Sacred union of intimacy (from “Heart of a Savior”)

Dear readers, before I share the dialogue I had with Yeshua this morning, please let me share a secret with you. If you apply it in your lives, it will probably open doors to you to a more loving and intimate relationship with our Lord. Understand that Yeshua loves you all unconditionally. However, He will not approach you intimately if you are not willing to sacrifice some parts of your life for Him.

I’ve been told: “you are lucky to get visitations and visions from our Lord…I wish I could experience the same…”

No, I am not lucky, because intimacy with Yeshua is not a matter of luck. Being close to our Lord is a matter of obedience and sacrifice.

You might not like what I have to say, but this is the very truth. When Yeshua encountered my path, I made Him a promise that implied a sacrifice from my side. It wasn’t a problem, I did it willingly out of love for Him. Yeshua agreed my sacrifice and blessed me with more closeness.

Second point: I engaged myself to do His will. Not mine. His will.

Doing His will, obeying His command is showing true love to our Lord and Savior, which makes a whole difference between preaching with our lips and acting the way our Lord want us to act.

So if you want to experience Yeshua in a very close manner, you MUST be willing to apply this…if you are doing His will, Yeshua will communicate constantly with you, He will give you signs and show Himself to you or grant you visions.

You are finding this difficult? Well, you have to think twice about who Yeshua our Messiah is. Yeshua walked the earth to bring healing and Salvation and to proclaim the Kingdom of Heaven. Yeshua accepted to do His Father’s will which implied that He would be mocked, despised, spat on, flogged and scourged, and eventually encounter a painful death while being crucified.

It meant that, for our Salvation, He would deny His own existence, in the prime of life, in His thirties, before our Father would resurrect Him.

Yeshua loved you so much that He took your punishment when He was nailed to the Cross.

So think twice: whatever you will be enduring out of love for Him is nothing in comparison with all He endured for you.

I am not doing any prayer ritual, I am not reciting any magical formula, I am not bowing either. I speak to my Lord as I would speak with any of my friends; and Yeshua manifests His presence to me, because I am committed to Him.

So will you do the same? It is all up to you. He’ll never force you into anything.


Yeshua, my beloved, my heart’s desire is to sink into your love. I want more of you, Lord, I mean a closer connection to you. Please allow me to access more intimacy. I have heart to commit myself more than I did before. Lord, I need you and I want our friendship to grow like a beautiful plant…”

My sweet child, you’ll never get enough of my love as I am infinite. You have tasted the realness of my person. I will grant you your request. We are already intimate. Remember that many persons wish they had the closeness you are experiencing with me right now; I must also warn you that each new commitment to me will cost you more. Never expect other people to understand your choice, but be firm and single-hearted. You must understand, as you come nearer to me, you’ll be in total opposition with the world and its manners. Did you notice how I bathed you into an ocean of calmness?

You are observing the world’s madness, but you are not taking part to it.

The intimacy of the prophets you are requesting, you will reach step by step; Sometimes you seem to forget who I am, child.

I can only give you right now how much you are able to take.

Walk slowly and let me open your sight as days go by.

I will bless you, child, for your genuine love for me.

You are truly seeking the One your heart loves, I know it, and it fills my own heart with joy. Your feelings are touching me deeply, because very few people are really looking for me.

Most people are seeking for blessings or to solve a problem when they are addressing me.

I cherish the ones who are seeking my person; you are one of them.

You know, most people would like to know me without sacrificing anything, but it doesn’t work that way. People hate the notion of sacrifice.

Most of them feel secure going to an assembly and are seeking approval from their leaders-and forget to glorify me.”

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling


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