Five visitations

During the last three years, Yeshua granted me 5 visitations. I am so grateful Yeshua manifested Himself to me. All of His visitations were so short, so sudden and so unexpected…it is very difficult to express these experiences in words, but I summarized them in my three books: An Encounter with Yeshua, An Encounter with Yeshua, the Sequel and Heart of a Savior ( that I completed recently….the book is in the process of being corrected and edited before I send it to my publisher.)

Despite the shortness of Yeshua’s visits, I could barely forget our Savior’s Face’s traits, and more specifically, His smile and the kindness that emanates from His whole being.

Yeshua is love in its purest dimension. Praised be He, forever and ever!

This picture is quite close to the Face I have seen during my first visitation. The second picture corresponds to my second visitation. The only difference is that He was giving me a very warm smile during my two first visitations.

Spiritual sight opening ( First visitation: “An Encounter with Yeshua”)

Yesterday I was just thinking about the testimony of some young guy who was saved in extremis from hell, as he was dying. Yeshua showed up in the last minute, gave him His hand and saved him.

The man also came back to life afterwards and testified about his powerful encounter with our Lord.

I was thinking to myself: “our Lord is indeed very powerful to do such things.”

As this thought crossed my mind, I saw Yeshua standing in front of me, smiling at me. Surprisingly, the sight I had did not come from my eyes…my vision was a little bit blurry, though.

I was feeling the presence of the Holy Spirit very strongly in me.

Yeshua then spoke to me: “My dear child, your eyes aren’t seeing me. This is your soul seeing me.”

Yeshua was teaching me an astonishing new lesson about the spiritual world: our souls do have this wonderful ability to see and identify Him, once the Holy Spirit opens our sight.

Second visitation ( An Encounter with Yeshua, the Sequel)

“He who has my commandments and keeps them, it is he who loves me. He will be loved by my Father and I will love him and manifest myself to Him.”

John 14:21

After a good night of rest, I woke up with a wonderful sense of peace. Yeshua was welcoming me so warmly in the presence of the Spirit. It was really reassuring after being confronted with people who rejected the Truth.

I knew in this moment that I had made the right choice in obeying Yeshua’s command. As I stepped out, Yeshua spoke to me :

« I forgive ignorance, but people have to recover from their ignorance, because there comes a time when it will be too late. »

I looked up to the sun and in this very moment, as I expected it least, the Son of Man was standing here, a few meters above me. His head was covered and He was wearing a white robe. His skin was tan. He was looking at me with a warm smile on His Face. He had pretty much the same appearance that He had on His first visit, in November 2014.

My vision only lasted a few seconds but Yeshua’s presence was felt very strong.

Yeshua spoke to me :

« Why are you so surprised to see me, my child ? I am THAT CLOSE to you. You must expect to see me.

Do you remember how many times you requested to see me again, and even in tears ?

Now that I am before you, why are you so much surprised ?

Beloved, you’ll see more, gradually. Have trust. I am preparing you. »

From “Heart of a Savior”

Yeshua blessed me with a third visitation

Just as I was writing the article about prophets and prophecy, I was blessed with a third visitation from Yeshua. It all happened so fast and unexpectedly…I wasn’t supposed to go on with writing after completing my article, but my desire to share Yeshua’s love with you all is much greater. This is how Yeshua makes me feel right now: loved beyond measure.

Before speaking about the visitation itself, I’d like to share with you what I experienced this afternoon while walking outside.

I have developed, through the months, a real affection with the Hebrew language. I was drawn to singing the specific verse 5 of Psalm 23, in Hebrew. I repeated the second part of verse 5, while chanting: “dishanta bashemen roshi kossi revaya.” (You anoint my head with oil, my cup overflows).

I let the words resonate and penetrate deeply into me and a strong vision imposed itself before my eyes: I saw a big cup before my eyes, but it was filled with grape juice. I heard the words: “kossi yeshuati”, the cup of my Salvation…It became clear to me that the blessing mentioned in Psalm 23 was intimately linked with our Messiah’s sacrifice of love.

I thanked Yeshua, over and over again, for His immense love.

As I went back home, I was pushed to write an article about prophets and prophecy.

While writing it, I intended to make a little pause. I put my hand onto my heart and said:
“Lord, I love you.”

