The Sanctuary

Dear readers, today I am sharing another exerpt of Chapter1, the Rebirth…may Yeshua bless you all in abundance. May He touch your hearts.


i love you 777

The Sanctuary: Yeshua’s heart

Yeshua allowed me to come closer to His wonderful heart today. He guided me into some quiet church. My Savior asked me to remain silent while breathing Him in and out.

My precious Lord took me to the scenes of His Passion once again.

I saw these people punching my beloved Yeshua’ s eyes with their fists.

The Lord then spoke to me:

“You know, it really hurt me when these people punched my eyes. Yet I never wished them bad. I was praying for them to recover their sight and to be able to see me as I am.”

When I was scourged and then forced to carry this heavy cross, my pain was immense and intense. I know it is hard for you to understand the huge amount of pain I carried. Still, I was thinking of you all. For each drop of blood running from my body, for each wound I endured, I thought of the chosen ones who would turn to me. I also thought of the ones who would reject me now and come to me later. Finally, I thought of the ones who would never accept me and felt sad.

Even while suffocating on the cross, mankind’s salvation was still on my mind.

I was on a mission and I had to go to the end, for all my children to be set free.

I managed to accomplish this mission because the love of the Father was carrying me through.”

I was so touched. I was unable to speak for a while. I spend some precious time in my Lord’s embrace. I left the church, feeling totally blessed.

I had just entered the Sanctuary: Yeshua’s heart.

Approaching the Sanctuary will humble you down. It will allow you to discover a heart that is greater than the whole creation. It will fill you with warmth never experienced before. All of a sudden, you will enter into a greater reality, a new spiritual dimension.

All that is pure and beautiful resides within the Santuary. It is a scented garden for your thirsty soul. In the end you will really acknowledge WHO is marching before you.

Coming closer to Yeshua’s heart also means accepting your nothingness in front of Him. You know nothing and you have everything to learn.


Entering the Sanctuary will increase your love and compassion for mankind.

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