The Messiah in disguise: parashat Vayigash to greater depths

Last year, I reflected on parashat Vayigash and Yeshua’s return. The insights I found made it clear to me that Yeshua HAS to return and confront His Jewish brothers until He reconciles with them.

They first need to fully realize what happened when Yeshua came as one of their peers, how He was treated by a corrupt Sanhedrin and WHY this was HaShem’s WILL.

Then His brothers will lament, as announced in Zechariah Chapter 12, verse 10:

“And I will pour upon your Bais ( House) of David and upon the inhabitants of Yerushalayim, the Ruach (Spirit) of Chen (grace) and Tachanunim ( supplications for grace) and they shall look upon Me whom they have pierced ( dakar in Hebrew= pierce through)-ref: Yeshayah Isaiah 53:5 (Targum Hashivim); Tehilim ( Psalms) 22:17) and they shall mourn for Him ( Moschiach) as one mourns for his yachid ( only son) and they shall grieve in bitterness for his bechor (first born).” Zechariah 12:10 Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)

Yeshua, a ‘goy’ to the Jews

To many Jewish people, Yeshua is like Joseph in Egyptian clothes. The many distortions our Messiah underwent because of added lies and mistranslations, from original Hebrew originals ( we can assume that these original exist and have probably been hidden very carefully because of the numerous persecutions Yeshua’s first disciples were facing from many sides- people who studied the oldest versions of the Gospels in greek all came to the conclusion that the Greek used in the Gospels was poor Greek and that the thinking emanated from Hebrew brains) into Greek and then into Latin and many other languages, plus the false pagan traditions that papacy made mandatory.

How would Jewish people recognize in Yeshua the Israeli born, Jewish rabbi when Christianity constantly brainwashes people to think He is the white skinned, blue eyed Westerner who invented  the doctrine called ‘Christianity’.

How would His Jewish brothers recognize the One who has been depicted as hating them for being killed? How would they recognize their long lost brother whom is presented as the ‘person who abolishes Torah?’

It takes a long way to be willing to examine the Gospels in a linguistic and cultural  Hebraic context, and to understand that Yeshua has always been a rabbi who taught Torah, and even in a very halachic way! In many Jewish families, reading the Gospels is forbidden, because it is assimilated with pagan stuff.

The paradox: Yeshua, a ‘goy’ to the goyim

The great paradox is that many non-Jews also fail miserably in looking at Yeshua as a plain Jewish person.

While many would admit theoretically that ‘Jesus’ is a Jew’, once you explain them what ‘being a Jew’ actually means, they start denying the very fact that they previously admitted, ending up in a hateful diatribe against the Jews who ‘ply under this horrible burden called Torah’.

Many non-Jews also believe that, post Resurrection, Yeshua is not Jewish anymore-which actually doesn’t make sense.

What am I trying to explain? I am trying to tell you all that many eyes, be they Jewish or not, are blind to see the REAL YESHUA, the teacher of Torah, the perfecter of our faith; the One who brings peace and Salvation to the world.

When the Son of Man comes back will He find faith on the earth? Luke 18:8

We have reached Messianic times and a lot of prophecies are being accomplished.

Back in the 1st Century, Yeshua raised this important question: when He returns, will He find ’emunah’, faith ( in Hebrew) on the earth?

The Hebrew word ’emunah’ is very important: it carries the word ‘Amen’ that people are saying quite mechanically at the end of their prayers without even thinking about it. Having Emunah is being in total agreement with our Torah teaching Messiah. 

How will people understand Yeshua if they do not make the effort to understand His words in context? Because Christianity often depicts Yeshua as sugarcoated, a lot of people think that they have license to sin and that they will be forgiven anyway.

With the increase of evil and debauchery, each and every one is meant to amend their ways.

Yeshua let me see that many eyes on both sides will fail to comprehend who He is at His return-the ones who expect a lamb will see a lion, and vice-versa.

You ought to know that the Day of the Lord will be a day of Judgment.

Let us pray that we all walk in humbleness and readiness to meet our King.

In Yeshua’s Name.