I was about to get up from my sofa and glanced upwards. I then saw Yeshua standing above me. This time, our Lord had His hair loose and He was wearing a very white, shiny robe that had a belt on it.

Yeshua was looking at me…I was just in total awe…I then addressed our Lord telepathically: “Lord is this really you?”

Without using His voice, Yeshua answered to me: “my daughter, why are you so surprised again to see me?”

I am feeling so loved and this love I want to share with you.

God bless you all.

Meeting Yeshua’s loving eyes (Heart of a Savior, p. 80)

I had just finished a quite long day. I was about to close my computer and to prepare for the night when I saw Yeshua looking down on me. I just miraculously crossed His glance, in a very natural way. Yeshua our Savior has just allowed me to look into His eyes and my heart was filled with peace. His peace, the Shalom of His Spirit had come down into my soul.

Everything was in order, “beseder”, as the Hebrews would say. I cannot explain this feeling, but bathing into Yeshua’s eyes made everything fall into place.

Today has been a beautiful day, a truth-seeker has just invited Yeshua into his heart. The man was so happy that he wanted to shout out his joy to the whole world! Heaven rejoiced and my magnificent Savior concluded this amazing journey by granting me a deep look into His eyes.

This is now the fourth time Yeshua makes Himself visible to my eyes. I am truly blessed. Although the way He appears to me is very different every time it occurs to me, my soul instantly recognizes the One I love.

There is so much joy and so much peace in Yeshua’s wonderful presence.

You might ask what Yeshua resembled this time. I raised my eyes upwards and

my sight was opened. Our Savior was dressed in white and had His dark brown hair loose. But what is really remarkable this time is that I was drawn into his eyes quite immediately. Without trembling, in a very fearless manner, Yeshua let me plunge my eyes into His. I am still unable to define His eye color. All I can say is that our Lord and Savior’s eyes look like a deep ocean of kindness.

Looking at Him is the greatest blessing for the soul.

Through His exquisite eyes, I visited the immensity of His heart and for that I am so grateful.

A fifth visitation by our Savior (Heart of a Savior)

Yeshua’s visitations are always very unexpected. I was relaxing at home after dinner. I decided to view the “Shalom Aleichem” video I had discovered a few days earlier. This very anointed video made impression on me. While I was listening to the song, my soul went deep into adoration of the Most High.

The second after I raised my head and glanced at the wall.

My eyes contemplated the Face of the King of the Kings whose traits and long hair I could distinguish. Yeshua’s head was surrounded with a big halo of light I had never seen before. Yeshua’s majesty was summarized in all details of what He let me contemplate of Him.

Holy is our Lord and His holiness is present in each of the visitations He grants me. Oh reader, join me in high praise, as the words flow out of my mouth.

Glory to Yeshua, the King of the Kings, who reigns for ever and ever!”

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling


A Revelation from the Gospel of Mark

A revelation from the Gospel of Mark

Yeshua ben Yosef has been veiled to many eyes.

Yeshua ben David will be contemplated by every eye.

« He is coming in the clouds, and every eye will see Him, and so will those who pierced Him… » Revelation 1:7

« After they went out from the synagogue, they came to the house of Shim’on and Andrei with Yaakov and Yochanan. The mother in law of Shim’on was lying down, gripped by a fever and they quickly spoke to Him about her.He approached (« Vayigash » in the Hebrew text) and grasped her hand and raised her up. The fever suddenly subsided, and she served them.In the evening, about sunset, they brought Him all those who were sick and gripped with demons. The whole town was gathered together at the entrance of the house. He healed many who were sick with various illnesses and drove out many demons, but did not permit the demons to speak, for they knew Him. » Mark 1:29-34, Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels

Studying the Gospels into context will truly reveal the reader some unexpected details. The holy language will unveil parallels with Torah one would not have thought about before. A throughout reading of Mark, Chapter 1, verses 29 to 34, from a very Hebrew perspective, will teach you about several singular details :

  • the Hebrew text in the Delitzsch Gospels contains « Vayigash » ( and He approached…). You may not be aware of it, but « Vayigash » is also the name of the parasha that depicts Yosef’s reunion with his brothers in Egypt. It also starts with « Vayigash eilav Yehudah… », «  and Yehudah approached him ( Yosef) ». In this portion of Torah, Yosef reveals his true ID to his brothers. This detail foreshadows Yeshua our Messiah’s Second Coming as Yeshua ben David, and should not be overlooked.

