Here is my testimony to the world

When Yeshua met me, He tremendously changed my life. Here is the story of a life-changing encounter. All the glory to our precious Lord and Savior. May you be blessed in abundance.

lost and saved

This is my story. The story of my Salvation that happened over two days: July the 22nd and the 23rd, 2014. When Yeshua came to me, I was in a state of total brokenness.No matter where you are standing now, no matter who you are and whatever your beliefs are, our Lord wants to reach out to you.

Come to Him as you are. Remember: you are never too lost to be saved.

Sea of Galilee

Here is my testimony to the world that Yeshua is ALIVE and REAL. I am currently writing a book about the powerful encounter I had with Yeshua.
Since then, I am experiencing our Lord daily.

Please read my story with an open mind. A lot of events I am reporting about are connected with the supernatural world.
Our Lord s grace is FREE and my book will be available to all of you for FREE.

My prayer is for you all is that Yeshua touches your hearts like He did it for me.


peinture suaire

Yeshua is a very special person. In fact, there is nobody like Him. Yeshua’s heart loves unconditionally. He doesn’t care about your background or the mistakes you are making. He is not here to accuse you. Yeshua is love and forgiveness. In short, Yeshua is endless love.

You might ask: if what you mentioned above is true, why can’t I feel His love? Why can’t I see His presence in my life? It is because, at the moment, your heart is locked and your eyes are blind. The good news is that He has the power to unlock your heart and to make you recover your sight.

For many years, I have been searching for Him in churches and synagogues. I looked up everywhere, trying to find a sign of His presence. Sadly I didn’t find any. I was deceived by human communities claiming to serve Him. One day, He searched for me and found me. All of a sudden, He was there. He showed me that He really cared. I invited Him to take residence into my heart where He is staying now-permanently.

How is it possible for Him to approach you?

Contrary to many people, I am not going to tell you to read your Bible, for I have read it for years (also in Hebrew), without anything special happening in my life. I am not going to tell you to go to church either. We are not talking about theoretical teachings here; we are talking about meeting a real person, like you would meet any of your friends.

Don’t misunderstand me: the Bible is great and full of wise teachings for your entire life, but if you want to meet Yeshua, you should address to Him directly-as a person, not as some “virtual stranger that walked the face of the earth two thousand years ago, somewhere in Galilee”, but as to somebody who is alive, here with you, listening to you right now.

I know, it requires a great dose of courage and faith to address to somebody you can’t see and who supposedly resurrected from the dead two thousand years ago.

It requires an effort, but it is definitely worth it.

Also note that Yeshua has different ways of revealing Himself to people. Just trust Him, for He is the Truth. He cannot and will not deceive you in any way.

So how should you proceed?

Address to Him sincerely, in your own words. Ask Him for a sign. Wait for His response. Trust that He will give you an answer.

It is all up to you to invite Him into your life or to reject Him. He will never ever force you-because He truly loves you.

May you be touched and blessed by the following story through His Holy Spirit. May your life be filled with love from Above, in the powerful Name of Yeshua.

WARNING. Although my work will be available for free , it is protected by my author copyright.
It is forbidden to translate or tranform its content or to use it for commercial purposes.
It remains my sole property and if you would like to use it please ask me. Thank you.

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