Ephphata: open my ears and my mouth


I couldn’t get my eyes away from the story told in Mark 7:34, the healing of a deaf and mute person. Yeshua having placed His fingers into the person’s ears and used His saliva to open up the man’s tongue, sighed and said; “ephphata” in Aramaic, which is very close to Hebrew actually, but strangely not to the imperative form. In order to find an Hebrew equivalent, we would have to turn the phrase into “ ani ephtakh” which is the future form that means “I will open”. The letter “Pe” or “Fe” in Hebrew, that is present in the verb, already symbolizes and contains “pi”, the mouth. Ear and mouth were locked and needed to be opened up quite simultaneously. When we can’t hear the truth, we are also unable to speak it out. A physical and spiritual healing is taking place here. A man is being freed from his inability to hear and to speak.

As I was concentrating on the few preceding lines, I suddenly noticed that somebody gently tapped my shoulder. I felt the slight touch, looked around me and didn’t see anybody, although I was staying in a public space. I nearly jumped from my chair when I felt a strong presence all around me. I started smiling, because it became clear that it was Yeshua touching me a few minutes ago. Yeshua wanted me to acknowledge His presence. He was standing just behind me and reading the text I had just written!

“Oh I love you my Lord, thank you for showing me so much presence in my life. Please open my ears, so I will catch your words. Touch my ears, so they will resonate into my spirit. Make my tongue speak out your truth boldly. I surrender to you, my sweet Lord. Widen my heart.”

“My daughter, the Living Word resides within you. My Holy Spirit will expand all your senses. I receive your prayer with joy. You are so loved!

Yesterday you were losing yourself so much into me that you nearly forgot about me.”

“Lord, I am afraid I don’t get you here…”

“My dear child, I am not using parables, so how can you get confused about my speech? I mean: yesterday you were so much captivated about my past healing that you forgot about Yeshua standing next to you…this is why I tapped on your shoulder, just to remind you that I am right here…”

“My Yeshua, you surprised me. I loved it. You know I felt like a little high school kid with her accomplice hiding next to her.”

“My child I am never far from you. I live within you and I surround you. I am before you and behind you.”

“I am so blessed to have you, my love.”

“My dear child, do you realize that I am the same? I don’t change. I am still healing and always will. Call me whenever you need me.”

“My precious Lord, I do believe in your healing promises. I will grab them. I know you will heal me when the right time comes.”

“I surely will, beloved child. Trust me.”

“I have faith in you. Increase it even more.”

“My precious child, what do I need to open for you?”

“My beautiful Lord, please open my heart, my ears and my eyes to your wonders. May my mouth be filled with constant praise and when silent I will stay in awe of your wonders while you water my soul. I want to grow daily like a beautiful plant.”

blind man

In the evening I was given a vision.

I saw a young boy aged about 12 years old. The boy looked into the mirror and I heard the Lord ask him:

“What do you see?”

The boy answered: “Your law is in this mirror, it is written into my soul.”

I then saw the same boy near a lake. The water was very clear and the child wanted to drink. Tears in his eyes, he addressed the Lord and said: “your Law is perfect, I am thirsty, allow me to drink.”

The Lord then answered: “I want my people back.”

Then the vision stopped.

On Friday night, just before sleeping I wished Yeshua a “Shabbat Shalom” and fell into deep sleep.

During the night, I had a dream. I was sitting on a chair outside, the sun was going down and there were a bunch of Jewish mothers passing by with little boys, probably aged 3 or 4. Each little boy greeted me, said “Shabbat shalom” to me and sung me a Shabbat song.

I woke up with a smile on my face after this little wink from Yeshua.

“My dear child, I gave you these two visions because I wanted you to feel how much I cherish my people. I want their hearts back. I will reveal myself in a clearer manner; I will create a never ending thirst inside of their souls. They will see my reflection in the mirror of their soul. Tears will fall from their cheeks; they will ask for living water, which will freely be given to them. They will circumcise their hearts again. My compassion will flow through them. Your eyes will see what you’d never expected to happen and your lips will be full of praise. Your heart will dwell in happiness like never before. Evil will rise, but my light will shine brighter. You will see many children of Israel turn to me and you will share the joy with them. I want to open the Source of grace again, before I return. My children of Israel turn to your elder brother who loves you so much!

Open your eyes and see: I AM the One you have been waiting for. I am coming to take you with me. Repent and I will welcome you all in my arms. Time has come: the old will disappear; I am making all things new. Open your hearts and believe! I am your Yeshua, your Salvation. Allow me to be part of your life; I am coming to restore what is broken. I want to free you from your bondage in the same way you have been freed from Pharaoh. World nations are against you, but I will make a way for you, Israel. I will defend you. I am Lord. Never will I let my people down. But I want your hearts, Israel. Your hearts must honor me.”

 © copyright 2015-02-15


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