“Yeshua, mercy my son”: a strong exorcism as reported in the Book of Matthew

I had just finished my article about the mustard seed parable when Yeshua brought me back to the very episode I had been reflecting on.

Chapter 17 of the Book of Matthew, verses 14 to 21 actually unveil interesting details that emerge from the Hebrew structure of some expressions.

(All excerpts that I am using here are taken out of the Delitzsch Hebrew Gospels.)

“Have compassion”, there is much more behind this expression than you ever thought

“As they came to the crowd of people, a man approached him and got down on his knees across from Him. He said:

“My Master, please have compassion of my son, because he is truck by the moon, and his illness is severe. Often he falls into the fire, and often into the midst of fire. I brought him to your disciples, but they were not able to heal him.”

Welcome to the feminine dimension of Hashem’s love

When the father asks Yeshua to have compassion of his son, the man actually uses the following expression in Hebrew ” rachem na”= רחם נא

The root ” rachem” points at רחמים, rachamim ( this is the word that is actually written in Hebrew on the picture, above, not racham), mercy. The word ” mercy” in Hebrew actually describes a womb.

In his version, André Chouraqui translates  ” have mercy” by ” matricie moi”, the word ” matrice” also means womb in French.

So when we are asking for our Lord to have mercy in Hebrew language, the word ” compassion” covers a broader meaning. When Hashem has compassion of somebody, He envelops the person securely into a mantle of protection in the same way an unborn child is protected into the womb of his mother.

We have to open our mind in order to place this expression in the perspective of the healing episode depicted in Matthew chapter 17. Being the object of Yeshua’s mercies in a healing perspective can compare with being replaced into a mother’s womb. Inside of the womb ( the source of mercies), the suffering person is being re-created. This is what literally occurs through the wonderful action of the Holy Spirit.

The man asking Yeshua for compassion about his son’s healing is quite desperate. He has witnessed the disciples inability to  get the demon out of his son’s body.

He is humbled and begs Yeshua to help him out.

Why is Yeshua so harsh on the disciples?

Yeshua answered and said:

“Alas, o crooked generation that lacks faith! How long will I be with you? How long will I bear you? Bring him here to me.”

In this verse Yeshua is clearly blaming His disciples for their lack of faith. At first sight, I thought that He was maybe a bit harsh with them over the faith issue.

It also humbled me very much, because I know that Yeshua’s disciples were men of faith. When I look at myself, I’ve been lacking faith so often, but Yeshua forgave me and always showed me great compassion. So I kept asking myself: why is Yeshua pointing an accusatory finger at them during this precise circumstance? I then remembered that this story seems to have occured just after the Transfiguration on mount Thabor. Although only Shim’on Kepha ( Peter), Yochanan and Yaakov ( the sons of Zebedee) were present on the mountain and actually saw His glory, they must have told it to their fellow disciples.

Yet the remaining disciples still lacked faith, despite a clearer knowledge of who Yeshua actually was.

Demons are not what most people think they are

Yeshua reprimanded the demon, and it left him and the young man was healed from that hour.

The disciples approached  Yeshua when He was alone and they said: “Why were we not able to drive it out?

Yeshua said to them: “It is because if the lack in your faith (Chouraqui translates by ” adherence”). For amen, I say to you, if you have faith like a mustard seed, and you tell the mountains, “Be moved from there to there”, it will be moved from its place. There is nothing that will be impossible to you”.

But this type only comes out with prayer and fasting.”

I already underlined the link between the Book of Exodus and  the parable of the mustard seed.

Now let us have a look at the exorcism.

Very often, I have heard some people boast about their ability to chase demons away. It is only when I was myself confronted with some real demons, over 20 years ago, that I understood I wasn’t dealing with something easy.

The story is very personal and I am not keen getting into much detail. Let me just summarize the situation I experienced. I was confronted with a man who even claimed to be ” legion”. This man was speaking of Yeshua all the time and he was blaspheming His beautiful Name as often as he could.

He brought some devilish entities into my apartment. I mean, I’ve seen several types of fallen angels right before my eyes. And this is not easy to deal with. Remember that you are not dealing with creatures of flesh, but with some powerful entities in the spiritual world.

I wasn’t saved at this time, but I believed in Yeshua. I knew there was much power in His Name.

However, I was like paralyzed in front of these horrible creatures. They were smelly and I remember the cold sweat running from my back.

I also remember that some of them could drive out some laser-alike light from their eyes.

In the end, and despite the fact I was unsaved, Yeshua delivered me from this person and the entities he was calling into my life.

The reason why I am telling you this story is to make you conscious that evil entities are draining your energy out.

Believing in Yeshua is not enough. Sometimes just being a follower is not enough.

It is not about uttering Yeshua’s Name from your mouth. It is rather about HOW you pronounce it: I mean with total faith.

Where does faith come from? Faith comes from closeness with Yeshua.

Also, to be able to cast out evil creatures, a spiritual approach is necessary. Fasting also brings us much closer to Hashem. When our nourishment comes from Him, when our Lord is the fundament of our life, darkness will FLEE.

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling


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