A fabulous lunch with our Lord

Dear readers, as days go by, I experience more and more of His amazing grace. Let me share an exerpt of Chapter3, “The Preparation”.

restaurant le paradis paris 14

I woke up this morning with sweet melodies of praise for my Lord. I felt a strong connection with Yeshua like never before. Our sweet Savior was pressing me tenderly against Him. I was so much in awe of His wonders and as I stepped out, my heart began singing heartfelt praise.

The chorus of birds was joining me. The whole Creation seemed to agree with my words. Even the water had shining jewels of praise. My heart was feeling warm, so warm that I wanted to share my joy with the whole universe.

At lunch time, as I was looking for a new restaurant, Yeshua told me: “Let me guide you.”

“Ok, Lord”, I said, wondering where Yeshua would take me.

After a 10 minutes’ walk, I arrived to a narrow street that was full of little restaurants. I entered one of them, without even knowing why I came into. It looked neat and the prices were friendly as well.

“Sit there”, Yeshua said to me and I took place where our Lord had indicated me.

I was still wondering why I was staying in this place that was quite little, and crowded as well.

As I glanced at the pictures, my questioning became even more intense: what had Egyptian pyramids to do with our Lord. All of a sudden I noticed, above all pictures, a black and white painting that was representing Yeshua. Wow, it felt really weird to glance at the picture of the Lord in the middle of all these pyramids.

At the same time I felt that our Lord was watching over me with extreme care.

After saying the blessings, I started eating my vegetable soup, followed by a fish meal. As I was eating the main meal, two men entered and sat next to me. One of them mentioned the verse of Revelation 3:20:

“Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person, and they with me.”

I said to myself: why are they mentioning this Bible verse…what is happening? I was a little bit shy to ask them, so I just finished my apple tart and went to pay my bill.

I told the waiter: “I am taking one of your cards”

The waiter replied: “Take as many as you want. See you soon.”

I said goodbye and stepped out of the restaurant.

I then looked at the card. The name of the restaurant was “The Paradise” and there was a scene representing Revelation 3:20 with our Lord knocking at the door.

I told Yeshua: “So I was having lunch with you and I didn’t even know?”

I felt that Yeshua was smiling at me.

I entered a bookshop later on and my eyes glanced at a big book title: “Yeshua the Nazarene.” In this very moment, I felt like my whole being was scanned. I knew my Lord was looking at me and I felt loved in a dimension that surpasses me.

nazarene 777

“See, my daughter, I take care of everything”, Yeshua said to me with a very warm tone in His voice.

In this instant I knew that I would love Him even more as the days go by.

P.S:On a side note, I bought this historical roman mentioned above. I recommend it to you all. It is very well written.


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