Why a true follower of Yeshua should abstain from getting involved in Valentine’s day

Valentine’s day is a popular celebration in the Western world. A lot of people who claim to be believers are also convinced that it is harmless to partake this feast of “love”.

Some even dare to associate Yeshua with it by composing photoshopped pictures representing our Messiah carrying a bouquet of roses with the message: “Be my Valentine”.

Of course, most of them are acting out of ignorance, but if you really want to follow Yeshua and please His heart, you should definitelty stay away from such pagan celebrations.

Here is WHY.

The very dark and pagan origins of Valentine’s day

The celebration of Valentine’s day combines two pagan celebrations of ancient Rome: Lupercalia and Februa ( that is also linked with the month of February).

An accurate reading of the sources mentioned above will allow the reader to understand that he is dealing with some real disgusting rituals that are even linked with witchcraft.

My question to you all is, knowing that, will you keep celebrating it to “honor” your partner or the Messiah or will you repent and give it up to serve the true God only instead of bowing before pagan idols? The choice is all yours. Just understand that you will be judged more severely if you are having these practices despite your knowledge of it being WRONG. 

Valentine pagan festival’s popularity and papacy’s “whitewashing” of the dirty feast.

Some people would say: ” it is all good, because papacy renamed the feast after a saint named Valentine ( actually, history teaches us that there are several ” Valentine” characters.)

Do you know that pope Gelasius re-baptized the festival of Juno Februata (which is made of perverse sexual rituals, please check the resources above), the “Feast of the purification of Virgin Mary”? Do you think that renaming a cult of idols and replace it by a apparent symbolism of purity, does make it ok? No, it doesn’t my friends, whether you like it or not. If you give Satan a mask and a clever disguise, he will still be Satan!

A pagan cult, no matter how huge your efforts to cover it, displeases Hashem!

Choose WHO you really want to serve: the Almighty or the demons of paganism and act accordingly. But also know that, in all conscience and knowing the facts that are exposed here to be true, you still choose to celebrate pagan festivals, you will not escape Hashem’s wrath. For He is merciful and forgives ignorance, but He will judge sinful ways as well.

No idolater will enter the Kingdom of Heaven, please check your Scriptures well and, above all, get to know our Savior’s precious heart!

One must be aware of papacy’s evil ways. Officially papacy is fooling its public, by pretending “to do away with paganism”. But in fact papacy always ALIGNED with pagan festivals, because they were popular, simply by changing their name or the signification attached to them, instead of BANNING them and FORBIDDING them.

Here are a few examples of papacy’s hypocrisy:

  • replacing Shabbat with Sun-day ( which is a hidden way to give a cult to the “invincible sun” )
  • replacing Pesach with Easter by making people believe that they are celebrating our Messiah’s resurrection while they are actually celebrating ancient fertily rites and honoring pagan goodess Ishtar.
  • “Christmas” replacing pagan “Saturnalia”, seemingly “honoring Messiah’s birth” that, by the way, never happened in December ( the Gospel of Luke is clearly pointing at a birth of our Messiah during the festival of Sukkoth.)
  • alining Lupercalia with Valentine’s day

There are numerous other examples of distortions coming from catholic church that are widely accepted by Christianity.

Beware, Christiany presents a distorted image of the true Messiah of Israel!

You may not like what I have to say, but if you truly love our Messiah, you will understand that following pagan customs is WRONG.

But “Yeshua knows my heart”…so what’s wrong if I celebrate it anyway?

Prophet Jeremiah clearly WARNS us:

“Thus says the Lord: Learn not the way of the nations, nor be dismayed at the signs of the heavens, because the nations are dismayed at them”.

Occult practices such as astrology, future telling, speaking with dead people ( and also praying for the dead) are clearly NOT SCRIPTURAL. DO NOT FOLLOW THEM, HASHEM FORBIDS TO DO SO!

“He knows my heart” is the pretext I am hearing a lot when people want to compromise with pagan practices. Let me address this fully.

Of course, Yeshua loves you and knows your heart. Yeshua will always accept you in a non-judgmental and forgiving way. However, once you know the truth and remain stubborn about this evil practice, know that you will be accountable for your actions before Him.

Yeshua knows your heart, but do you know His? Do you really care about pleasing His heart?

The one who truly loves our Lord will obey His command. This is what Yeshua is asking for, as stated in John 14:15.

Either you are bowing before Hashem’s altar, or you are bowing before pagan gods. The is NO middle way. Act in full sonscience and do not compromise with evil. 

May the prophet Elyahu be your source of inspiration in handling such issues!

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling


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