Yeshua s wounded heart

As I am coming closer and closer to Yeshua’s heart, I am also seeing things that don’t necessarily please my eye. Yeshua is the Truth. The Truth exposes darkness into the Light.


auschwitz furnace

During my sleep, Yeshua showed me a furnace in Auschwitz. I was standing in front of it. As I reached this place, I also reached a depth of my Savior’s heart. I felt that His Heart was wounded.

Yeshua said: “Look what they did to my people in particular here. They were considered below animals, they had no human value. They were regarded as nothing and their soul was negated as well.

I suffered with them, I wept with them. I saved some of them from death in extremis.

My Jews thought that I was against them, because of the Church’s wrong description of me.

How could my Nation be insulted as “God killers?” How stupid is this? Can you kill the Universal Principle of Life? My death on the Cross was followed by my Resurrection. It is merely a sign of universal Salvation. There is no death in me.

I am alive.

My folks rejected me, yet I never hated them. I forgave them and loved them. A lot of people do reject me and come to me afterwards. I am total forgiveness.

Never have I been against them. I love them too much. I am the Maschiach of Israel, before being the Maschiach of all Nations. Do people acknowledge this true fact before they speak against my folks?”

It moved me so deeply to hear my precious Lord talk about His people. Anybody who would come to me and claim to be a true follower of His while slating the Jews, I would dismiss immediately.



“My dear child, I have never been that sugar-coated Greek divinity Christian churches have made of me. I am a person of character, as you have noticed it since I came into your life.  These sinners made me an anti-Semitic pagan god. How could I be anti-Semitic being Jewish myself?

How could I ever dare to erase the Torah, my Fathers’ gift to Israel?

I will punish these people for their misleading information about me. A lot of people are into pagan cults. I will erase them all. I will expose the truth in full light. Some people really have no idea about who I really am.

Also, do you think I’d envision rapture without Israel, my people, the chosen ones?

I have been patient long enough. The time will come for me to expose the Ancient and Modern Times liars.  Some people will taste the cup of my anger.”

“My Lord, I know that you are so different from all I could ever imagine. Sugar-coated you are not, but your kindness combines authority, this is what I feel when being close to you.”

“My dear child, towards you I am gentle, but I don t treat everybody in the same way. I do read minds and I look at people’s hearts. I smite hypocrites. There are no double standards with me. Either you are willing to change your ways or I will correct your ways with a scourge. Some people do taste it, because they are rebellious and unwilling to listen.”

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