Copyright© by Isabelle Esling


Do you know Yeshua and does Yeshua know you? A commentary on Luke 13:22-30 from a Hebrew perspective

“He passed through towns and villages and taught and went on his way to Yerushalayim.
A man asked him, saying: “Our Master, will only a few be saved?”. He said to them :” strive to come through the narrow entrance. For I say to you, many will seek to enter, but will not be able. From the day the owner of the house arises and closes the door, you will begin to stand outside and knock on the door, saying: “Our Master, open us!”
But he will answer and say to you: “I don’t know you, where you are from?”Then you will begin to say: “Did we not eat and drink in your presence, did you not teach in our streets?”
But he will say:” I do not know you. Where are you from? Depart from me, workers of evil!”And there will be wailing and grinding of teeth when you see Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaak’ov and all the prophets in the Kingdom of Heaven, but you will be driven outside.People will come from the East, from the West, from the North and from the South, and they will recline in the Kingdom of God.
Take note: there are some of the last who will be first, and the first who will be last.”
Luke 13:22-30

The title of this article will allow you to make some honest introspection about your relationship ( or absence of relationship) with Yeshua.

So let me ask you two very important questions:

do you know Yeshua? I am not speaking about Scriptural knowledge here. I could never insist enough that meeting Yeshua ” figuratively”, ” through a verse” is NOT knowing Him!

I have been searching Yeshua for 49 years, but until He encountered my path, back in 2014, I had no idea about WHO Yeshua actually was. Most of my beliefs were conditioned by some assumptions about who Yeshua might be, but they had no real foundation. I knew that Yeshua was kind, but at the time, I was avoiding coming too close to Him, because I feared His judgment. I knew that I hadn’t always done good in my life and didn’t want His Command upon me. In short, I didn’t want Yeshua to have total control of my life…

To be sure that you actually know Yeshua our Lord, you MUST have experienced Him. I am not saying that everybody will be given the same manifestations our Messiah granted me. Each relationship with Yeshua is different and He will manifest Himself to you in a way you can bear-given the condition that you truly do have a relationship with Him.

To be able to encounter Yeshua, you MUST repent of your sins.

The same rule prevails for Jew and Gentile, king or tramp. Make sure that you made a sincere Teshuva before Him!

The second very important point is that, having done your Teshuva ( repentance), you will be willing to correct your ways and give up sinning ( no matter how gradually you are doing it, as long as you show good will before our Messiah).

– so now my second question is: does Yeshua know you? 

Yeshua states:

“My Tzon ( flock) hear my voice and I have daas ( daath=knowledge in Hebrew) of them and they follow me. And I give them Chayyei Olam (Eternal Life) and they will never perish- and no one will snatch them out of my hand.” John 10-27-30

Some people may burst out in laughing and tell me: “Of course Yeshua knows me. He knows everybody intimately.”

Yes, this is actually true.

But does Yeshua know you in the sense that He actually recognizes you as a TRUE and COMMITTED disciple?

This is where you have to be checking seriously the very core of your motivations! Be honest with yourself. It is never too late to adjust your ways.

The ones Yeshua has a true knowledge of are the ones who LISTEN to His voice!

Listening to Yeshua’s voice is obeying His Command.

Whose voice are you listening too? Whose teachings is your ear attentive to?

Is your heart filled with kindness?

Note that in Luke Chapter 13, Yeshua makes a clear mention of the Patriarchs and of the Prophets. This is no coincidence.

The path we are supposed to walk can be found in Torah and all over the Tanach. The Patriachs and the Prophets are our models of a walk in humbleness before Hashem.

Which kind of teachings are you attentive to? Yeshua’s teachings are all from the Torah and you are meant to rely on HIM, not on doctrines of men!

Yeshua’s grace is immense and He will forgive you when you are acting out of ignorance.

However, once you start having conscience of the truth and of the path you are supposed to walk on, you will be judged more severely if you depart from it.

On a final note, I would like to warn each and everyone to heed a very comforting and diluted version of Yeshua. Yeshua is forgiving, but He is not complacent with sin. Anybody telling you the contrary is LYING to you.

