Suffering Messiah and wounds of Jewish people



His wounds

“My dear child, yesterday we were talking about my wounds. In the same way, you ought to know that my people have been wounded. Nations have tried to destroy them over the centuries. Some Jewish people hold me for accountable for their wounds, because of churches’ wrongdoings. For centuries, a distorted image of the Messiah has been displayed. They raped me of my real I.D. Theoretically many people accept that I was born Jewish. Practically, they have no idea of what it really means. When they start becoming conscious of it, many Gentiles reject my Jewish identity. Even the Name Yeshua bothers a lot of them. Even when they accept that I was born and lived as a Jewish man, my link with Israel is always deranging.

See the irony of it: they are bowing before the King of the Jews and they openly despise my people.

Some scholars replaced-whether it was intentionally or not- the word “rabbi” by “teacher”. Of course, a rabbi is a teacher, but what is he teaching, but the Law?

I am also deranging to my Jews, because they have difficulties seeing a Suffering Messiah. In their minds, somebody who has been condemned to crucifixion cannot deliver their nation.

The world expects glorious people to incarnate glorious positions. Our Father only elevates those who humble themselves down. There is no glory without humility.

If you want men’s glory, you will not see the Fathers’ glory.

All of you my followers flee from religious conformism and rituals. Close your room and pray in secret, as I told you. “

“Yeshua, a lot of people are confused about you, the real you…If they did more efforts to approach you instead of letting an assembly or a leader decide for them who you are, their sight could be enlightened…”


problem with israel

“My precious child, so many individuals find comfort in centuries of false teachings or traditions. There are many who feel reassured with their rituals and collective thinking. Sadly, this won’t bring them an accurate knowledge of their Savior-neither will it save them. A lot of souls are getting lost this way. You know me and you also know from me that I want closeness with my children. Some of them decide to turn their backs on me. You know, anybody who is not of the Truth finds me very deranging.

Regarding my Jews, it is hard to heal a wounded heart. But I will bring restoration to Israel. I have seen their pain and bondage. I am coming soon.

Jews and Gentiles, prepare you. Your King is coming in Glory in the same place He departed from.”

“Yeshua when you are talking about you return, I feel some excitement in my heart. Come soon, we all need you.”


“Child, the times are closer than most people think. Have faith. What I promised, I will accomplish.”


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