Systems of belief and intellectual knowledge (from “Heart of a Savior)

painting made after the Shroud of Turin

I just received these precious words from our Lord and Savior and I am sharing them with you all:)

“Numerous are the systems of belief and numerous are the ones who will defend them through complicated reasoning. A lot of believers act as if their beliefs are going to save them. Oh foolishness of men!

Of course you are supposed to walk in truth and dismiss any kind of idolatry. However, all of you need to understand that you will never possess the truth in its entirety while basing all your understanding on intellectual knowledge. Your exegesis is just one of multiple interpretations possible, even when you are making a point in your demonstration. I mean, since the beginning, Scriptures are meant to be debated in a contradictory way, this is what rabbinic discussions are about. Also, depending on your spiritual maturity, there are several levels of understanding just in one single verse.

While it is a very good thing to question Scriptures, one should understand, especially during these times, that a belief, no matter how true it is, does not and will not save anybody.

Therefore I am asking my children to stop having arguments over systems of belief. None of you will know me a 100% before I return.

However, stop spreading false teachings. Stop talking about me as if I was just a “figure of style”. I have always manifested myself to the ones who sought me with all their hearts. I am a REAL person. Meeting me through a verse is an illusion. There is a huge difference between just meditating on a verse and having a real friendship with me.

When will you, children of men, really believe in Me? Scriptures are not a garanty for eternal life. I Yeshua can offer you this gift, but you must be willing to meet me.

I am returning very soon, children of men. Should you only remember one thing about me, it should be the following sentence:

“By this all people will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”

Your heart is close to mine when you recognize me in the beggar sitting at the street corner. Being capable of showing empathy is worth thousand verses knowledge. Keep it in mind, on the very Day of my Return, I will scan your heart and you’ll be judged after your capacity of love, not your system of belief.”


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