Is the divinity of our Messiah also a Jewish concept?

The recent objections of somebody who pretended that our Messiah is a simple human being and that anybody who believes in the Messiah’s divine attributes  cannot be walking in truth left me somehow perplexed. This lead me to dig deeper in order to understand if it was possible to find a description of the divine nature of the Messiah within the Tanakh.

The Kingdom of the Messiah has been established from the days of eternity

Micah 5:2: ” But you, Beit Lechem Ephrata-though you be little among the Alphei Yeshudah ( thousands of Yeshudah) yet out of you shall He ( Moschiach) come forth  unto Me (Hashem) that is to be Moshel ( the ruler) of Yisrael whose goings forth ( i.e origins) have been mikedem ( from everlasting) mi yemei olam ( from the days of eternity).

If we look at this exerpt of Micah 5:2, taken out of the orthodox Jewish Bible, we will understand straight away that this verse establishes the Kingdom of the Messiah since the days of eternity. There is no inch of doubt about it.

But let’s study another part of Scripture, which is Malachi 3:1. Let us confront the same verse in two different versions: the New Living Translation and the Orthodox Jewish Bible. Surprisingly, it is the OJB version that unveils the more about the divine nature of the Machiach, who is described as the “Lord Messiah”.

Also note that in both versions, the Messiah is the “Messenger of the Covenant”.

So here are both versions:

” Look! I am sending my messenger and he will prepare the way before me. Then the Lord you are seeking will suddenly come to His Temple. The messenger of the Covenant, whom you look for so eagerly is surely coming, says the Lord of Heavens’ armies.”  NLT version

“Hineni, I will send malachi ( a messenger) and he shall prepare the derekh ( the way) before me and HaAdon ( the Lord Moschiach) whom you seek shall suddenly come to His Heikhal ( Temple), even the Malakh ha Brit ( the Messenger of the Covenant) in whom you have chafetz ( delight): hinei He is coming, said Hashem Tzva’os.” OJB version

The hebraisms contained in the OJB truly define the Messiah and it appears clearly that we are not talking about a simple human being here.

Also, as I underlined it  in a recent article, the verses of Daniel, Chapter 7, verses 13 and 14, taken out of the Orthodox Jewish Bible are very clear about the divine nature of our Messiah:

“I was beholding in visions of the night, and hinei, one like bar enosh ( Ben Adam i.e Moschiach) came with the clouds of Shomayim (Heaven) and came to the Atik Yomin ( Ancient of Days i.e Hashem) and before Him He was brought. Ans there was given Him ( Moschiach) dominion, and honor and sovereignty that all people, goyim ( nations), tongues shoould they serve reverence as deity Him (Moschiach).

His dominion is an everlasting Kingdom, which shall not pass away and His Messianic Kingdom that shall not be destroyed.” Daniel 7, verses 13 and 14, OJB

Yeshua: a good candidate for Messianship?

The Suffering Messiah, the same Messiah who is described in Isaiah 53, whom were inflicted the same pains Yeshua underwent during His crucifixion is mentioned in the Yom Kippur prayer.

This is no coincidence. It is because only Yeshua our Messiah can atone for our sins, which does away with the supposition that Isaiah 53 speaks about Israel.

Anyway, how could Israel die for the sins of Israel?

-Yeshua was born in Bethlehem ( Beit Lechem) according to prophet Micah’s prophecy

-Yeshua is of the tribe of Judah

-the prophecy of Zechariah 9:9 states that the Messiah should come to Jerusalem riding on a donkey. Yeshua fulfilled this prophecy in the 1st Century.

According to Daniel’s prophecy ( Daniel 9:24-27), the Messiah was supposed to appear before the destruction of the Second Temple, which corresponds to Yeshua’s ministry in Galilee.

“The scepter will not depart from Judah nor the ruler’s staff from his descendants until the coming of the one to whom it belongs, the one whom all nations will honor.” Genesis 49:19


Rabbi Simkha Pearlmutter was an orthodox Jew who wanted to disprove Yeshua.

He found out that Yeshua was pursuing him in the Tanakh. While some haters rebuke his testimony and falsely accuse the man of ” having converted to Christianity” ( which is a lie, rabbi Simkha Pearlmutter did not even read the New Testament and has never been baptized as far as I know).

And no he did not self-proclaim himself  an orthodox Jew. He was a practicant orthodox Jew who discovered that Yeshua is the Messiah of Israel. This doesn’t make him any less Jewish.

Some people have tried to put dirt on this man because of the Name of Yeshua. May they realize what they’ve done and come to Teshuva.

Anti-missionaries’ hatred for believers in Yeshua is so great that they often distort facts. I’d like gently remind these people that Lashon hara לשון הרע ( speaking badly about people) is a sin in the eyes of Hashem.

Jewish people who believe in Yeshua are as Jewish as the ones who don’t. Believing that Yeshua is the Messiah of Israel is not against Torah, unlike a common opinion.

Even centuries ago, many rabbis came to faith in Yeshua. When these rabbis have the courage to step up publicly, they are automatically discarded and  spoken badly of by some corporate religious leaders who fear for their own interests. Too often, Yeshua the true Messiah gets assimilated with Christianity. The truth is that Yeshua should be reclaimed by Jewish people as their own, even if they don’t believe in  Him. After all, isn’t He Jewish, born and raised in Israel, and a prominent teacher of Torah? Doesn’t He at least deserve to be reintegrated into His land and original culture?

“Bail Him out”, said rabbi Pearlmutter and he was so right about it.

Learn more about rabbi Simkha Pearlmutter’s sayings here.

Our Messiah is present in the whole Tanakh. Most difficulties for people to clearly see Yeshua in Ancient Testament Scriptures is precisely due to the dual nature of the Messiah ( ben Yosef and ben David). While some prophecies about Yeshua have been fulfilled during His time on earth as Maschiach ben Yosef, the Suffering Messiah, the Lamb of God, some others like the gathering of Jewish people in the land of Israel are in the process of being accomplished soon, because Maschiach ben David, the lion of Judah, will return very soon. There have never been as many olim returning to Israel as of today.

Check the Scriptures and ask Hashem for insights. Yeshua keeps asking any and each of you: ” WHO do you say that I am?”

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling


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