An Encounter with Yeshua:my true testimony to the world

an encounter with yeshua cover

I think I’ve always loved our Lord, even since my early childhood yet I had no clue on how to approach Him.
A lot of selfishness and bad life choices, though, prevented me from giving Him my heart. I sought for consolation in earthly things as well.
I have been deceived by « Bible verses throwers » and assemblies. I have been disgusted to a point I didn’t read the Bible anymore.
I was also convinced that in the depiction of Yeshua through Christianity, there was a big missing link, which pushed me to discover orthodox Judaism. I went to a synagogue, many years ago, and I also studied Hebrew as an autodidact.
But I was still clueless on how to come close to Yeshua as a person.
So I left, and started worshipping « golden calves » from the music industry for many years. This was maybe the most deceitful period of my life. One day, I realized that, as a music journalist, I was promoting violence , filthy and negative lyrics. I realized that the negativity of this music was impacting my daily life.
I decided to erase these harmful lyrics from my subconscious mind and started studying positive thinking and relaxation. At this time, I thought that peaceful teachings would grant me a complete peace of mind. But an unexpected event completely broke me down and left me helpless.
In this crucial moment, as I expected it least, Yeshua came to me and saved me.
It has been a year ago from now. Our dear Lord and Savior changed my life completely and revealed Himself to me.
The message I would like to spread to everybody is a message of hope : seek Him (not men) with all your heart and He will come close to you. Yeshua revealed me that He deeply desires friendship with all of you.
Read « An Encounter with Yeshua », my story will touch your heart.
The book is available for FREE in e-book format.
Paperback and kindle version are also available.
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