The parable of the wedding feast: a teaching about humility


“He took up the parable to the guests when He saw that they had chosen to sit at the front.

He said to them,

If a man invites you to his wedding celebration, do not recline at the head or else someone else more honored than you may also be invited there.

The host will come to you and him and tell you: “Clear the place for him”.

Then you will get up ashamedly to sit at the place at the end.

But if you are invited, sit at the place at the end so that the host will come and say to you:”my friend, move up higher than this!” It will bring you honor before those reclining with you.

Everyone who lifts himself will be brought low, but everyone who lowers himself will be lifted up.”
Luke, Chapter 14, verses 7-11, Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels


“Everyone who is arrogant in heart is an ABOMINATION to the Lord; be assured, he will not go unpunished.” Proverbs 15:6

Years ago somebody told me that it was better to have a jump seat in Heavens than none at all. I am totally convinced that this statement is true.

Yeshua’s disciples often happened to have argument about who was the “greatest” ( Luke 9:46). They sought for places of honor.  Yeshua had to remind them that the greatest of all had to become the most humble of all. By washing His disciple’s feet, He gave us the perfect example to follow.

Even the mother of Zebedee’s sons, Yochanan and Yaa’kov kneeled before Yeshua and asked Him for a favor. She wanted both of her sons to be seated next to Yeshua, one at His right and the other at His left.
Yeshua delivers us a teaching of humility. Pride and arrogance are of Satan: we must be aware of that. False modesty is also haughtiness in disguise. Therefore, we should examine our thoughts, words and actions DAILY. And when we are found faulty ( lacking modesty), we should have the courage to apologize before Yeshua.
As soon as we forget the delight of being one of Yeshua’s friends, when we omit being grateful for the King’s presence and are seeking for honors from men, we are truly led astray by our own desires…
The ones who have been saved by Yeshua are all guests to the King’s wedding.

We should be so happy to have been admitted at our King’s table. It doesn’t really matter where we are seated, as long as we are granted a seat. I must say that I wouldn’t mind sitting on the floor as long as I am in Yeshua’s loving presence!
Note that the Delitzsch Hebrew gospel use two verbs that are related to sit, to be seated:

  1. לשׁבת is the most common one. Note that it carries the root שׁבת that is also common to the word Shabbat. On each Shabbat, we are welcoming the King at our table.
  2. להֵסֵב , which actually means to sit down for a meal, to recline

There is one thing in particular that we should avoid by any means: boasting about our deeds.

What has been commanded to us, we have done. This is nothing special. We have done our duty.

Let us walk in humbleness and let Yeshua decide what deserves a reward-or not.
All of our King’s judgments are righteous. Blessed be He, always.

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling



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