True understanding comes from the Holy Spirit

«Not by power, nor by might, but by my Spirit, says the Lord Almighty. » (Zachariah 4:6)

«Then Yeshua said to them, «How foolish you are, how slow you are to believe everything the prophets said! Was it not necessary for the Messiah to suffer these things and then to enter his glory? And Yeshua explained to them what was said about himself in all the Scriptures, beginning with the books of Moses and the writings of all the prophets.» (Luke 24:25-27)

« My sweet Lord, I noticed that you introduced me into a new habit of studying your Word. »

« Yes, my child, I want you to bathe deeply into the themes you are writing about. Knowledge isn’t everything. One must receive a clear sight thanks to the Holy Spirit.

Most people write and deliver insights about biblical texts from their intellect. This is why many articles you are reading appear so lifeless. How could a dry tree bear fruit ? Using your brain is, of course, necessary, but real clarity always originates from the Holy Spirit.

This is the reason why so many scholars are rigid and unkind : they don’t understand that they must humble themselves before me prior any biblical study. I give spiritual knowledge. Because they are « Middle-East experts », or because they did some fine research, some people think they know everything. As long as one boasts with arrogance (regardless of their denomination), he is just fooling himself.

You are talking about me, Yeshua, the Other, the One you don’t know at all- and you don’t even bother to ask me about the significance of my own words!

You do not believe that I am alive; otherwise you ‘d seek me and ask me before you come up with meaningless theories about me!

The proud will be humiliated and the humble will be elevated. This is a spiritual law. How can these people pretend to be mine when they are reluctant to work with the Holy Spirit ?

Let me tell you, proud scholars: you do not know me and my Spirit does not reside inside of you. Your hearts are corrupt and so are your writings. Ironically, you are pointing at 1st Century Pharisees, and you are 100 times worse than the ones you are slating.

I will remunerate each and everyone after their hearts. Do not be scared of humans, fear me. I have the power to scan your inside ; nothing escapes me. I created you, why don’t you fear me?»

«Oh Lord, I confess my ignorance before you. For stories that I have heard hundred times, new meanings arise with the help of your Holy Spirit. Teach me and I will listen.»

«Child, as you know, the Holy Spirit is giving life to the Scriptures.

Think of the disciples of Emmaüs-reflect on how their hearts were warming up when I explained them Scriptures.

You know my daughter, too many people are speaking of me. Some of them are using my Name to hate and to destroy. A lot of people are hiding their own iniquities by joining an assembly. They wrongly think that their regular attendance will protect them from my anger.

They appear as rightful in front of their leaders, but their hearts are very corrupt and greedy. They are following the customs of the world.

The time is approaching when everybody will be rewarded after the content of their hearts. My Day will break out very surprisingly. Be ready and exhort others to be ready. »

« Lord, please have mercy. Please bring Salvation to the ones who still can be saved. »

« There are still souls that will access Salvation despite the father of perdition’s efforts to corrupt most people.

Woe unto all these mighty people who corrupt the souls of little children, calling good « evil » and evil « good. »

None of them will be left unpunished. If people knew how terrible it is to stand before me when I come for judgment, they’d accept my scarifice and let me into their hearts.

Child, since I entered your heart, did you notice how I changed you ?

I am mending your heart, I am restoring your spirit with my light. I am also changing your perspective. I invested you with a great mission. People will be attracted to your message. Trust my Spirit that is leading you.

Never boast about this, my daughter. I confer strength and I am making people weak.

Beware, sect leaders and false teachers : who is going to protect you from my anger ? All your pride will fall. When the curtain closes and your comedy is over, you will understand how vain you were. But it will be too late for you worshippers of the devil. All of your harsh, merciless spirits, you’ll get what you deserve. I can see corrupt hearts who do not wish to give up their ways. There is no repentance. I keep warning the world that has no idea about the events to come. Pharaoh didn’t want to listen either, back in the days, and you know what happened to him. »

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling


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