Excerpt of my upcoming book: An Encounter with Yeshua-The Sequel

Dear readers,

I am currently working on the sequel of “An Encounter with Yeshua”. I wanted to share this exerpt with you all.

Yongsung Kim painting
Yongsung Kim painting

The gift of grace.

« And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth. » John 1:14

I came across a christian-themed painter named Yongsung Kim. One of his pictures, in particular, raised my attention.

It is a beautiful painting called «  the gift of grace » that represents our Savior holding a beautiful bouquet of roses.

Something very precious emerges from the artist’s work. Yeshua is represented eyes closed and smiling. He seems to be smelling the roses and although the beautiful combination of red, pink and dark pink flowers seem to cover His mouth, the viewer guesses a soft smile on His face.

I am decoding the bunch of roses as the gift of Salvation. We are given the best part, the smelling roses, Yeshua’s perfect gift. Yet our Lord, while holding the bouquet, also embraces the thorns and the suffering, by the free gift of His person.

The pastels are so soft and conduct you directly to the sweet kindness of Yeshua. Again, the smile created by the painter reminded me of the smile our beautiful Lord granted to me, on a cold evening of November.

Beautiful smells I have been granted to smell too, in my Lord’s presence, while praying or meditating. Sometimes it resembled incense, sometimes it was similar to roses.

Even when you are granted to meet Him, to come very close to Him, all the eartly words you could use to depict Him are faded in front of the pure and beautiful person Yeshua actually is. A Lord so magnificent, so strong, so kind, so indescribable ravished the depths of my soul.

© copyright 2015 


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