The Song of the Sea and how Hashem became the children of Israel’s Yeshua

My intent is to deliver you a short commentary on the two first verses of Shirat Hayam, the Song of the Sea (Exodus 15). I confess that my level of Hebrew is not sufficient to allow me to go into a more in depth study of the whole text, but I will share a few insights I received on the first two verses.

The Torah is a book unlike any other, and I was flabbergasted, back in the 90’s, when I ordered my first Torah, in plain Hebrew ( I had just begun learning the sacred language and I was just capable to decipher the Aleph Beth like a little baby…): as I went through the pages, I discovered this strange structure of “Shirat Hayam” and I thought to myself: “the Hebrew Bible probably contains more mysteries that I can even conceive”.

Examining the first two verses of Exodus 15, Shemot 15, will allow you to understand the link between Hashem’s Name in the burning bush ” eyeh asher eyeh”, that has been so many times, mistranslated and misused as a present. Its actual meaning in Hebrew is: “I will be who I will be”.

Does it make a difference? Yes, it does.

First of all, this form of future of “to be” clearly indicates, that as we walk with Hashem, He will become who we need Him to become.

The Song of the Sea also has many Hebrew verbs that are set unto the future and translated as a past. This is no coincidence: it unveils the Torah’s uniticy between past, present, and future.

In Hashem’s eyes, there is no temporal separation between what we call ” past, present and future”. We often suffer because we divide time’s oneness. “Hashem echad ushmo echad”, “Hashem is ONE and His Name is One” is a strong reminder of the Almighty’s nature.

“As yashir Moshe ubenei Israel shirat hazot laAdonai”…Moshe and the children of Israel sung, are singing the song and will be singing the Song of the Sea in eternity. This song that glorifies Hashem is a powerful song of liberation. It will be transmitted from generation to generation and Hashem’s Name will be exalted, always.

As horse and rider from the Egyptian army are thrown into the sea, the Name of Hashem is exalted.

The God of Israel is a powerful rescuer to the children of Israel, who crossed over the Red Sea.

The second verse of Shemot 15 opens up on a very powerful revelation: The Lord is my strength and my song; He became my Yeshua”. We also find the same powerful sentence in the Book of Tehilim, the Book of Psalms- when the word “Salvation” is rendered by  the Name of our Messiah, Yeshua,the eyes of the readers are opened to the our Savior’s wonderful guidance and presence among the Benei Israel. Yeshua has always been there and will always be with rhe children of Israel.

May Yeshua guide us always. May we trust Him daily for He is the rescuer who will never let us down. To Him the glory, in eternity.

Moschiach King, come soon, to take us with you!

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling


The Name of Adonai exhalted (from “Heart of a Savior”)

As I expressed Yeshua my wish to rest with Him on Friday night, our Lord warmly pressed me against His chest. I felt so much warmth and love that I fell asleep quite immediately.

Yeshua then transported me into a synagogue.

The interior was made of warm, brown wooden parts combined with red curtains. On the red curtains, I saw golden scriptures in Hebrew.

Four traditional rabbis entered, wearing a schtreimel. They held each other’s hand and started dancing, while chanting : « eyeh asher eyeh », the Name that was revealed to Moshe in burning bush that is so often wrongly translated as « I am that I am » when its very meaning is « I will be who I will be » ( to be is in the future tense in Hebrew). As I contemplated the four rabbis, I also noticed that their feet did not touch the soil.

The Name of Adonai was exalted greatly and the Spirit of Hashem lifted them from the ground, in the same way I once felt lifted, years ago, on a Shabbat office at my hometown’s synagogue.

When I woke up from this wonderful vision, I realized that I had been taken to the very realms of the divine Name and my grateful heart felt so much appeased.

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling