The courage to give testimony (exclusive exerpt of “Heart of a Savior”)

« Behold I have refined you, but not as silver ;

I have tested you in the furnace of affliction. » Isaiah 48:10

« Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God » Matthew 5:8

« My sweet Yeshua, I watched the video of a brother who said that most believers who did not have a real encounter with you are not interested in giving testimony. I believe this to be totally true.

Even though we had met, I was terrified to testify about you in the beginning. But as our friendship grows, I am becoming more daring in speaking about you. »

« My daughter, you have my Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will always push ou to testimony. Most of these believers think they are having the Holy Spirit, because they belong to an assembly or because their pastor told them so.

You know by your own experience that possessing the Holy Spirit makes the whole difference. It is my Spirit that gives you dreams and visions. The Holy Spirit will reveal you hidden secrets and confirm my presence inside of you.

Not everybody can bear testimony and I give my Spirit to the ones my Father chooses.

Happy are you, because you can see, my child. Many people wish they had experienced 10% of what you have been shown.

I accept people as they are, all of them. Everybody is welcome to come to me, but how many are willing to let me purify their hearts ?

I become visible to the pure hearts ; it is a true promise. There is nothing theoretical in this sentence. The more one is willing to give up mundane attachments, the closer I will become to them.

Discipleship requires committment, but even much more. If one really loves me, the person must not only be obedient, but they must be willing to deny themselves. Who is willing to do that for me ?

Child, very few have this type of faith. A chosen few only reach this level of faith. I already told you that most people will flee from the picture of my crucifixion. To be able to preach the Resurrection, one must have received insights about my Suffering.

My daughter, do not look for human beings’ approval, should they be your closest relatives. Understand that people are unstable and changing ; the same people who are praising you one day are the ones who are eager to send you to death tomorrow (figuratively or in real life).

This a truth very few can bear.

Trust your Lord only-trust me despite any circumstance. Do not rely on appearances. You must walk by faith and trust my promises. I love you. I allowed you to come very close and I am taking you even closer. Child, you’ll ascend my mountain.

There are things your heart cannot carry for the moment. You must trust the process ; walk with me in humbleness.

Child, everything you will find on your path is a sign of my love. I love you beyond anything you could imagine and your soul will be in awe as you’ll keep advancing.

I know you have renounced a lot of things, for my love’s sake. I will reward you. I know that your love for me is pure ; I love you so much for that. I moves my heart when I look at you. Remember I created you ; I can read the depth of your heart. Child, sometimes you will suffer, because I have taken you out of this world. You will feel the loneliness of the citizens of Heaven. Have courage, my daughter, let me lead.

Keep giving your testimony by your own means. I know you are not the « public speaker type », like Moshe my servant. Do not worry about this.

Spread my Word, my Good News with the tools I gave you. You are anointed.

Your destiny is in my hands. I know your path. »

« My beloved, your will be done. I want to walk with you, my best friend. »

« I gave you the verse of Matthew 5:8.

Now I want you to let it enter into the very depths of your soul. »

« I’ll meditate on it, my love ; I’ll let the Holy Spirit deepen my understanding as I repeat it in your loving presence. I love you, Lord ; I dearly love you. »

« Seek me in the crypt of your Temple. There I reside forever. »




Copyright© by Isabelle Esling


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