Yeshua is Jewish

A conversation with Yeshua

living Torah

Within a moment of deep communion with you, you told me: “I am Jewish. My whole identity is Jewish. I am the Living Torah. It has been taken away from me and it will be restored. Believe Me. I am the Truth.”

“Oh Lord, I know that as a factual truth. I have always pictured you as Jewish. I do look at you as my rabbi, even if I don t understand all of your teachings. You know that my quests for you lead me to the synagogue and that I nearly became Jewish myself. People need to awaken to the fact that you are a child of Israel and that you love your folks.”

“Churches have sinned against me by banishing what I really am and misleading loads of people. They will get their judgement. Anybody hating Israel is not with me.

Many Jews rejected me, yet my love for them remains an eternal promise. They are elected, they are my people.”

“I know, dear Lord”.

“Do you know that a lot of Israelis now awaken to me and recognize me as their Maschiach?”

“Yes, Lord, you know I have been researching on the subject and I came to the same conclusion…”

“Anybody who claims to be my follower and hates the Jews will not be accepted unless he changes his views and repents from hating my people. The Father chose them. I was born among them and I am one of them, always.”

“I know, rabbi Yeshua.”

Tonight my precious Lord revealed me that He was very angry with some religious leaders and priests.

“Because of their wrongdoings, my teachings have been distorted. Jewish celebrations have been transformed into pagan feasts. Pessah, for instance, has become the celebration of goddess Ischtar. My Holy Name has been covered with blasphemy. Because of their sins, many innocents have been sent to hell.”

When I heard the Lords words, I started crying.

“Why did you permit this to happen, Yeshua?  Why did you let innocents being sent to hell? Lord, you had the power to prevent that from happening!”

“Yes, my child I could have prevented it, but it had to happen for the Truth to be revealed and restored in the End of Times. What they are calling “my bride” is a total abomination to me.

I am coming as a mighty warrior to judge them all.

There will be no mercy for those who lead a soul into perversion and perdition using my Name.

Using my Name to make cult for idols will be severely punished.

Truly, I am telling you there will be no statue in the Name of Yeshua. Therefore I am asking you to call me Lord Yeshua, even if my other Name is so popular in the world. My child, there is true salvation in my real Name, you know it.

Nothing angers me more than being called “the founder of Christianity”. I am not Christian. My children from the nations worldwide, who were not born Jewish, are Jewish by adoption. My heritage is yours if you have the courage to tap into its wisdom.

I am a child of the Hebrews and I do follow my Fathers Law. In no way the Fathers Law will be abolished. People who are teaching that are misleading other people.

You know that the door to Heaven is narrow, my dear child. I taught it. It is true. So many people are choosing a Maschiach that arranges their tranquillity. This is not what I am: I am Yeshua haMaschiach. I love the Torah. I am the Living Torah. Tell it to my people!

I always said that the Torah and the Prophets would not be abolished. I came to accomplish.

You know I am uttering the truth for I am the Truth.”

Wow. The Lord had ordered me to write His words down immediately and I obeyed.

I knew the emergency of His message. It had to be delivered.

My Savior wants his true followers to call Him Yeshua. It is important to Him, He made it very clear to me. If you truly love Him, please call Him Yeshua.

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