The Good News is deranging to many: shout it out anyway

Until recently, I didn’t realize how much Yeshua’s character (I am not speaking about the diluted version of Him) was deranging to so many people.  Actually many individuals would be happy if Yeshua’s true disciples simply shut their mouths.


I am telling you, my friends, the more they want you to shut up, the bolder you should be in proclaiming the Good News of Yeshua in a corrupt world.

If they keep quiet, the stones will shout out
As our Messiah says in Luke 19:40:

“If they keep quiet, the stones will shout out.”

Light cannot be hidden, yet light is deranging to many because it exposes sin and acts of evilness.

Corrupt souls will brand Yeshua’s disciples as ” intolerant” because they are not keen on making compromiThe prophetic meaning of ” stones”se with lies and corrupt behaviors.

Being a disciple of our Lord requires committment to our rabbi’s teachings: you cannot be a disciple and agree with the standards of the world. It implies that you will be one-sighted in your thoughts and actions. Some people will hate you for that. It doesn’t really matter what these haters think.

In the end you will only be accountable for your actions before Hashem.
The prophetic meaning of ” stones”


Yeshua didn’t choose the word ” even” =, here ” avanim” in the plural, by coincidence.

There is an obvious wordplay in this verse taken out of the Gospel of Luke.
“Haavanim” the stones are phonetically very close to ” Habanim”, the sons.

The true sons of God will shout out the truth with all theur might.
Sharing Yeshua with the world is a true mitzvah. Yeshua is the Messiah of Israel and of the Nations. Announcing is Name is bringing healing and Salvation to a wounded world.

What the disciple is meant to mirror


micah 68.jpg

The walk of the disciple is supposed to mirror the path that is described in Micah 6:8.
The first person a disciple of Yeshua is supposed to correct is himself/herself in order to give the example.  Our actions should ALWAYS preach louder than our lips.
While it is wrong to constantly point an accusatory finger at others, the disciple should in NO WAY compromise with sin. If a behavior is immoral, he should point it out and expose it in any case.
Yeshua depicts his true disciples as ” the salt of the earth”.



If we don’t prevent society from decay, we are of no use.

Brothers and sisters, be proud to walk in the Light of our Messiah. May many come to Teshuva ( repentance) and get to know Yeshua through your example.
May our Messiah guide us all in applying His invaluable teachings. Amen.

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling


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