the devil did to them.” The enemy laughs at them aloud. Why is it so? It is because they are acting in a very weak way.

Years ago, when I was searching for Yeshua in the middle of assemblies I could observe the most deceitful behaviors: gossips, hatred, miserable people, and adultery. People of the world looked much happier than the ones who called them “followers of Yeshua”. I now even think that most of them weren’t real about their faith.

Once Yeshua enters your life and you have repented of your sins, you are truly a new creation. You are supposed to walk in the light of the Resurrection, with all the power that is attached to it.

“But if we walk in The Light as he is in The Light, we have communion with each other and the blood of Yeshua his Son purges us from all of our sins.” 1 John 1:7

If you are purged from your sins, the fruits of the Spirit should be visible in you.

Secondly, to all of you followers who keep speaking and complaining about how “Satan makes your life miserable”, just stop it!

You heard me? Stop speaking about the enemy, because you are giving him power, and this is exactly what he wants. Yeshua died at the Cross and resurrected three days afterwards. Through His resurrection, He defeated all evil forces.

If you really believe in Him, you should walk in power too. Stop whining about an enemy that is already defeated. Fill yourself with the Holy Spirit instead and the enemy will flee from you.

You will start bearing fruit once you really abide in Yeshua. Have a REAL relationship with Him. Be sincere with Him. Do not fake it with a few Bible verses reading and some rituals. Speak to Him as your best friend. Always ask Him to fill you with His Spirit. Obey His commandments.

As long as you will be close to our Lord, the world of darkness has no power over you.

“Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit by itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in me. “John 15:4

Yeshua gave some precise promises to His disciples:

“And these signs will accompany those who believe: in my name they will cast out demons; they will speak in new tongues; If they pick up serpents, and if they drink any deadly thing, it will not hurt them; they will lay their hands on the sick, and they will recover.” (Mark 16:17-18 RSV)

A lot of clericals are trying to find explanations why they don’t see them fulfilled in people. No, it is NOT because it was only for the disciples of Yeshua, the twelve. The promise is for anybody who is a true disciple. Have faith, walk in His light and take power over darkness.

To see promises fulfilled one must have a neat heart and do His will.

Ask Him to create a clean heart in you, like the Psalmist in Psalm 51.

Whenever you are tested, do not blame it on evil. Rather glorify our Lord’s Name in the middle of your storm.

May this reading enlighten you about your true power in Yeshua. Be children of Light, walk in the light and spread His light all around you.



Spiritual sight opening

pure at heart

Our Lord granted me to see Him, once. Here is an exerpt of my book again. It will open your mind to spiritual reality.

Do not ask me to describe His Face, I would be unable to. I cannot even tell you about the color of His eyes, only that His glance was very intense. What I remember most is His beautiful smile and His eyes and smile saying “I love you.” Blesssed be our beautiful Lord of love, always.

Yesterday I was just thinking about the testimony of some young guy who was saved in extremis from hell, as he was dying. Yeshua showed up in the last minute, gave him His hand and saved him.

The man also came back to life afterwards and testified about his powerful encounter with our Lord.

I was thinking to myself: “our Lord is indeed very powerful to do such things.”

As this thought crossed my mind, I saw Yeshua standing in front of me, smiling at me. Surprisingly, the sight I had did not come from my eyes…my vision was a little bit blurry, though.

I was feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit very strongly in me.

Yeshua then spoke to me: “My dear child, your eyes aren’t seeing me. This is your soul seeing me.”

Yeshua was teaching me an astonishing new lesson about the spiritual world:  our souls do have this wonderful ability to see and identify Him, once the Holy Spirit opens our sight.

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Getting closer to the Passion

the passion 33


I watched many movies about Yeshua in the past; I found them more or less well done. None of them really touched me. I used to watch them like I would watch any ordinary story.

Yesterday I stumbled upon The Passion of the Christ and I wasn’t so sure about watching this movie, as most movies about Yeshua had rather been deceitful to me. In fact, I do realize that playing Yeshua is a quite demanding task for any actor. In order to be convincing, you must become Him, which is far from being easy.

It seemed that Yeshua was pushing me to watch it yesterday. After all, I needed to stop running away from looking at Yeshua on the Cross. So I faced more courage and started watching the movie.

To my greatest surprise, the film was mostly in Aramaic language and in Latin. There were subtitles in the version I was watching. It raised my interest. I didn’t expect to understand much in the original language, yet the sentences Yeshua said were quite close to Hebrew and I still had some reminiscences of Latin language. The first scene started at Gethsemane where our Lord was confronted with fear and anguish.