  • Then the attentive eye will probably also notice that Yeshua performed some healings and drove out demons, but forbid demons to speak. Yeshua’s true ID was temporarily locked before the fulfillment of His mission before Hashem.

When Yeshua ben David will return in glory, every eye will see Him.

It doesn’t mean, though, that every eye will be pleased at His sight. But everyone will look at Him.

Not everybody is going to accept His true ID as « King of the Jews », « Messiah of Israel » and « King of the Nations ».

Very few expect a tallit-wearing, shofar-blowing rabbi. But Yeshua departed as a Jew and He will return as a Jew, regardless if you like the idea or not.

The wicked and the antisemites will be dismissed. Only the righteous will be fearless at the glorious sight of our Messiah.

As for the ones complaining about Yeshua’s return being delayed should be grateful about our Father in Heaven’s patience. If Moschiach King hasn’t been sent yet, it is because He still grants people time for repentance and for all of us who have been saved to adjust our ways in righteousness.

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling

Famine of my Word ( from “Heart of a Savior”)

Behold, days are coming”, declares the Lord God, “when I will send a famine on the land. Not a famine for bread or a thirst for water. But rather for hearing the words of the Lord.

People will stagger from sea to sea and from north even to the east.

They will go and for to seek the word of the Lord. But they will not find it.” Amos 8: 11-12

Get out of the way, turn aside from the path. Let us hear no more about the Holy One of Israel: “Since you have rejected this word and have put your trust in oppression and guile, and have relied on them, therefore this iniquity will be to you like a breach about to fall, a bulge in a high wall, whose collapse comes suddenly in an instant.”

Isaiah 30:11-13

These are the few prophetic insights Yeshua shared with me today. The world is in a state of emergency and these words are a strong reminder that it is still time to repent from evil works.

What will they say when the last light will extinguish before their very eyes?

How will they react when their soul will be so dry that it will be broken into tiny pieces?

The light is going to depart, child, from their faces. The earth will be plunged into total darkness. They wanted Satan, I’ll give them the evil lover of their rotten souls. When they will be confronted with death and destruction, when humiliation will set in and the mantle of pride be burnt down, they will seek for me. My ear will be deaf to their supplications and my eye indifferent to their suffering. In the same way they have been laughing at people warning them, I will laugh in their face.

You have been shouting “glory to Satan” and you wanted to dance with the devil? Here you go, here is the fulfillment of your hearts’ deepest desires. You spat on my Name so many times, now comes the time of the retribution for the hearts who did not repent from evil.

Keep glorifying yourselves in your wrongdoings. This time, your mouth will be shut and your heart in despair and anguish.

For too long, mankind took me for granted. They counted on my forgiveness, thought of it as if they acquired it for good.

You’ve spoken wrongly of me in the wickedness of your hearts; you didn’t shy away insulting your Lord’s glory. I will change your worldly celebrations into deep mourning. You will seek consolation, but nowhere around you will find anybody to soothe your broken heart. You will be banned from any form of compassion. Didn’t you despise kindness from the bottom of your hearts? Didn’t you laugh at my children when they responded to their neighbor’s despair?

You’ve regarded Zion with contempt. You excluded yourselves from my grace. Now be ready to face the consequences!

A storm is preparing. If you knew, you’d fall onto your faces and repent immediately.

Your rotten heart will be gnawed by rodents, these evil spirits you kept calling unto. The famine of my Word will erode your soul into complete desiccation.

Then you will rot in the fire the enemy prepared for you. Your memory will be erased for ever.”

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling

Refreshing words about the narrow entrance and the path of righteousness ( from “Heart of a Savior”)

Come through the narrow entrance, for wide is the entrance and expansive in the way of “Avaddon” ( destruction), and many are those who enter it. But narrow is the entrance and restrained is the way of life, and those who find it are few.”

