Stop speculating about “sacred Names)-seventh exerpt of An Encounter with Yeshua, the sequel

I am conscious that this article is going to anger some of my Messianic brothers and sisters; however I do consider that I owe you all the truth. I will share with you this little conversation I had with our Lord this afternoon.

I am not here to please anybody. I do obey my Messiah Yeshua.

“Tell them scholars, especially the Hebrew speaking ones, to stop fabricating « sacred Names » of the Father and of me in order to sound more holy.

You are claiming that my greek Name is made-up (which is true), yet you keep inventing new names for me in Hebrew, claiming that they are « holy ».

Yeshua is my Name.

People don’t know who « Yahshuah » and « Yahushuah » are. Neither do I.

I am tired of your false, « elaborate » knowledge. Come to me, humble yourselves before me. Search me with all your hearts and I will reveal myself to you.

You know me, child, and you also know that our souls meet like water meets water. The river of the Holy Spirit flows like a constant shower of refreshing water inside of your soul.

Tell them : it is not about knowledge. It is all about knowing me.

Little children have seen me ; I’ve shown and revealed myself to the most humble hearts.

Nicodemus was very Scripture-savvy ; yet simple truths were hidden from his eyes. This happens to so many individuals who confuse cerebral knowledge with knowledge of the heart.

When will you understand that I am REAL ?

I want closeness with all of you., I desire friendship with you so much ; yet you are putting obstacles before your eyes and your ears. These obstacles are higher than your own heights ; they overweigh your own perception. The Scriptures you are reading make you sink deeper into ignorance instead of lifting you up to the heights of the Spirit.

The trouble is that you are also misleading numerous people into vain research.

So now hear it from my mouth : stop your vain « sacred Names » speculations, search me instead and I will answer your call. 

Look at my prophets : why do you think that I granted them to discuss with me face to face ? Do you think that they were more knowledgeable than others ? Were they better men ? No. Most of them were simple men who humbled their hearts before me and who were willing to accomplish my plan, no matter what.

I will reiterate it over and over again : I let myself known to the humble hearts. »

Copyright© by Isabelle Esling


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