Accuracy of Ezekiel 38 unfolding before our eyes

It is a matter of fact: our contemporary world is at war. With the Islamic terror threat rising worldwide and many nations taking openly position against Israel, the ancient Bible prophecy of Ezekiel 38 is slowly unfolding before our very eyes. Yet so many people are blind to see it. In the same way, many fail to see that World War 3 has already started. It is hidden, but political and spiritual at the same time. Another reason why prophet Ezekiel’s words seem shrouded to the public is the difficulty in recognizing the protagonists’ names.

The Book of Henoch

Other than Ezekiel 38, the Book of Enoch (Hanoch), that was discovered in Qumran, cave 4, describes the same type of conflict.

Regardless if people accept it or reject this writing from their biblical canon, Enoch is mentioned in Genesis 5 and the epistle of Jude makes mention of the Book of Enoch too. As far as I am concerned, one should always examine things rather than spreading preconceived opinions.

You will find more info about this text in the following study.

So, what does Ezekiel, chapter 38 state and who are the main protagonists involved?

The following cards will help you localize the nations that are mentioned by prophet Ezekiel.

The Book of Ezekiel, chapter 38, verses I to 16 are addressed to Gog, a potent political leader. Who is this head of state?

To decipher the names of the nations in Ezekiel 38, one must take into account that:

  • the land of Magog represents Modern Day Russia
  • there are high probabilities the prince of Rosh would represent Vladimir Putin
  • Meschech and Tubal refer to the territories in and around Turkey
  • Cush is Modern Day Ethiopia
  • Put is Modern Day Lybia
  • Interestingly Persia refers to Modern Day Iran
  • Gomer represent Eastern Europe and Beth Togarma is another name for Modern Day Turkey

Also note that the principal protagonists do have numerous allies.

The current battlefield of the world is one of Iran’s allies: Syria, a close neighbor to Israel-which leads us to examine parallels in Scripture where Syria is to be found in the same context.

Psalm 83 and Isaiah 17:1: a confirmation of Ezekiel 38?

While the verse of Isaiah 17:1 clearly points at Syria and predicts Damascus’ destruction, Psalm 83 names a lot of nations:

  •  the tents of Edom and the Ishmaelites
  • Moab and the Hagrites
  • Gebal and Amnon and Amalek
  • Philistia with the inhabitants of Tyre
  • Ashur

The “tents of Edom” refer to Cisjordania and the Ishmaelites include Saudi Arabia and Syria.

Moab and the Hagrites refers to Jordan and Egypt.

Gebal, Amnon and Amalek: parts of Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Egypts are described as participants of the conflict that opposes them to Israel. The territory of Tyre (Southern Lebanon) is controlled by the Hezbollah. Philistia does not really need a transcript, the reader will understand that it represents Palestinian folks.

Ashur refers to the territories Syria and Northern Iraq. 

“The descendants of Lot” are the inhabitants of Jordan.

Psalm 83 gives us a precise picture of current conflicts and furthermore.

“An oracle about Damascus. Behold, Damascus will cease to be a city and will become a heap of ruins.” Isaiah 17, verse 1

Two other parts of Scripture seem to inform us about the political happenings of the end of age.

A hidden spiritual war against Israel that looks political at first sight

I don’t pretend to be an expert in politics. The following reflections are based on observations in the face of current political events.

For the first time in history, the USA are led by a president who is openly pro-Islamic and against Israel.

“The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” (Barack Obama)

This is not an innocent statement. It is a public confession from somebody who is no longer secretly a Muslim. As for those who doubt about the president’s hatred for Israel should have a further look at Malik Obama’s ties with Hamas.

Malik Obama happens to be Barack Obama’s half-brother.


“There are six things that the lord hates, seven are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out  lies and one who sows discord among brothers.” Proverbs 6: 16-19

Obama’s quotes about Israel: double standarts?

Yes, as far as I am concerned. You cannot state one thing, and stab the Hebrew state in the back with your political actions in favor of Israel’s worst enemies, such as Iran.

Euphory in Iran after the Iran nuke deal with the USA had been signed.

pope Francis with Mahmoud Abbas

Do you think that the UN and pope Francis’ acceptation of Palestine , respectively in 2012 and 2015 are a pure coincidence? No, they are not!

This is part of a wicked agenda against Israel. And no, Roman Catholic church is not the continuation of Yeshua’s movement…it is a pagan, corrupt, rotten, syncretist institution, there is nothing “holy” in it. Many of Francis’ statements are in total contradiction with the Bible. This man is not a ” holy person”, open your eyes. The same person also stated that Jewish people do not need Yeshua to be saved! Yeshua came for His people at first, He is the Messiah of Israel and this man has the nerve to make such statement.

Many leaders would rejoice to see the state of Israel completely destroyed and some of them are actively working towards discrediting the Jewish heritage and history of the town of Jerusalem.


  • the USA are coming against Israel
  • Barack Obama has strong links with Hamas. He encouraged, over the months, the infiltration of potential terrorists through his immigration policies. Syrian refugees are the Trojan horse that will trigger more terrorism in Europe.
  • Obama is stimulating society’s decay with the legalization of gay marriage and depraved gay sex teaching programs in kindergarten.
  • No matter how much the politicians of the world are lying to the middle man, there is no peace in Islam. The Quran condones torture, crucifixion and beheading of “infidels”. As a concrete proof, examine the persecution of Eastern Christians.
  • Corporate religions are currently working towards a “one world religion”. Pope Francis clearly shows his sympathy for Israel’s biggest enemies, the very persons who are stabbing Jewish people in the streets of Jerusalem daily
  • There is a deliberate, worldwide will to deny the Jewish state its legitimity.
  • The recognition of “Palestine” by the UN marks a turning point in history. Making “Palestine” legitimate is also a way of endorsing their cause against Israel.

Modern Day prophecies in Israel: war and return of Messiah

I invite everybody to watch this video in which a young Israeli describes what he saw after his NDE.

Times of tribulation have already started. 

     Remember to stay close to the Lord in any case. 

And it shall come to pass that everyone who calls on the Name of the Lord will be saved. For in Mount Zion and in Jerusalem, there shall be those who escape, as the Lord has said, and among the survivors shall be those whom the Lord calls.” (Joel 2:32)

Humbly expect Yeshua, night and day, for He will return very soon to take His children with Him:  

” On that day His feet shall stand on the Mount of Olives that lies before Jerusalem in the east, and the Mount of Olives shall be split in two from East to West by a very wide valley, so that one half of the Mount shall move northward, and the other half southward.” (Zechariah 14:4)

 Copyright© by Isabelle Esling


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