Sixth visitation from Heavens

Dear readers,

Yeshua blessed me with a sixth visitation yesterday evening. I have been fortunate to be able to pen it down after it had happened. It was quite late and I was tired, but I found enough energy to share this very short visitation that happened very unexpectedly and that lasted for a very short time like the five first visitations from Yeshua I had before.

May these few words bless you and encourage you to praise Him always, for He is with you, at each moment!


This evening ended up with a beautiful surprise Yeshua had prepared for me.


I am currently in the process of correcting and editing “Heart of a Savior” before submitting it to my publisher. I felt that I needed a break, so I started watching Benny Friedman’s video “Ivri anochi” (I am a Hebrew).
I truly enjoyed the music and the original choregraphy, so I played it a second time. I was about to reach the end of the video, clapping hands and raising my hands to the sky, my eyes above, praising Hashem. In the very moment, my tongue was uttering praise, Yeshua made His beautiful Face of compassion visible to me.

His Face resembled very much the Face of the Shroud and it was surrounded with a golden aura of light. Yeshua’s skin was tan, yet not dark, much closer to orange ( like sunburnt) and His eyes ( the color of which I am still clueless about) were beautifully almond shaped. 

Yeshua was glancing at me and His Face expressed much kindness and much joy.

Our Lord actually showed me that He was happy about the praise.

The visitation only lasted 30 seconds approximately, like the preceding ones, but my heart was so greatly elated.

May the Lord of our joy bless you all in abundance while you are reading this short report.

May Yeshua’s Name be magnified in eternity!

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling


4 thoughts on “Sixth visitation from Heavens

  1. I have also seen Yeshua on many occasions. His eyes are the eyes of love and kindness. I have a picture that very much resembles him and the look of his eyes. Its hard not to think of him in an earthly way. He does have as does YHWH does, human emotion and human senses..with seeing, hearing, smelling, eating. Heaven is so very close. Its right here.

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