Bumping into the Torah

Torah scrolls

I was walking outside. People who know me also know I am a big walker. I can walk for miles without showing any sign of fatigue.

A pet store on the other side of the street caught my eye.

A group of Jewish people were walking in the opposite sense. I didn’t see them coming and I nearly bumped into them. As I became conscious of their presence, I noticed they were carrying some well protected Torah scrolls. I knew from the velvet tissue I had already seen in my hometown’s synagogue.

I apologized and continued my way.

The Lord, who was visibly amused by this episode, then spoke to me: “So you nearly bumped into my Word, my child?”

I started laughing in the middle of the street. People were staring at me, but I just didn’t care. It was just too funny.

I was discovering Yeshua’s sense of humor.

rabbi Yeshua 77

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