He restores my soul; He guides me in the paths of righteousness for His Name’s sake.” Psalm 23:3

Yeshua shared these words of wisdom with me this morning:

Numerous are the ones who speak about the narrow path, but in their actions they openly reject it. Psalm 23 clearly states “He guides me in the paths of righteousness for His Name’s sake”. Any true disciple will be accompanied to the narrow entrance, this is truly what he will be shown. Many will use pretexts to avoid an exiguous entry, because they are scared of the lack of compromise when they are meant to follow me. They will realize that it will be high time to give up lies that arrange them.

A popular, diluted, worldly version of the Messiah is largely displayed, but this is not who I am.

Not everybody is ready to make the effort to willingly choose the narrow path, like this young, rich man who wouldn’t abandon his numerous goods.

The Hebrew word “Petach”, which carries the meaning of doorway or entrance also contrains some precious teaching about restricting and watching our words. By consciously choosing “ petach hatzar”, the narrow entrance, a disciple will also have to master the flow that comes out of his mouth.

Pe” is the letter of the mouth, “Tav” represents the Torah and “Het” is the letter of life and grace. By mastering his words and following the ways of the Torah, the true Talmid ( disciple) will be granted life and grace in a path of righteousness. The reward that is attached to taking the narrow entrance is bigger than the apparent sacrifice the disciple is making.

The Tzaddik, (the righteous), by definition, is set apart. Therefore, he will choose “petach hatzar”, the narrow entrance, spontaneously.

Do not expect to be understood by the world. The world will reject you. The world will persecute true disciples. You are from Heaven. This is your true home. You have been taken out of darkness.

You have a responsibility towards a world that is plunged in darkness and in perdition which is to restore light.

I am the Way. I designed the way for my followers. Anybody who would claim to reform my words in order to “adapt a modern world in constant change” would be found a liar before my Face.

I don’t change. I am the same.

Following me costs an effort. Either you accept it or you don’t. You are free of your choice.”

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling

A fifth visitation by our Savior ( from “Heart of a Savior”)


NB: The following image is not linked with my visitation. I just chose it to illustrate the article.

Yeshua’s visitations are always very unexpected. I was relaxing at home after dinner. I decided to view the “Shalom Aleichem” video I had discovered a few days earlier. This very anointed video made impression on me. While I was listening to the song, my soul went deep into adoration of the Most High.

The second after I raised my head and glanced at the wall.

My eyes contemplated the Face of the King of the Kings whose traits and long hair I could distinguish. Yeshua’s head was surrounded with a big halo of light I had never seen before. Yeshua’s majesty was summarized in all details of what He let me contemplate of Him.

Holy is our Lord and His holiness is present in each of the visitations He grants me. Oh reader, join me in high praise, as the words flow out of my mouth.

Glory to Yeshua, the King of the Kings, who reigns for ever and ever!”

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling

Besides tranquil waters ( from “Heart of a Savior”)

“My Yeshua, I noticed that you have been slowing me down lately. You invited me to rest while I was stressing over continuing my work…”

tranquil waters 7

“My daughter, too often you forget that I want to spend time in your company. Too often, you omit that I want us to just enjoy each other. Just rest in my arms and delight yourself in my presence. Be attentive to my loving care. You must reach the tranquil waters. Your soul must slow down to be more receptive. The more time you will spend in my presence, the more you will be able to share meaningful details about me. This is what the great majority of people is completely missing out about me. Your prayer doesn’t have to be made of constant blabber or verses reciting. You don’t have to stress over the meaning of a verse all the time.

Child you are not a Bible scholar, you are not meant to be. You are my “talmida”, my student, my disciple, and as such you must get used to resting and staying silent in my company. Observance comes from observation; this observation must come from the inner side of you soul. A silent soul can catch the voice of the Spirit. If you do hurry all the time and stress about how and what to share with your readership, you will miss the most important part of my teaching. Therefore, through diverse circumstances and events, I am telling you to slow down and to come to rest.

Doesn’t it feel better now that you accepted my counsel?

Don’t you feel better, my precious child?

When I was teaching at the synagogues, people were wondering where my wisdom came from. I knew the meaning of the Scriptures and revealed the very depths of their heart. My wisdom comes from Heaven, from our heavenly Father. Child, at each moment, the Holy Spirit will instruct you, if you are attentive.

You were drifting away and I caught you back.”


