You are inside of my heart (from “Heart of a Savior”

Though the mountains depart and the hills be shaken, my love will not depart from you, nor will my Covenant of peace be shaken, says Adonai who has compassion of you.” Isaiah 54:10

Pushed by the wind, I walk through the streets and I speak to my Lord.

Yeshua touches my forearms tenderly and I acknowledge His presence.

The cry of my heart is: “never leave me, oh Lord, never allow me to flee far away from you, because I now that surely I would die.”

I am speaking not only of physical death, but of the second death. Nothing seems more terrifying to my soul than being separated from Yeshua, the Lord of my Salvation.

Yeshua is right there; I am being bathed into His light. His touch is so soft and tender.

Yeshua first wants me to feel His loving presence before He will speak to me.

My ears are catching His words, as He begins to speak to me. I am in awe in front of the flowing drops of tenderness that He instils directly into my thirsty heart, like a refreshing morning dew.

My child, why fear? You have been incorporated into my heart, you are now a part of me and I will never leave you. I have chosen you and I love you.

You do love me, child, that for sure I know, but my love is beyond yours. I will take care of you and protect you always. You are inside of my heart, do you understand, a piece of me and I reside inside of you, how could I ever leave you?

Child, you must realize that I have lived in the skin of a man, but that I am your Creator. I assembled Heaven and Earth, and if I am able to all this immense work, then I am also able to take care of you in the tiniest detail.

Child I know it is more reassuring to envision me as a simple man and this is how I chose to appear to you. You would not be able to bear a vision in glory for the moment, but you must grasp clearly who I am.

Child, all power lies into my hand; trust my love for it is everlasting.”

In His majesty, Yeshua spoke to His particle of dust, little me, who was afraid of losing Him.

In His majesty, He used transparent words that were limpid as the very depths of His heart.

Lord, oh my love, it takes so long to your little creature to comprehend your greatness; the heart of my Savior is greater than the ocean. The heart of my Savior, as He has shown me while being silent, will carry me through any storm. The heart of my Savior is on fire for me, and I am enjoying the warmth that emanates from it.”

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling


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