A few blends from my April journey to Eretz Israel…enjoy!

More about this short, but very intense journey is summarized in 7 Days in Israel, my Journey to the Holy Land.Garden tomb 2017

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Besides tranquil waters ( from “Heart of a Savior”)

“My Yeshua, I noticed that you have been slowing me down lately. You invited me to rest while I was stressing over continuing my work…”

tranquil waters 7

“My daughter, too often you forget that I want to spend time in your company. Too often, you omit that I want us to just enjoy each other. Just rest in my arms and delight yourself in my presence. Be attentive to my loving care. You must reach the tranquil waters. Your soul must slow down to be more receptive. The more time you will spend in my presence, the more you will be able to share meaningful details about me. This is what the great majority of people is completely missing out about me. Your prayer doesn’t have to be made of constant blabber or verses reciting. You don’t have to stress over the meaning of a verse all the time.

Child you are not a Bible scholar, you are not meant to be. You are my “talmida”, my student, my disciple, and as such you must get used to resting and staying silent in my company. Observance comes from observation; this observation must come from the inner side of you soul. A silent soul can catch the voice of the Spirit. If you do hurry all the time and stress about how and what to share with your readership, you will miss the most important part of my teaching. Therefore, through diverse circumstances and events, I am telling you to slow down and to come to rest.

Doesn’t it feel better now that you accepted my counsel?

Don’t you feel better, my precious child?

When I was teaching at the synagogues, people were wondering where my wisdom came from. I knew the meaning of the Scriptures and revealed the very depths of their heart. My wisdom comes from Heaven, from our heavenly Father. Child, at each moment, the Holy Spirit will instruct you, if you are attentive.

You were drifting away and I caught you back.”


“Yeshua, I apologize to you. I know that I am getting caught into this virtual world that sometimes absorbs me. Thanks for reminding me of the most important: you. I was stressing over finding a theme, a verse to discuss. Yeshua I want to know you, nothing matters more to me. “
En guedi

I was reflecting on tranquil waters this morning. “Ein Guedi”, Yeshua whispered to my ears and a wonderful source of water became visible before my eyes.

Yeshua allows my soul to wander through the Israeli path of the Shepherds and keeps my spiritual eye in constant awe. Tranquil waters, sources of blessing are watering my soul in the loving presence of my beloved. Yeshua, guardian of my soul, please keep me on your path, always.

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling

A prophetic vision for France ( from “Heart of a Savior”)

The atmosphere was heavy in the air as I crossed the Bir Hakeim bridge. The sky was cloudy. All of a sudden, a cold wind started blowing. I raised my eyes up to the sky that started darkening.

I then heard Yeshua’s voice telling me: “The wind of my anger is blowing over France.”

I instantly prayed for many souls to access Salvation.

The dark sky then opened up on a terrific vision. I saw the form of a person, from afar. I was unable to distinguish his traits, but the man looked like a judge and was wearing a black robe. He was standing before a throne. Above the throne, on the right, a huge scroll was visible.

I glanced at the sky again. The gray clouds had transformed into mice: a multitude of mice was visible and advancing at a fast pace.

I asked Yeshua: “What does that mean, Lord?”

The Lord replied to me: “Pestilence and terror.”

I was instantly prompted to ask our Lord for mercy.

Yeshua said to me, in a reassuring tone: “But fear not, I will spare you because you’ve always had a quest for me. You always wanted to know me.”

At the end of the day, Yeshua spoke to me again: “ Fear not”, He reiterated twice in a warm and loving voice.

In Spring and in Summer, Paris has been plagued with floods and cold weather.

The world needs to acknowledge that each nation is now coming into judgment and our Lord will reward them according to their behavior. Our Lord has kept calling France to repentance, but most people are keeping their sinful ways.

A storm is preparing. Europe and the USA, in particular, are going to be braced.

While Israel will be left alone with a multitude of opponents from all sides and the nuclear threat will grow into a scary reality.

Many people are not prepared for the times preceding Yeshua’s return.

May my feather help people recognize the emergency of these times.

Believing will not be enough. Commit to our Lord before it is too late!

Yeshua’s heart deepest desire is that you share eternity with Him.

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling

New horizons-quietly waiting for Hashem’s Yeshua (from “Heart of a Savior”)

Yeshua- the artist who is painting my life. The composer who is writing the symphony of my life. Yeshua, the creator of perfection.

Here are the words Yeshua exchanged with me this morning.

This is the beginning of part 3, “Heart of a Savior”.

“It is good to wait quietly for the Salvation of the Lord.” Lamentations 3:26

From the broken pieces I am making pieces of art; the broken glass is transformed into a stained glass window. I am not working in the way the world does; I am not composing pictures in a formal way. I am the ultimate artist and I do have a passion for perfection. Because of my global vision of an individual’s life, I am able to add subtle paint touches of color where it is needed. Many people see brokenness as a negative concept. I use broken hearts to create and regenerate. What I permit has a precise purpose.

Allow me to compose the melody of your life. Child, if you read the life of the prophets, remember that they experienced wonders because they surrendered the Spirit completely and the Spirit operated through them. The Spirit also transported them from one place to another. The more you will abandon yourself into my arms, the more you will experience with me.

As darkness will widen and stricken, the Spirit’s action will stand out of the crowd of dirty, possessed individuals. The Holy Spirit will make the children of light shine. You are going to make a difference, all of you, who are attached to my heart and people will be able to distinguish between the ones who truly follow me and the ones who don’t.”

My Yeshua, high praise to your Name! Lord, I feel like jumping and dancing. You are the fundament of my life, you are making my eyes sparkle and shine. Oh your sweet presence is so wonderful; shine on me, Lord!

May your light burn inside of my soul, always.”

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Meeting Yeshua’s loving eyes

child prayer

I had just finished a quite long day. I was about to close my computer and to prepare for the night when I saw Yeshua looking down on me. I just miraculously crossed His glance, in a very natural way. Yeshua our Savior has just allowed me to look into His eyes and my heart was filled with peace. His peace, the Shalom of His Spirit had come down into my soul.
Everything was in order, “beseder”, as the Hebrews would say. I cannot explain this feeling, but bathing into Yeshua’s eyes made everything fall into place.

Today has been a beautiful day, a truth-seeker has just invited Yeshua into his heart. The man was so happy that he wanted to shout out his joy to the whole world! Heaven rejoiced and my magnificent Savior concluded this amazing journey by granting me a deep look into His eyes.

This is now the fourth time Yeshua makes Himself visible to my eyes. I am truly blessed. Although the way He appears to me is very different every time it occurs to me, my soul instantly recognizes the One I love.

There is so much joy and so much peace in Yeshua’s wonderful presence.
You might ask what Yeshua resembled this time. I raised my eyes upwards and
my sight was opened. Our Savior was dressed in white and had His dark brown hair loose. But what is really remarkable this time is that I was drawn into his eyes quite immediately. Without trembling, in a very fearless manner, Yeshua let me plunge my eyes into His. I am still unable to define His eye color. All I can say is that our Lord and Savior’s eyes look like a deep ocean of kindness.
Looking at Him is the greatest blessing for the soul.
Through His exquisite eyes, I visited the immensity of His heart and for that I am so grateful.


yeshua drawing

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