“Yeshua, I apologize to you. I know that I am getting caught into this virtual world that sometimes absorbs me. Thanks for reminding me of the most important: you. I was stressing over finding a theme, a verse to discuss. Yeshua I want to know you, nothing matters more to me. “
En guedi

I was reflecting on tranquil waters this morning. “Ein Guedi”, Yeshua whispered to my ears and a wonderful source of water became visible before my eyes.

Yeshua allows my soul to wander through the Israeli path of the Shepherds and keeps my spiritual eye in constant awe. Tranquil waters, sources of blessing are watering my soul in the loving presence of my beloved. Yeshua, guardian of my soul, please keep me on your path, always.

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling

Subtle shades of meaning ( from “Heart of a Savior”)

yeshua before pilate

“ My daughter, I am urging people to get serious now about having a relationship with me, for I am telling you that so many will not recognize me when our Father will send me back.

Tell people to stop thinking of me as an abstraction. I am a real person.

Tell them to turn to me with all their hearts instead of relying on dead Scriptures.

I can see the masses fall for their false messiah in the same way they did on the very day I was sentenced to death.

Only true disciples would understand the fine distinction between Yeshua bar Abba (the true Maschiach) and Yeshua bar Abba (better known as “Barrabas”)…child, I am telling you that many individuals will be fooled by a diluted version of me in the last days. A veil of blindness will cover many eyes.

During the days that precede my return, the enemy will send somebody capable of doing miracles, among other great deeds and claiming to be God. The ones who only know me theoretically will be very vulnerable. My sheep, the ones who know my voice cannot be deceived for they actually know who I am.

As for the other ones, I am urging you, call upon my Name and get to know your Savior, because if you fall into the man of sin’s claws, it will be too late.”

“Lord, my love, I can sense the emergency of your words as a spirit of evil is gaining more and more souls. Please save the ones that can still be saved. Have mercy, dear Lord for the yet unsaved souls.”

“Many individuals wrongly think that reading Scriptures regularly automatically confers Salvation. I’ll reiterate it: Scriptures do not save nor does regular attendance to an assembly. Although some so called “ spiritual leaders” will keep them captive by fear, these people ( with a few exceptions) are very far from me. They have no idea about who I am. They have prejudiced opinions about who I should be as well. These people are in great danger, because they proclaim that they are saved because of the Scriptures. However, I am not their personal Savior. So how can they even dare to say that they accessed Salvation? If I came in front of these individuals, asking them: “Who saved you?”, they would reply: “ I am saved because of the Bible…”

If I replied to them: “Your Bible doesn’t have any power to save you, only Yeshua can bring you Salvation”, some of them would call me a “demon”.

The Holy Spirit is absent from their souls. I would like to urge them all to get to know me for real, as a person. Once the man of sin will appear with his fake prodigies, it will be far too late.

People have to remember that Scriptural knowledge is nothing. Proficiency creates a vacuum when people accumulate it and don’t apply it with their hearts.

I desire humble and thirsty souls, not Scripture parrots.”


As I kept speaking with my Lord, I was transported into a tiny street of Jerusalem. The sun was shining and my feet were making noise while hitting little white stones that were on my way.

I stopped and stood before a pink door. I could see red flowers at the right side of the door. The pink door was beautifully decorated with wrought iron.

My ear then caught the Hebrew word Shaar, which means“door” or “gate”.

Why our Lord had taken me here I was really clueless.

I spoke again to Yeshua in the morning:

“Lord what is the meaning of that pink door I was standing before in Jerusalem?”

Yeshua then replied to me:

“Shin is the letter of the Shema. You need an ear to hear. Ayin is the letter for the eye. You need an eye to see. Finally, Resh is the letter of “rosh”. It is the head, the beginning.

Child, you have been praying for me to open you new horizons. Here I am bringing you in front of a door. A new door will open for you.”

“Thank you my beloved. Why is the door pink?”

“My daughter, pink is not one of your favorite colors, is it?”

“No, you are right, Yeshua. Pink is definitely not among my favorite colors.”

“The pink color is showing you that the door I am opening will not be opened in a casual way. It will surprise you in many ways.”

“Thank you my Yeshua. May my ears be willing to listen and my eyes wide open to see what you prepared for this new beginning.

You are the door, my Yeshua, and I will enter thanks to you. I praise you, my sweet Lord.”


Copyright© by Isabelle Esling