I am about to release “Heart of a Savior” very soon. This book has been written in a prophetic way under Yeshua’s supervision. In my latest book Yeshua is warning everybody of tools of mass deception. Many false teachers will attempt to mislead the masses. Have your eyes on Yeshua ONLY. Follow him ONLY!

The most important prerequisites to be a TRUE disciple is to be loving and kind AND to OBEY Yeshua’s Command. Yeshua’s Command resides within the Torah.

If Yeshua’s Spirit resides within you, you will be guided in truth.

May Yeshua, Moschiach King, have mercy upon the lost and guide His flock always!

May He bring as many as possible to Teshuva and to Salvation.


Copyright© by Isabelle Esling

A slap in the Master’s Face (fourth exerpt of my upcoming book, An Encounter with Yeshua, the sequel)

Dear readers,
I didn’t expect to be sharing a new exerpt so fast, but today our Lord prompted me to write these words. I obeyed under the direction of the Holy Spirit. I know these words might offend a lot of people. Nevertheless, I will share them with you. I am not a people pleaser, I work for the Truth. May our Lord bless you all.
Your author.

« Now grieve, O grieving daughter!
They have laid siege against us!”
With the rod they strike on the cheek
the ruler of Israel ». Micah 4:14

“I offered my back to those who beat me, my cheeks to those who pulled out my beard; I did not hide my face from mocking and spitting.” Isaiah 50:6

“Then they spat in His face and beat Him with their fists; and others slapped Him,” Matthew 26:67

« Child, let my Spirit guide you, obey to my command and write these words for me. They will not make you popular among many people. You know that most people hate the truth, even when they wear a mask of sympathy. Masks will fall off as soon as you are speaking out the truth and you will see how fast they will prompt to spit their venom.

The ones who claim to be mine and who proudly deny my Jewish identity, claiming it is a « historical fact of the past » are actually living in ignorance and delusion.

You all have to be humble in acknowledging that you don’t know me.

You are ignorant of the truth ; yet you do boast with arrogance. You have been crafted as the wild olive tree, yet you spit into the wine !

I have been cut off Israel for you to access Salvation, but not because I hated Israel.

If you don’t have the modesty to reckon that you are into the Covenant of Israel, take note that I have the power to throw you out.

How arrogant are you, really ? You boast about translated contents of the Bible, thinking that you have full knowledge of my Word.

Also remember, I give knowledge and I withdraw it. Remain humble in the Holy Spirit.

Yes, Israel has been found faulty before me, but you, who are you to judge my folks ?

You are pointing out their past idolatries and you are blind to your own ?

The Messiah you are serving is a man-made idol, this is not me Yeshua haMaschiach you are serving !

Each time you are judging my Jews, you are spitting on my Face. I am a Jew. Forever King of the Jews, then King of the nations.

Stop bowing before me, I am fed up with your hypocrisy.

Repent from your judgmental views, recover from your ignorance and I might forgive you.

Humble yourselves before your Lord.

You don’t know me, nor do you know my Father. If you had known me, your heart would be filled with love and modesty.

The Spirit has spoken, there will be no part for anti-Semites in my kingdom.

You are claiming to be of the Truth, yet you reject the Way.

Blinded are you in ignorance and arrogance, rejecting the ones who are bringing you the truth. There will be no compromise. One enters my kingdom through the narrow door. »

« Oh Lord, my love, I am not seeking popularity and I will not compromise our friendship for human friendships.

I will stand with you, should I stand alone. I will obey your command rather than seeking to please men.

As I am writing, I am feeling the fire of the Spirit and your overwhelming peace is upon me. I love you, Lord. »

« I love you, my child. Always stay humble before my Face. Remember, my child, that all insights I gave you about me come from the Holy Spirit.

I am revealing myself to you, because you are accepting your ignorance of the real me.

I told you, a while ago, that I am the Other.

People see what I grant them to see.

Before some individuals prompt to misinterpret my words, I will state it clearly.

My daughter, I am your closest friend. I’ve come quite close to you, because you let me approach you. But I am Lord and so much higher than any human. To increase their knowledge of me, one must confess their ignorance.

Nobody will ever be able to know me in my entirety. People will really see me as I am once they’ll enter Heaven. »

 Copyright© by Isabelle Esling