Encircled in His loving arms

I descended-spiritually speaking-into my beloved’s garden.

The Spirit had pushed me to reflect and to write an article about the remembrance of Yeshua’s sacrifice. When prompted by the Holy Spirit, I always comply in haste.

I had just finished my article and was ready to get into our Lord’s rest.

It was Friday evening. After spending some time in prayer and praise, and chanting a few psalms in Hebrew, I was suddenly interrupted by some noise.

Usually I really dislike such things, especially at 9 in the evening and during Shabbat. But before I could even react to it, I heard our Lord telling me : “This is good noise, get out my daughter.”

I obeyed my Lord’s command and stepped out on my little balcony.

Not knowing exactly where it was coming from, but probably from a neighbor building, I heard loud shout-outs: “Barukh ata Hashem, melekh haOlam!” in Hebrew, with hand clapping. People were rejoicing and laughing.

It reminded me that Jewish people were celebrating Purim. I mentally joined their prayers and joy, and thanked our Messiah for showing me His people’s effusion of joy.

I slept well and under Yeshua’s protection that I strongly felt all night long.

As I woke up, our Lord made me travel 20 Centuries back. He showed me His disciples after He had appeared to them, when the Resurrection had taken place. They were dressed in white robes and hugging each other, smiling in awe and claiming with confidence: “He is risen. He is really risen. He is alive!”

The disciples had a shiny face of glory and huge joy was emanating from their beings.

My loving Lord had a beautiful surprise for me on the following day.

As I sat silently in His presence, He literally encircled me in His loving arms. My eyes didn’t see Him, but Yeshua was holding me so close to Him that I could sense His chest near mine. His arms were wrapping me in such a powerful embrace. Very intense was the joy inside of my soul: my Savior’s tenderness was so real, so heartfelt, so immense.

I started magnifying my beloved’s Name and giving Him high praise.

Yeshua then spoke to me: “Child, I am ALIVE.”

What a celebration! Our Lord is ALIVE.

Yes, I know it as a true fact and I am happy to be a witness of His Resurrection.

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling


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