Unlike other movies on the same subject, the amount of physical violence is very high. Scenes of cruelty will tear your heart apart. Members of the Sanhedrin appear as heartless and determined to get Yeshua killed. While Herod looks like a dumb narcissist expecting some kind of miracle, Pilate is depicted as more human.  We can observe lots of bestial behaviors among Roman soldiers who seem to enjoy violence to the highest degree.

As I kept watching, tears were running from my cheeks, because the very price of our Salvation was in front of my eyes. My soul was being cleansed like never before. I came closer to my Savior, who was holding me tightly while I was going through the painful steps of His Passion.

There is one scene in particular that touched my heart deeply. As Miriam, Yeshua’s Mom was trying to come to her son with the help of Yohanan, she saw Yeshua falling down, because He was in intense pain and the cross was too heavy to carry. Images of Yeshua’s childhood came to her mind and she saw her beloved son falling down as a small child. She saw herself run to rescue her child.

In a similar gesture, as she watches her tortured son fall down, she comes to Him and tells Him: “I am here to rescue you.”

The scene between mother and son is heart-breaking. As Yeshua looks at His mom, His face covered in blood, He says: “I am making all things new”. At the very moment He is making this consoling statement, He grabs enough force to stand up and carry His cross. The bond between mother and son is so strong; it is a wonderful expression of deep love.

In this particular movie, we do realize that Yeshua has been willingly slaughtered for us.

Yeshua is the Passover lamb and all He did for us is an immense act of love.

As I went to bed, I thanked my wonderful Savior for giving His life so freely. I thanked Him for each single pain and humiliation He endured for me and for all of us.

In the middle of the night, I felt so much warmth inside of my chest. Yeshua was kissing my heart. I woke up and started shivering. I was receiving such a great dose of love. I broke into tears, realizing that the person who loved me so much had sacrificed His own life for me. I had all His pain and His humiliation before my eyes. Yeshua told me: “I did it for you. I love you, my dear child.”

I thanked my beautiful Lord and I understood that my engagement towards Yeshua had to be plain.

I fell asleep again. In a dream, I was facing a dangerous situation in which demons were fabricating human duplicates. I called upon Yeshua and came back to my room instantly as I pronounced His Name. Yeshua was holding my heart in His hands. I could feel His touch inside of my chest.

I was feeling so secure and began praising Him for His immense love.

Dear reader, I am convinced that if we really knew how much He loves us, we would die instantly. Yeshua instils us small perceptions of His immense love.

Yeshua wants us to be courageous enough to look at His suffering. Here is the conversation we had this morning about the Passion.

My dear child, why do you think that I am insisting so heavily for you to think and meditate on my Passion?

Do you think that I am enjoying tears running from your cheeks? I am not doing this to make you suffer; I want to bring you much closer to me. A lot of believers and even followers want the glory of the Resurrection without the pain of the crucifixion. Let me tell you the truth: once you decide to follow me, you are accepting the full package. You are carrying my pain and my glory; otherwise you are not a true follower.

My pain, my tears, my blood and my death on the cross are my love letter to mankind. Your soul must learn to reflect this type of unconditional goodness. Whoever is capable of loving me in the middle of mockeries, persecutions, pain and even death is also worthy to see my glory.

It is impressing and it is scary for a human being to see how far I went to love you all. But remember that I said you should love one another as I have loved you. You must have integrated this dimension of unconditional, sacrificial love as a true follower.

My dear child, you are learning my ways. Did you notice how my Passion brought you closer to my heart? I know that you love me more since you accepted to look at my pain.

My love is total compassion and forgiveness. This is the love you will be transmitting to the people who will encounter your path. I will open some eyes and they will recognize me in you.


Trust your Lord. I will teach you and I will guide you. 

My heart is wounded. A lot of people have abandoned me to follow vain idols. You will see people ridicule faith, but the same people do believe in horoscopes and tarot cards. The same people have sympathy for sorcerers. Do not let them destabilize you. Stay firm in your faith. I am Lord.

All idols and statues will fall. I will destroy them ALL. Truly I am telling you, no false preacher will be able to stand before my Face on the very day of my return.”

“My beloved Yeshua, your Passion has brought me closer to your heart. I now have a better understanding of your person. I do see so much kindness in you and I know that my heart has become more attached to you than I was before. I love you, my pure soul.”

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