“But then I will win her back once again. I will lead her into the desert and speak tenderly to her there.” Hosea 2 :14

hosea quote


When night time arises and it is time to go to sleep, I spend time talking to my Lord. It is a special, blessed time that belongs to us only. I am used to telling Yeshua that I love Him. Yesterday, as I renewed Him the expression of my love, Yeshua put His arms around me and replied to me: “I love you very much, my daughter.” He then placed His hand on my shoulder. I felt so sheltered in His powerful embrace and His touch on my shoulder was pure tenderness. I put my hand on the exact place He placed His hand. I heard Yeshua say: “little hand”. Tiny me, touched by the Creator of the universe, oh delight of my soul, Yeshua is showing me the depths of His beautiful heart. I am so much in love with the sweet lover of my soul.

The One who knows the inner depths of my being cherishes me to a heavenly dimension. My ear can catch the angels singing His glory.

Yeshua, my king so humble, dear lover of my soul, I want to flee with you in the desert and make my ear attentive to your voice. The whisper of your voice, my beloved, is the sweetest music I ever heard.

I’ll sit in the desert and I will call your Name.

The sound of Salvation will emerge from the abyssal depths of my soul and spread to each cell of my body. I’ll make it vibrate before my voice speaks it out like a cry from the profoundness of my heart. I’ll repeat “Yeshua” until it resonates back into my soul. Your Name is a delightful nourishment to my soul, oh my sweet Yeshua!

I am calling my beloved and my beloved is answering me.

My Yeshua wraps me unto His powerful embrace like a mantle of love. He covers my head with His tallit. I converse with Him naturally. Call it a prayer if you want. To me, it is a conversation with the One my heart loves.


hold me Lord

Seduce my heart, dear lover of my soul, speak to me in the silence of the desert. Listen to my voice, Adonai, dear love of my life.

“Listen to my voice, Adonai and have compassion and answer me”.

I will intensify the rumination of this verse of Psalm 27:

“Shema Adonai at koli ekra vehoneini vananeini…”

There is something special in this Shema to my Lord. Hear, oh my Yeshua, the fervent prayer my heart addresses to you.

My heart is on fire for you and I am longing to hear your answer. Let me hear the music of my heart, this sweet voice of yours! My Savior, I will cherish you always.

You will rejoice with me when my heart is filled with joy and you’ll wipe away the drops of rain that are falling on my cheeks on darker days.

Oh Lord, I’ll take your hand and I’ll let you guide me.

Yeshua’s embrace is becoming so powerful and so strong that I begin to shiver in His magnificent presence.

“My daughter, these are 15% of my love you are now perceiving”, Yeshua lets me know. I am in total awe. This love is so gigantic that it makes my body and heart shake. My Lord is enveloping me, little particle of dust, in His immense, unconditional love.”


heart yeshua

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling


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